October’s Horoscopes

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot was used for this month’s horoscopes.

Aries: If home is where your heart lies than what seems to be the problem? A peaceful home starts with the people who live within that home. Find it in your heart to be at peace and tranquility will follow. Your creative juices will be following this month. Don’t let it go to waste.

Taurus: Why aren’t you practicing what you preach? People come to you for your wise words but yet your wisdom fails to apply to you. If you want people to take you seriously and believe in your words, you must lead by example and they will follow most willingly. You have the capacity to learn a lot this month please don’t let this focus go to waste. Study something you have always wanted to study either on your own or by signing up to school.

Gemini: Don’t give up!!! You are almost at your goal. Just a word of caution….REST…if you do not get enough sleep you will never see the end result you are striving for. A restful mind & body produces a great bounty. Sleep is your friend not your enemy!!!

Cancer: What seems to be aggravating you this month? Patience this month is not your friend. A wanderlust has taken over your being. What do you expect to find out there? Do you really think what you are looking for lies outside of your home? Don’t do anything you will regret this month….

Leo: October is your month to spring into action all you have been visualizing. Opportunities are knocking on your door. News you have been hoping to hear will soon be arriving. Wake up from your slumber this Fall promises to be a good one for you 🙂

Virgo: It is time to take control of your life, your dreams, your goals, and exceptions. For far to long you have given people the power to control everything that concerns you. You must speak up and not be afraid. Your logic is sound and fair. So, what if people get offend, it’s time you realize not everyone associated with you is in your better interest. There seems to be a lot of toxic energy around you. Please, remove it for it has blinded you for far to long.

Libra: All sorts of people want your attention. So much so they are competing with one another. Its all fun & games until someone gets hurt. Let us hope it’s not you, dear Libra. We all know how charmingly irresistible you can be. Your charm can be better used at the work place. Where competition is always on the field. Go for that promotion you will receive it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRA!!!!!

Scorpio: It is time to let go of the past. There is nothing there for you. Please, stop going back to it. You have received your wake up call and yet you are still lingeringly. Say your goodbyes, turn around, and don’t look back. Things & people from the past are there for a reason. Always remember that when in doubt. Future looks bright and tomorrow promises to be great!

Sagittarius: Is a winning an argument really that important? Yes, you are right but that does not mean you can go about being a patronising git. In order to get your point across and not have the problem resurface approach it the best way you know how. With a big beautiful smile and eloquent words that will not fall on deaf ears 🙂

Capricorn: A release of emotions is being called upon on you. You have bottled up your feelings for far to long. Speak up, let it pour out. Don’t be afraid, for a new cup of water is being offered. Love is an emotion two people share with each other. Love does not survive if it’s only a one way street. Soul searching is a must this month. Your spirituality has been denied and oppressed, it is time to nourish them.

Aquarius: There is much to celebrate this month. Being surround by friends and family are a must. Their joyful spirits will help bring your spirits up. You need this type of energy…joyful, loving, spiritual, and peaceful. Join in on the fun you will see the wonders of it all.

Pisces: Overindulgence is the theme for you this month. Domination on others never works. Your old habits should come to in end. Feeling empty inside is never a good feeling. You know what you must do yet you sit there in your own agony. No one will help you if you don’t ask and are willing to accept help. Moderation and fairness should be your focal point this month.