January Horoscope

This month I want to try something different. I hope you enjoy this month’s horoscopes.


Aries: The focus for this month is change. Whether it’s good or bad change, it will be a much needed change. Trust things will work out and look for the positive, it’s staring right at ya 0_0  Keywords: Intuition, dreams, receptiveness, sensitivity, spirituality, change, compassion, art, creativity, emotional needs, jealousy, loyalty, friends, family,and diet. Drinks lots of waters.


Taurus: The focus for this month is peace & quiet. Peace & quiet give good for the mind and the soul. Keywords: Analyzation, reflection, quiet, soul searching, nitpicking, knowledge, adaptability. Illumination.


Gemini: Coming out on top is the name of the game this month. As you see it it shall be. Keywords: Victory, positive omen, celebrations, gains, moving, promotion, taking it to the next level in your relationships, Envy. Careful not to brag, people will love to see you fall off your pedestal.


Cancer: Patience is a virtue, is the mantra you must remember this month. All good things come to those who wait. Keywords: Patience, seeing your boat in the horizons, seeing with the eyes of a child, playfulness, children, imagination, being a beacon of light. Waiting.


Leo: Balance your life. The seesaw is getting to be to much. Focus on the two most important aspects of your life and nurture it, make it grow. Keywords: Balance, abundance, exchange, positive omen, manage your spending, look for new work, take care of your health. Money can and will be a obsession this month.


Virgo: The future looks promising. If only you can let go of the past. Keywords: Daydreaming, hopeful, diligence, visionary, obstacles, possibilities, not any time soon. Don’t live in the future but live in the now and fix what needs to be fixed, in order to reach your future.


Libra: Reconciliation and compromise is your focus this month. Stop repeating the mistakes from the past and accept the here & now. Keywords: Balance, compromise, forgiveness, self- love, appreciation, new business partnership. Being grateful for all that you have materially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Scorpio: Honesty is a lot more easier then lying. Learn to understand your surroundings instead of demanding answers. Keywords: Intellect, women in authority, forcefulness, honesty, mom, mother-in-law, demanding, repressed emotions. You can attract more flies with honey then vinegar.


Sagittarius: Expect good news when it concerns money. a sudden windfall will emerge out of nowhere. Keywords: Abundance, windfall, new beginnings, good health, fortune, gifts, new responsibilities, new job. Good things come to those who wait.


Capricorn: Higher consciousness, having the answers you seek within in. Keywords: Intuition, dreams ,synchronicities, deeper meanings, instinct, nonsense gossip, second opinion when it comes to health concerns, double check all your finances. Listen to your gut this month.


Aquarius: Mastery of the mind over your heart is important this month. You know what must be done, so, go forth with it. Keywords: Self-control, self-determination, self-reliant, logic, persistence, older men, self-discipline. In order to help others you must first help yourself.


Pisces: Conflicting emotions will rule you this month. Don’t start drama you can’t handle. Keywords: Conflicts, drama, confrontation , think before speaking, quarrels at work, unfairness, minding your business at work, arguments with love partners, honesty, accepting reality, stress, cut expenses, sell or donate things you have no use for. Cleanse your spirit.


I will be doing a yearly horoscope this month also. So, please stay tune. Any feedback whether it’s positive or negative is much appreciated. The full moon this month will be in Cancer. Emotions will run wild, neediness, clinginess, jealousy, family relations, emotional closure and closeness. Believing in love and in family is the focus for this month. Hope everyone holidays was a great one and may everyone be bless with a wonderful new year!