November’s Horoscopes



Quantum Tarot was used for this month’s horoscopes.


Aries: You are coming to an understanding of your surroundings. Enlightenment is going to be a major theme for you this month. Try to put that sharp mind of yours into learning new things. Your comprehension skills this month will not allow you to be confused. Approaching things in a different matter will work wonders for you. Gather all your information and presented in the best way you can. Trust in the fact that you do know what you are talking about.

Taurus: This month brings everything into full circle. Go forth with what you have envisioned. There is no stopping you. Money will be a main focus this month. Saving money will be hard; it will come and go this month. New people will be pooping up this month. Everyone wants to hang with you, take advantage of it!!! With new people comes new opportunities.

Gemini: Caution is the word for the month, dear Gemini. Observation and strategic planning is required of you. There might be someone amongst your circle with under handing intentions. Don’t let them catch you off guard…..or is it your twin who is in devious mode this month? This is the month for many surprises, some bad but some will also be very pleasant, indeed.

Cancer: This month has you benefiting from all your hard work. The universe is shining down on you. When one does good deeds, good deed are return 7 times fold. Sit back and bask in all your glory. Don’t be surprise if you come into extra money also this month.

Leo: It’s time to stop going in circles, Leo. Take control of your fate, destiny, and life. Stop letting circumstances dictated your every move. How are you suppose to move forward if you let bad situations get chaotic? Why, not take a bad situation and learn from it? Don’t be a victim of circumstances and cry, “Woe is me”! You are a fire sign whose ruling planet is the Sun. Like the sun you are a force to be a reckon with. Do what you must to get on ahead.

Virgo: Money, money, and more money is your focus. How to make more and how to save the money you already have safe. Yes, money solves a lot of problems and it does buy happiness….for a moment. Money is NOT your problem. Money comes and goes, as do people who only care about what others can give them. Take a look at those who surround you. Whose really there for you? The people who owe you money should be contacted this month before Christmas arrives. Don’t you want to get that special someone a grand gift for Christmas? How about that new shiny thing that captured your interest? Hmm?

Libra: This month focuses on your emotional well being. Are you expressing yourself or bottling everything up inside? Are you being honest with your feelings? Are your feelings being overlooked by others? You can’t expect others to guess how you feel if you yourself don’t know. Balance yourself!!! Express what you are feeling. Mediate, take long baths, but above all else stop letting others step all over your heart!!!

Scorpio: What’s the rush? Are you going over everything like you are suppose to? Are people moving to slowly for you? Maybe it’s the fact that you are on high speed. If you don’t take your time you will miss out on all the opportunities the cosmos are offering you this month. Patience and diligence are things to remember. Take a deep breath and start all over again. You might notice a money error on your part…

Sagittarius: November promises to be a good month. Ideas & projects should be established or well on their way into fruition. Don’t let distractions over come you this month. Finish what you started months ago. You have it in you to make beneficial outcomes happen. If you give up or stop paying attention to the help being offered, you will see everything you worked on disappear before your eyes. Charm, eloquence, and patience will get you far. It also helps you are looking the part! How can anyone deny you!!

Capricorn: You will be reborn this month. You will rise from the ashes sort to speak. Not only smarter but wiser and with a new found self awareness. This new perspective will have you smiling from ear to ear. Everyone will notice and will want to know what your secret is. Don’t give it away. Remember you are a cardinal sign, a natural born leader, with the wisdom the other 3 cardinal signs lack. Something’s are best left unsaid. Instead, let them follow and discover on their own what you already know.

Aquarius: Do be careful on how you communicate this month. People are easily offended and trying to right your wrongs will only make it worse. The fact that Mercury will be in retrograde this month will not help your case. Some might even see you as gossipy and misleading; make sure you have your facts straight before engaging in dialogue with anyone this month. Your headaches will become migraines if you aren’t careful with your words.

Pisces: The time has come to retreat in your own little abode. Quiet reflection is needed. To many swimmers in your waters lately. The ripples are forming a huge tidal wave; with promises of engulfing everyone with its crystal blue water. Emotions and miscommunication will be running high this month. Nobody seems to be listening correctly and misunderstandings are taking place everywhere. I suggest getting a nice bottle of scotch, putting on a blue ray, turning off all the lights, leaving your cell phone 2 rooms away from you, and just enjoy the peace and quiet your sweet humble abode brings you. Let everyone run crazy with their emotions; you can’t always be there to explain what they are feeling? You got better things to go on with…like that bottle of scotch