New Moon In Sagittarius 12/11/15

Good morning!
Tonight’s new moon is in Sagittarius. This new moon promises to bring changes in your fortunes, career, schooling, traveling, and your higher mind. Envision what you would like to accomplish this new year.Take a risk…don’t hesitate…go boldly into the unknown. Dream a big dream. For those of you who are Sagittarius sun sign, have Sagittarius rising, or moon set your intentions for this new moon promises to bring your wishes to you. This moon will help propel us into a bright new future but all you gotta do is dream big and take a risk like any good ol’ Sagittarius will do! Light green and blue candles…set your intentions…believe in your heart Jupiter is working in your favor for he is the most benevolent of all the Gods! Happy New Moon everyone!! Happy birthday to all Sagittarius!!! Make these wishes count!!!