2012 Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only be using the Major Arcana.


Aries: 2012 will be  roller coaster ride of ups & downs with crazy twist and turns. Your old ways will prove to be futile this year and whatever you put out there will return to you 10 fold. With every decision, every action, and reaction Karma will be sitting idly by waiting for you to strike. Don’t let bad Karma rule you this year, if it does this will be a year for the history books. Good things always come to those who wait and yes, it’s true nice guys always finish last BUT the nice guy in the end always gets what his heart has been after….10 fold…karma always has a way of balancing out the lives of people.

Taurus: This new year will bring light to all the dark places in your life. The “crazy monsters” of the night will be out during the day as well. The Moon promises an emotional and mental roller coaster ride. One which will not be easy but is necessary for you to over come. You have two choices with the Moon Goddess either be illuminated or be driven mad by her trickery. Only you can determine what your reality is; if you continue to live in falsehood this will be the year for it all to come out into the light. Don’t be caught off guard. Moments of genius and intuition are highlighted this year BUT are you going to dismiss these sudden flashes…or visions you will be having all year?

Gemini: This is the year of taking control and action! Enough with sitting around letting others and things pass you by! You must learn to let others help you. You CAN NOT do everything ALONE. The Chariot represents the sign of Cancer. Cancer is know for their hard exterior but what people don’t realize is they are extremely sensitive beings. Don’t be like the Crab moodily recalling all the wrongs life has done to him but instead learn from it and move on. Good things are stored for you this year!

Cancer: Learn to let go…let bygones be bygones…what is holding you back? Old habits, unnecessary things, people will start disappearing from your life. Tempting opportunities will come knocking on the door. Make sure this is really what you want before you answer…just because it feels good doesn’t mean it is good. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. During the full moons of this year go to the ocean and just listen.

Leo: Learn to trust your instincts. Self knowledge, reflection, and patience will be learned this year. When making a decision on something try to take your time. Your advice will be sought out and reflected upon. Secrets of all kinds will be known. A relaxed steady pace should be an aim every day. Write your dreams down, pay attention to details, and focus on the problem at hand. Practicing yoga, exercising, changing your diet will do wonders for you if you decide this is something you need.

Virgo: Faith and tradition are coming into question. Will you continue to follow the status quo or start your own traditions? Joining or starting a group with people of the same mind set will be beneficial and insightful. Going or finishing school is your goal this year. Older counsel, advise, knowledge, old friends is just what the doctor order. Starting long term relationships of the business, platonic, romantic kind will materialize. You will seek to either perfect a trade, skill, understanding…furthering your knowledge in a certain field will be most beneficial. Don’t let your need for perfection blind you from your reward.

Libra: Choices, choices, and more choices are your theme this year. With all these choices comes decisions with these decisions come consequences. These consequences are all on you…gone are the days of blaming others. You will feel the weight of your decisions this year whether they are good or bad. There will be moments where a decision will be made on the spot which is something you are not used to. Yet, being more impulsive and carefree would be great for you. Trading in an old relationship for a new one could be a bad move. Starting a relationship with your soul mate is possible this year. You will feel like you are walking on a tight rope all year. Look to your symbol which represents Libra. The scale can be balanced, learn to be fair, to listen, to be led into a more tranquil state of being.

Scorpio: Moderation must be practiced this year. Forcing things to happen will only blow up in your face. Not all your demands will be met. Running on caffeine will leave you exhausted by the end of the day. Your engine has run out of fuel, it’s time to rest and take things slow. Pace yourself, patience, cutting back, getting time for yourself is essential to your well being…your soul is not at rest…change your eating habits, exercise, go jogging, even lift weights to burn that excess energy. This year focus on yourself…delegate responsibilities to others, being a team player will earn you that raise, learning to trust others will work well for you. MODERATION!!!

Sagittarius: Nurturing yourself will be a great way to start this new year. New business proposals, romantic relationships, creative ideas will be fruitful. Helping others grow, nurture, and care for themselves will help them in the long run. Good fortune will be brought to you this year. The Universe has been watching your every move waiting to surprise you with their just reward. Things will finally start going your way. Experiencing nature would be wondrous to your soul. Established relationships will only grow stronger and beneficial for you. A more understanding way of being is being develop this year.

Capricorn: You seem to be getting stuck a lot this year. Finding yourself hanging by a thread in certain areas of your life. For some reason you can’t seem to be moving forward. At times you have to learn to sacrifice for the greater good. Not everything has to be for instant gratification. Always being in control can some times lead to huge over sights on your part. Quiet your mind and understand what you are observing. Solitude will help you further understand your dilemma. Only you can change your circumstances this year.

Aquarius: Soul searching, wisdom, knowledge is what you seek this year. Your knowledge, yourself , your actions, your words, thoughts, are all coming into question. A change in lifestyle is what you seek, what you want, desire. But how to attain it? The answers you seek are within you. Listen, to your heart and all the positive changes you want will come into being. Spirituality, understanding others decisions, opinions, lives, knowledge, wisdom will be a learning theme this year. Your winds are changing course…..a nice pleasant breeze is coming…

Pisces: Your strengthen is being called upon this year. The fates will be testing you just to see what you really are made of. Every obstacle thrown your way is for a reason. You will learn a compassionate approach to things.  Learning to understand those around you will bring you closer to them. This year could seem very slow moving, like the world is out to get you, but by the time the new year approaches again you will have a new appreciation for life. Be one with yourself. Learn to trust yourself, hard work will pay off this year, hard discipline in everything you do will be fruitful.


May this new year bring everyone good health, awareness, love, luck, wealth, knowledge, and wisdom.

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