Six of Wands

The 6 of Wands is a very nice card to get in any reading. It suggests victory, positive signs, coming out on top, hard work paying off, celebrations, treating yourself… Looking to ask for a raise go ahead and do so. Looking for work with all the perks..start looking you will find it…thinking of leaving […]

The Lovers

The Lovers is today’s card of the day. This card asks you to consider what you consider love is? Is it an emotion that can not be control? Is it a thought that can easily be vanished? Consider your romantic relationship/s. Are you in love or in love with love? Is your partner really the […]

9 of Swords

The nine of swords represents our constant self doubt. Anxiety, tension, obsessing over an issue, regret, your thoughts never leaving the past, not being able to forgive, constantly worrying, taking the wrong action, stress, guilt, not knowing your own worth, sleepless nights, depression, damaging your soul, and giving up all hope…. You must ask yourself […]

Pisces New Moon

Didn’t get the chance to do the card of the day today but I will for tomorrow. Tonight’s new moon is in Pisces; inspiration, imagination, spirituality, illusions, delusions, dreams will be the focus of this new moon. Light either a blue, white, or silver candle to evoke these “traits” tonight. Clear all the illusions and […]

2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords is the card of balance. She wears a blind fold as to not get distracted with meaningless materials or people. The ravens speak to her of nonsensical things. She knows not to pay them any mind, for the moment she does, her blind fold will fly off with wind. Her state […]

Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only use the suit of cups. Aries: Don’t be confused today by people’s actions. The only reason people seem off is because everyone is enjoying today’s implications. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself today. Taurus: Disappointment should not be your theme for today. If your expectations are overly ridiculous […]


The ruling planet of Pisces has made it’s return back home on February 4TH. What this means for the next 13 years the heart & spiritual will come into focus in a very significant way. Neptune rules imagination, compassion, illusions, dreams, psyche, emotions, glamour, magic, ideals, religion, spirituality, addiction, and alcoholism. People will become more […]

2012 Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only be using the Major Arcana.   Aries: 2012 will be  roller coaster ride of ups & downs with crazy twist and turns. Your old ways will prove to be futile this year and whatever you put out there will return to you 10 fold. With every decision, every action, […]