Six of Wands

The 6 of Wands is a very nice card to get in any reading. It suggests victory, positive signs, coming out on top, hard work paying off, celebrations, treating yourself…
Looking to ask for a raise go ahead and do so. Looking for work with all the perks..start looking you will find it…thinking of leaving your current job, don’t…you are valued and will be shown how valued you are.
Looking to tighten the bonds in your current romantic relationship, go ahead and do so….looking for a new love…don’t worry, it’s right around the corner…
Financially, speaking things will only get better when this card appears. Just watch your money and don’t waste it on things of no value. Showing off will bring envy and envy brings problems…
Be careful with who you share your accomplishments with…not everyone will be happy for you…some will do anything to take you off your high horse….

The Lovers


The Lovers is today’s card of the day. This card asks you to consider what you consider love is? Is it an emotion that can not be control? Is it a thought that can easily be vanished?

Consider your romantic relationship/s. Are you in love or in love with love? Is your partner really the one or simply infatuation? Are you standards in love realistic or overly romanticized?

Are you in love with two people? In a loveless relationship wishing to be rescued by the one your heart really belongs to? Are you considering trading in your relationship for a new one?

The Lovers is always a choice between two things, people, ideas, places, opportunities, etc.. Don’t be mislead by things you think will do you good. Don’t be swayed by something that appears to be beautiful. If it’s to good to be true, it might just be….

When making your choices today or tomorrow always consider what you are choosing. Is it a desire or a necessity? Will you benefit from it? Is it the right choice?

In your romantic relationships always consider how your choices will affect the one you care about the most. If you are choosing between two lovers; listen to your heart and not your head.

So, consider your actions. For the universe has a funny way of balancing things out. Whether you decide on the right choice or not. Sometimes, the choice isn’t yours to make….

9 of Swords


The nine of swords represents our constant self doubt. Anxiety, tension, obsessing over an issue, regret, your thoughts never leaving the past, not being able to forgive, constantly worrying, taking the wrong action, stress, guilt, not knowing your own worth, sleepless nights, depression, damaging your soul, and giving up all hope….

You must ask yourself what is this card is trying to say? Swords represent the element of Air, while Air represents the three zodiac signs of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. All these representations focus on one thing….the MIND.

Are all these thoughts and feelings only surfacing in the middle of night? Are you only focusing on the negative events that occurred throughout the day? Are you reliving events where you did not favor? Are you having nightmares? Are your dreams unpleasant? Do you wake up stress, depress, anxious, etc…waking from your dreams?

Learn from this card today and tell yourself; you have control over your thoughts and feelings. If you are constantly thinking negatively well, you can’t expect rainbows and sunshine when you please. Your thoughts have to change in order for your world to change. The first step to this change is admitting you and you alone are causing these self doubts. Which keep you up during the night, shedding tears you shouldn’t be shedding. Worrying over things which do not matter.

Forgive and let live.

“As long as you don’t forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind”.
Isabelle Holland

Pisces New Moon

Didn’t get the chance to do the card of the day today but I will for tomorrow. Tonight’s new moon is in Pisces; inspiration, imagination, spirituality, illusions, delusions, dreams will be the focus of this new moon. Light either a blue, white, or silver candle to evoke these “traits” tonight. Clear all the illusions and delusions while lighting your candles tonight. Neptune will hear you and guide you along for the rest of the month.

2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords is the card of balance. She wears a blind fold as to not get distracted with meaningless materials or people. The ravens speak to her of nonsensical things. She knows not to pay them any mind, for the moment she does, her blind fold will fly off with wind. Her state of being perfectly balanced will come crashing down on her. Ask yourself today, are all areas of my life balanced? Are your personal relationships well-balanced? Do your finances need a looking into? Are things at work going as you plan or are things chaotic? Will that raise really be worth while? Have you lost control of your emotions? Are you letting other people tell you how to feel? If your concern is on a more spiritual path and you draw this card in a reading know you are on the right path. Not being blinded to foolish hearsay will lead you down the right path. BALANCE don’t be fool by naysayers, they will flip your scales upside down.

King of Pentacles


The King of Pentacles is the oldest of the kings in the deck. He carries no weapons but just a golden shield. He has worked hard to be where he is at. He is a family man, loyal, patient, determined, strong, stable, tired, wise, caring, sexual, rough around the edges. His advice is sound it comes from years of experience. He is not sympathetic but logical. He is a “diamond in the rough”. The darkness that surrounds him helps him see what is real. This is a man concern with numbers and logic. Tears do not move him into action but thought out words will motivate him into action. Be like the King of Pentacles, don’t let your emotions over take you.

Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only use the suit of cups.

Aries: Don’t be confused today by people’s actions. The only reason people seem off is because everyone is enjoying today’s implications. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself today.

Taurus: Disappointment should not be your theme for today. If your expectations are overly ridiculous today you will be let down but if you expect nothing you might just be surprised.

Gemini: Today will be a beautiful day. Perhaps, double the love, double the gifts, and double the joy of being loved. To be you right now, Gemini, is what everyone wants.

Cancer: Make a wish today for it will be granted to you. Today will be a day for you to be shown how much you are cared for by those who love you and the universe.

Leo: You are the King & Queen of your world today. The gifts of love will be pouring in all day long. Sit back and bask in all your glory.

Virgo: Messages of love are coming your way. Be creative today in the way you show your appreciation for the one you love. Draw a heart and give it to your Valentine.

Libra: Today, can see you making a very lasting commit. Is that your soul mate who just smiled at you? Why, not smile back? Don’t worry Venus(your ruling planet)will take care of you today. Just smile that charming smile of yours.

Scorpio: Today is a day full of pleasure and contentment. For those of you in a relationship today it will see it strengthen. For those of you who are single past lovers are knocking asking for you to envelop them in your passionate waters.

Sagittarius: Today is a day to relax. Let everyone else celebrate this day in it’s commercialized form. While, you and your honey bask in each other’s warmth. Smiling at each other for the obstacles you have over come. If single don’t be a Grouch…there are others who have been working up the courage to tell you how they feel….

Capricorn: Reflect on your relationship today. Nurture it, be tranquil, be loving, and be gentle. If single open your heart for there is a gentle person waiting in the wings to show you what love is really about.

Aquarius:  Celebrate!! For your love is truly unique and for those who understand you they will show you just how unique you truly are. If single go out with your friends for tonight you will meet someone truly unique.

Pisces: Why, not be very romantic today? Let your creative juices flow in picking a gift for your love. Write a poem, draw a picture, serenade your lover, but do something truly romantic. If single the next person who catches your eye, walk over to them, and tell them how  beautiful they are, you simply can’t stop admiring them.


The ruling planet of Pisces has made it’s return back home on February 4TH. What this means for the next 13 years the heart & spiritual will come into focus in a very significant way. Neptune rules imagination, compassion, illusions, dreams, psyche, emotions, glamour, magic, ideals, religion, spirituality, addiction, and alcoholism.

People will become more ware of their beliefs, ideals, emotions, dreams, and psyche awareness. Perspectives will be altered these next several years. What we thought was reality might turn out to be nothing but an illusion. Religious institutions will be brought into light. We will learn to be positive and happy by simply BELIEVING in what is. Alcohol will be put under scrutiny these next several years.

Emotional comprehension will be a focus. By understanding our emotions we could better understand what drive people to act in certain ways, to fall victim to the lure of drugs, and alcohol. We will learn self medication or prescribed medication to make one happy is actually damaging to ones development of self acceptance…of one’s reality. To learn to accept and control our emotions will be a stepping stone.

The conscious and unconscious mind will be study extensively. Our dreams will be furthered study in a deeper way. What triggers emotional dreams? What triggers people to be consciously inadequate. Why is it certain people can make their dreams come true while others constantly live in a nightmare?

Floods will occur. Water contamination will be on a high. Our oceans will see a rise in pollution. Sea creatures will go extinct but new species of sea life will continue to be discovered. Ocean equipment will see advances in technology. Sea levels will rise over the next 13 years.

Advice for the signs:

Water signs: You will meet your soul mate and live happily ever after. Your emotions will not be your enemy but your friend. Finally, allowing your feelings to manifest will make a difference in all your relationships in the years to follow.

Earth signs: Learning to understand your feelings will help you in these next several years. Accepting the fact that material possessions are nothing if you can’t share them with someone who you care about, will be a common theme. Material versus spiritual will be your battle.

Air signs: What is more important your logical mind or your fragile heart? How many more heart breaks will you have to endure? If you must find the logic behind love than you have never loved before. If you don’t open your heart to love, these next several years will be a bitch full of karmic lessons.

Fire signs: Passion & creativity flourish. Home is where the heart is these next several years. Fire signs will leave lasting impressions in the home front. Establishing roots, creation, nourishment, and learning to be compassionate will be positive development for all fire signs.

I want to say thank you for reading my blogs. I do believe this is the year for me. I see nothing but positive things to come, with patience & determination, I will make my goal a reality. Any feed back will be appreciated. Please, join the my fan page on Facebook

2012 Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only be using the Major Arcana.


Aries: 2012 will be  roller coaster ride of ups & downs with crazy twist and turns. Your old ways will prove to be futile this year and whatever you put out there will return to you 10 fold. With every decision, every action, and reaction Karma will be sitting idly by waiting for you to strike. Don’t let bad Karma rule you this year, if it does this will be a year for the history books. Good things always come to those who wait and yes, it’s true nice guys always finish last BUT the nice guy in the end always gets what his heart has been after….10 fold…karma always has a way of balancing out the lives of people.

Taurus: This new year will bring light to all the dark places in your life. The “crazy monsters” of the night will be out during the day as well. The Moon promises an emotional and mental roller coaster ride. One which will not be easy but is necessary for you to over come. You have two choices with the Moon Goddess either be illuminated or be driven mad by her trickery. Only you can determine what your reality is; if you continue to live in falsehood this will be the year for it all to come out into the light. Don’t be caught off guard. Moments of genius and intuition are highlighted this year BUT are you going to dismiss these sudden flashes…or visions you will be having all year?

Gemini: This is the year of taking control and action! Enough with sitting around letting others and things pass you by! You must learn to let others help you. You CAN NOT do everything ALONE. The Chariot represents the sign of Cancer. Cancer is know for their hard exterior but what people don’t realize is they are extremely sensitive beings. Don’t be like the Crab moodily recalling all the wrongs life has done to him but instead learn from it and move on. Good things are stored for you this year!

Cancer: Learn to let go…let bygones be bygones…what is holding you back? Old habits, unnecessary things, people will start disappearing from your life. Tempting opportunities will come knocking on the door. Make sure this is really what you want before you answer…just because it feels good doesn’t mean it is good. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. During the full moons of this year go to the ocean and just listen.

Leo: Learn to trust your instincts. Self knowledge, reflection, and patience will be learned this year. When making a decision on something try to take your time. Your advice will be sought out and reflected upon. Secrets of all kinds will be known. A relaxed steady pace should be an aim every day. Write your dreams down, pay attention to details, and focus on the problem at hand. Practicing yoga, exercising, changing your diet will do wonders for you if you decide this is something you need.

Virgo: Faith and tradition are coming into question. Will you continue to follow the status quo or start your own traditions? Joining or starting a group with people of the same mind set will be beneficial and insightful. Going or finishing school is your goal this year. Older counsel, advise, knowledge, old friends is just what the doctor order. Starting long term relationships of the business, platonic, romantic kind will materialize. You will seek to either perfect a trade, skill, understanding…furthering your knowledge in a certain field will be most beneficial. Don’t let your need for perfection blind you from your reward.

Libra: Choices, choices, and more choices are your theme this year. With all these choices comes decisions with these decisions come consequences. These consequences are all on you…gone are the days of blaming others. You will feel the weight of your decisions this year whether they are good or bad. There will be moments where a decision will be made on the spot which is something you are not used to. Yet, being more impulsive and carefree would be great for you. Trading in an old relationship for a new one could be a bad move. Starting a relationship with your soul mate is possible this year. You will feel like you are walking on a tight rope all year. Look to your symbol which represents Libra. The scale can be balanced, learn to be fair, to listen, to be led into a more tranquil state of being.

Scorpio: Moderation must be practiced this year. Forcing things to happen will only blow up in your face. Not all your demands will be met. Running on caffeine will leave you exhausted by the end of the day. Your engine has run out of fuel, it’s time to rest and take things slow. Pace yourself, patience, cutting back, getting time for yourself is essential to your well being…your soul is not at rest…change your eating habits, exercise, go jogging, even lift weights to burn that excess energy. This year focus on yourself…delegate responsibilities to others, being a team player will earn you that raise, learning to trust others will work well for you. MODERATION!!!

Sagittarius: Nurturing yourself will be a great way to start this new year. New business proposals, romantic relationships, creative ideas will be fruitful. Helping others grow, nurture, and care for themselves will help them in the long run. Good fortune will be brought to you this year. The Universe has been watching your every move waiting to surprise you with their just reward. Things will finally start going your way. Experiencing nature would be wondrous to your soul. Established relationships will only grow stronger and beneficial for you. A more understanding way of being is being develop this year.

Capricorn: You seem to be getting stuck a lot this year. Finding yourself hanging by a thread in certain areas of your life. For some reason you can’t seem to be moving forward. At times you have to learn to sacrifice for the greater good. Not everything has to be for instant gratification. Always being in control can some times lead to huge over sights on your part. Quiet your mind and understand what you are observing. Solitude will help you further understand your dilemma. Only you can change your circumstances this year.

Aquarius: Soul searching, wisdom, knowledge is what you seek this year. Your knowledge, yourself , your actions, your words, thoughts, are all coming into question. A change in lifestyle is what you seek, what you want, desire. But how to attain it? The answers you seek are within you. Listen, to your heart and all the positive changes you want will come into being. Spirituality, understanding others decisions, opinions, lives, knowledge, wisdom will be a learning theme this year. Your winds are changing course…..a nice pleasant breeze is coming…

Pisces: Your strengthen is being called upon this year. The fates will be testing you just to see what you really are made of. Every obstacle thrown your way is for a reason. You will learn a compassionate approach to things.  Learning to understand those around you will bring you closer to them. This year could seem very slow moving, like the world is out to get you, but by the time the new year approaches again you will have a new appreciation for life. Be one with yourself. Learn to trust yourself, hard work will pay off this year, hard discipline in everything you do will be fruitful.


May this new year bring everyone good health, awareness, love, luck, wealth, knowledge, and wisdom.

February’s Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes will focus on emotions.


Aries: Wishes come true for you this month Aries. The number 9 will bring you luck. You are feeling revitalize, you have a spring to your walk, and a constant smile on your face. You know Spring is right around corner which only makes you more happy and loving. Just do be careful with what you wish for.

Taurus: With Neptune returning back home for the next 13 years, things will change on a very emotional level. Things will come into light for you this month which perhaps you have been ignoring. It’s time to evaluate your feelings and the feelings of others around you. Intuition, day dreaming, and dreams hold the answers you are looking for.

Gemini: Neptune this month will you help see what is what. For to long you have been blinded. Constantly, wondering what might have been. Gemini is not one to dwell in the past but reevaluating your past will help you fix your present. Pay attention to your dreams.

Cancer: It seems like this month you are in the right place at the right time meeting the right people. The better your connections the more fruitful this month will be for you. It doesn’t hurt to come out of your shell and show them how funny and considerate you really are. The right people will notice and reward you accordingly.

Leo: This is the month to start your new life, romantic relationship, business partnership, make new friends. Strengthen the relationships you already have. People will show you just how much you really mean to them. It’s time to sit back and get pampered. This month you can even meet your soul mate!

Virgo: There is much celebration going on this month. Everyone wants a piece of you. You are getting invited to all the right events. You will meet all sorts of new people, with varying taste for life. This month you will be experiencing feelings of joy and for once not letting your mind take over! ENJOY IT!

Libra: Sarcasm, cutting words, arguments, vindictiveness is your approach this month. Do be careful with that double edge sword you are so blatantly wielding. It does and will cut both ways. Libras are great at dishing it out but never taking it.

Scorpio: You will be doing a lot of “chasing” this month. Which is something you are not known for but this hottie is driving you crazy. You simply must have them but do be careful…your heart does not take over since this will be very short lived fling. Word of advice do not get involved with a coworker or leave your long term relationship whether it’s a romantic, business, or friendship for something new and shiny which will only disappear at the end of the month.

Sagittarius: Messages of loves come pouring in this month for all you single Sagittarius. Your options will be endless, why not make a date every day of the week, just to keep your options open. Whose to say you have to commit to the first person you encounter? For those in love, it’s time to confess your feelings, for those in a committed relationship you will be shown how much you are meant to that person. All this affection and romance is wonderful just don’t be a douche and take advantage of this great luck you are having. Luck is also key this month.

Capricorn: You are dreaming and envisioning great outcomes this month. Your creativity is flowing. Your connections are coming through. Pay attention to your gut for once, not everything is understood just yet. Lay off the alcohol this month as well. Drink more water. Cleanse yourself.

Aquarius: Money is your focus at the moment. How to acquire it, make it grow, and last is a must for you. The problem is you aren’t making an effort to acquire it. Simply waiting around for a raise, a job to land on your lap, or for your number to come out in the lotto is not going to do. Opportunity is knocking on your door and all you have to do is simply open the door to attain it. Perhaps, learning something new which will help make you money is what you should be focusing that eccentric mind of yours!

Pisces: Harmony, love, comfort, accepting, family, and joy are all yours this month. You will have a constant rainbow over you showing you how truly wonderful you are. Your happiness is contiguous to those around you and they simply can’t help but smile. If you have been stuck in a rut, this month will be the breaking point. Just have faith and BELIEVE things will get better. After, the storm the rainbow always appears….


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. The full moon this month is on February 7 in Leo. Which basically means listen to your heart this month and not your mind. Leo’s polar opposite is Aquarius, Aquarius is an air sign known for it’s eccentric and far fetch way of thinking. Your mind will play tricks on you do be careful you don’t say or do something you will not be able to fix. Do remember both Leo & Aquarius are Fixed signs. Let your heart do all the mending and “thinking” this month. A surprise might be in store.