Scorpio Time

Good morning my loves. Today Scorpio’s light is shining brightly. For this next 4 weeks we will feel the intensity of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto(the God of the Underworld). Scorpions are known as the voodoo sign of the zodiac. You can’t lie to them, you can’t hide things from them, and watch how your body speaks for they see and FEEL all. Its time for transformation, for shedding your old skin, its time to reflect, to let your passion out, to enjoy the company of others, to heighten your sexuality, to climb up that career ladder. Scorpio is an ambitious sign but they get what they an vision. Nothing stops them; if anything they step on their competitors…I would move out of the way…that sting isn’t a pleasant one….enjoy your day darlings 🙂 <3 

Virgo the Observant

I do apologize for any errors on this blog post but I am not a perfectionist unlike Virgo which this blog is about. A Virgo who tells you they are NOT PERFECTIONIST are simply lying to you and themselves. All Virgos have this tendency of doing everything correctly or not doing it at all. Why, would anyone spend so much time and effort on something only to have it be all wrong? Why, not take your time and carefully analyze and systemically get it right to the point of perfection? Virgos move slowly because their element is Earth but their minds are not slow at all!!! DO NOT make the mistake of thinking a Virgo an idiot for if you do; you will be left behind quicker than you can change your underwear. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the Messenger God; this should be a great indication of what Virgo is capable of. Trust me when I say Virgo is capable of many things. Virgo can act, create, criticize, heal, judge, manipulate, prank, save, and study others without the slightest of efforts. Just don’t try it on them, they will see what you are up to before you even get started. You do not want to anger a Virgo; not only will you lose them but a good thorough critique you will receive of yourself, with no regard to your feelings or your thoughts. Please, understand Virgos are cold individuals who have to warm up to you in order for you to see who they truly are.

This is not to say Virgos are cold lovers that’s far from the case but they do not jump into relationships so easily like their polar opposite Pisces. A Virgo rather be alone than be with someone anyways. Virgos LOVE being alone and that is something a lot of people do not understand about them. You see Virgo is really HARD on themselves. They do not need others telling them their faults because they know all their faults and then some. Virgos worry a lot also but its part of their personality and a Virgo who is not worried does not have their mind occupied. A bored Virgo is not a good thing because this when that prankster and malicious side of theirs comes out. Virgo can cause drama quicker than their brother Gemini who is constantly seeking drama for the fun of it. The only difference in the drama is Virgo does not lie; where as Gemini will, just to make the drama juicer. If you want to win a Virgo over you must be intelligent, giving, and clean. All Virgos are clean even those who keep their houses a mess will notice everything is messily in place. Not scattered around like some sort of maniac. One last thing Virgos have excellent memories, they will surprise you when they tell you the first time they remembered meeting you to the very last detail, they will know exactly where and how you were standing. You should take that as flattery because not everyone is that detailed oriented or even pays attention in that sort of way.

Virgos know how to save money and share it; they are not greedy. You will find a lot of Virgos working in the medical field, working as actors, creating music, and being crafty. Some are even architects; this is because Virgos have amazing hands…they can take something apart and put it right back together. Remember that mind of theirs is ruled by Mercury but it is said Virgos true ruler is Vulcan the God of Fire & Welding. Vulcan was the blacksmith of the Gods and since many believe Vulcan to be the true ruler of Virgo it makes sense that all Virgos are crafty individuals. Vulcan was never in the lime light like the other Gods but in the Earth welding weapons. He was not very good looking himself and was only married to the Goddess of Love because Jupiter made it so. She in turn would cheat on him with Mars all the time since Vulcan all he ever did was work but how he suffered for his wife’s love and loyalty. Hence, why so many Virgos are shy and awkward when it comes to love and socializing. Work will always come first, family second, friendship third, and love last. The friends Virgo has have been made to last a life time while the loves they have experienced have all been none lasting. Remember Virgo rather be alone than suffer the heartache of love; its not worth the time and effort if everyone is the same. Love to Virgo is not a game but a life long commitment they would love to share with a kindred soul like themselves. So, Virgo will sit and wait for that true love to come and find them…for Virgo wants to be at ease and rest peacefully at night. Haven’t you notice Virgo is an insomniac…don’t you want to be the one laying next to him gently caressing his temple and making him feel at ease and relaxed enough to sleep soundly? To be in love with a Virgo will be one of the best decisions you have ever made; for you alone will see a side of him no one gets the chance to see…appreciate it and show him how much you appreciate this intelligent, crafty, and funny man or woman.


Libra’s Light

Libra has been shining its light on us since September 24TH; with that in mind; I hope you all have been playing fair and balancing your life out. Libra is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus. Venus was loved by all, wanted by all, and put to work by all but Venus always chose who would fall in love with who. Her son Cupid would go around shooting his bow & arrow to unsuspecting persons. They would go crazy with desire and love not realizing the Gods were at it again. If love is what you desire this month do be careful you do not want to confuse desire with love. Cupid loved once not with his mother’s approval. Venus grew jealous of Psyche and ordered her son to have Psyche fall in love with the most vile thing he could find. As the fates would have it Cupid accidentally cut himself and in turn Psyche fall in love with him once the arrow was released. The beauty of the story is of course what the name Psyche means…Cupid fall in love with his soul for Psyche means soul…ask yourself what you truly desire in a romantic relationship…remember love is a shared emotion not a forced one…listen to your heart and you will soon hear your soul calling you home…♥♥♥

October’s Horoscopes

Aries problems and more problems are to be had. The real problem is you are the one creating them. Learn to accept when you are wrong or when things won’t go the way you want them to. When you loose control of that Arian temper you create more problems. Relax, breath, and let things be…you aren’t meant to be in control all the time!

Taurus your hard work is going to pay off this month. You are perfectly content in the position you are in. You are showing gratitude and appreciation this month. The money flow will be on a steady. Buy yourself something nice or get an awesome costume for all the Halloween parties at the end of the month!

Gemini like the magician you will be creating magic all month long. Whatever you think it will materialize. Looking for a new love; just envision the person you want and “wallah”you got them! Want a new job…”poof” there it is! You are on fire this month; don’t let the fire burn out quickly! Slow down and let your strong mind do all the magic it can!

Cancer why are you hiding your emotions this month? I understand some people are just callous but that does not mean you must be too. Being an emotional person is part of your character; accept it and love it. For those who complain you are a overly emotional person, let them go into the cold of the night. For once the feel that cold brisk Autumn air; they will come back knocking on the door. For you see you are the only one who brings out their emotions and you know how to handle it. Be you this month…don’t let others tell you how to be.

Leo home is where the heart is and this month you will learn and value your home life more. Appreciate what you have and value it. For your home is your sanctuary. After a long day coming home to your couch, favorite show, and a delicious meal is all you want this month. Relax and enjoy your peaceful abode.

Virgo lower your expectations this month; for you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Only you will be to blame; no one is perfect and no situation can be resolved perfectly. Your critical mind and tongue will not be of use for you instead it will have the exact opposite effect you are looking to deliver. Its true Virgo doesn’t mind being alone; they at times rather be alone but even a loner gets tired of being alone. Try to sleep more this month for you will feel how tired you are.

Libra it’s time to save this month. I know it’s your birthday month but do you have to spend money on your own party? Why, not let others shower you with gifts and treat you to a night out on the town? I am not saying to be stingy but learn to curb your expensive taste…remember quality over quantity…

Scorpio you are full of ideas this month. Why, not sit and write them down. Talking and not taking action is for the cowards. You Scorpio are not a coward! Your passion is on a high this month and love is everywhere. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you this month. Use that brilliant mind of yours to keep moving forward.

Sagittarius you will receive news that can change your way of being this month. Some times being a risk taker pays off…of course being smart is a much wiser choice in any decision or adventure but what is life without gambling? I know just like you know we Sagittarius love to gamble..the odds are with you this month. Trust you will walk away this month with your head held high in triumph 🙂

Capricorn opportunities are forth coming this month. You will be showered with so many options for bigger and better things you won’t know where to begin.” Always choose wisely”, is your motto but some times seeing through the eyes of a child full of innocence brings the best decision one can ever make 🙂 go for a walk and admire the beautiful colors of the fall and if you see a pile of leaves jump into it and enjoy the rush of happiness you receive just being carefree this month 🙂

Aquarius the past is a focal point this month. Look back and wonder why you chose to do the things you did? Did it bring you any positivity in your life? Its okay to sit and reflect so as not to repeat the same cycles but you gotta learn to let go and let things be. Release and heal this month. Sit silently and let your subconscious guide you into a more positive way of being.

Pisces you will be feeling pressured this month. Pressure to get things done right and quickly. This will be a mistake though; don’t rush though anything this month. Taking your time and being careful will suit you best. Also, don’t take on others problems. You can’t carry the world on your shoulders. Learn to ask for help or to say no to those who constantly seem to be asking for help.