Full Moon in Taurus 10/27/15

Tomorrow is the full moon in Taurus(10/27/15). This full moon is about releasing. Since, Venus rules Taurus you will be pushed to release all toxins from your body, home, and life. Make room for love. Taurus loves comfort and stability with this full moon you will be remind of these things. Perhaps, its time to change your diet. Are you comfortable with yourself, your home life, and or love life? Write a letter and burn it. In your letter write about what you wish to release and change. Your future is bright and the universe is just waiting for you to ask for help. The bull when ready charges full speed of ahead with his target in eye sight. Be the like the bull and charge into your future!

New Moon In Libra( BALANCE)

Tonight is the New Moon in Libra. This new moon is all about BALANCE!!! By balance; you will be balancing yourself out, your home, your work, your friends, your family,etc. Now, remember you did a lot releasing during the Aries Full Moon last month now is time to balance on this new moon. So, tonight focus all your intentions on balancing any and all areas of your life. Light a pink candle or any candle if you don’t have pink one in particular. Set your intentions onto the candle. Visualize what you will accomplish with this new moon. If your intent is for money light a green candle and brown one. This will increase the flow of money and provide you with balanced work. Libra is all about balance and comprise. Libra rules marriage and with this in mind balancing yourself out will help in all matters of love. I pray and set my intention for each and every single one of us to balance what needs to be balance. Namaste.


Mercury Stations Direct

Good morning! Today is the day Mercury stations direct! FINALLY! Just hold your horses for now. We are still in a shadow period but today is a day to think about everything that happen while Mercury was retrograde. Implement what you have been thinking of doing. All relationships will change now. Business, family, friendship, and love will be the focus now and on the New Moon which is in Libra love will take a turn for the better. I know some of you find it hard to think on a positive note but if you remain negative and constantly thinking nothing is changing and nothing is moving forward well then nothing will. Love is not something that happens instantly; it takes time and most importantly PATIENCE!!! Love is a focal point because Venus moves forward today also. Its time to love yourself and do what’s best for you. Stop looking for love for love only finds those who aren’t looking(haven’t you heard of Eros(Cupid)he went around shooting arrows to make people fall in love)Aphrodite herself would cast her love energy onto those who weren’t looking for love. She loved making people fall in love and watching the madness that would ensue. So, take this time to think about what you want in love. Think about your creativity and passion. Love yourself and I promise this New Moon will be one to remember. ~When love is not madness, it is not love~