Listen to Your Intuition

Tonight’s full moon is in Gemini. Communication is the theme for this full moon. I drew 4 cards for tonight’s energy and what your focus should be for tonight’s moon.

Crocoite talks about change and creativity. Calcite speaks to us of communication and enhanced memory. Kyanite is also talking to us of our intuition, ideas, and dreams. While Hathor reminds us to release all guilt and fear of being the receiver. Tonight think about all that you wish to accomplish. Be positive you will receive what you are asking for. Be open to receiving messages in your dreams. The new energy you will receive from this moon will help you in your creative endeavors. Your intuition will be heighten and a lot more accurate. Every thing you ever wanted to say or needed to say will come to light. Write your ideas down and visualize them coming to be. Release, all negative thoughts and trust in the process for next month is going to be a magical one!


Gemini Full Moon 11/25/15

Hope every one is having a great week so far and getting ready for Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it.
This post is all about tomorrow’s Gemini Full Moon. Astrologers are referring to it as a Dark Moon only because its in communicative Gemini. The “darkness” of this full moon is what you will be talking about tomorrow or what you have been talking about since the new moon we had back on the 11th of this month. A lot of talking has been going on and of course a lot thinking as well. Remember Gemini rules the mind just as Sagittarius does but the difference being Gemini rules the lower part of the mind where as Sagittarius rules the higher mind. Gemini is working hard to have every thing come out to the surface. This full moon is going to be one to remember what with every thing that will be said, unsaid, and not said. Sounds confusing right? Yet, this is Gemini’s forte…causing confusion…stimulating the mind…making you think about what you said and what you actually meant. Be mindful of your words and of others. Set the tone is full moon…you want honesty then speaking honestly…say what you feel and think just be mindful of the deliverance. Release, all fears and anxieties. Light a blue and white candle. Blue for throat chakra and white for peace…purity. Again, mind your words.

Energy Reading for Scorpio’s New Moon 11/11/15

I awoke this morning with the thought I had to pull 3 cards for tonight’s new moon. I pulled two oracle cards and one tarot card.
The High Priestess, Aine, and Wulfenite these 3 cards are the energy we have for tonight and for setting our intentions. The High Priestess is an indication for us to pay attention to our dreams and our higher self. We know what we must do in order to move forward with what we want. Aine speaks of taking leaps of faith in all of our endeavors. When we do things in faith all outcomes are positive ones. Wulfenite speaks again of listening to your intuition as oppose to listening to others opinions. You know what to do but yet you doubt your own intuition. I am here to tell you to STOP!! STOP asking others for their opinions and listen to yourself. Tonight when writing your letters, setting your intentions, and or lighting your candles take the leap of faith and trust your intuition but above all TRUST you are being answered and guided. You are loved and protected.

Scorpio New Moon 11/11/15

Tomorrow is the second to last new moon we will have this year. Now, this new moon is where you want to set all your intentions with for the new year. Keep in mind 2016 is going to be one hell of year. This year we did all the ground work. We build foundations. We have been getting rid of the old. Laying all the ground work for what we need and want in our lives. With this new moon in Scorpio expect it to be an intense one. Go deep within yourself and ask yourself what have I been avoiding? What haven’t I dealt with? What exactly do I really want for myself? Set your intentions. Light some candles. Visualize what you want. See yourself doing these things. Love is a HUGE possibility this new moon. Light pink and black candles. Pink for love and black for releasing all the negativity in your aura. Don’t be afraid with this new moon. Release all fears and anger. FORGIVE with this new moon. Put all your LOVE into your intentions. I promise you an intense month and a beautiful month in December. Plus, a great new year!!!