August 2017 Energy Forecast


The start of August brings us a whirlwind of energy. In a blink of an eye, July came and went. The shift in Leo energy was felt and anticipated by all. Everyone’s egos are up and centered, ready to pounce. Cancer season was an emotional upheaval with many changes in the home front. As we enter Leo season, we are being asked to check our powerful yang energy.

Retrogrades and eclipses are here to illuminate us and our actions. We start August with Uranus retrograding in Aries, where it will stay until January. With this said, be sure to watch your temper and your words. Think about your actions. Uranus, the planet of surprises, rapid change, and interconnectedness, is here to remind you of your actions upon others. What you do does affect others, so be mindful of your neighbor, particular while Uranus is in retrograde.

August also brings two eclipses which will shake everyone awake. August 7th we experience the lunar eclipse in Aquarius. The illumination you will be experiencing is to wake your true self. Are you happy where you are in life? Do you feel your life has a purpose? Why haven’t you taken action towards this purpose? This full moon will make you think deep thoughts that perhaps you have never touched upon. Go with the energy, and let it guide you. Let it show you the way.

On the 21st we will have the solar eclipse in Leo. If you did not pay attention during the full moon, there’s no need to worry. This solar eclipse will push you to take action—to step into your yang energy. Leo is the sign of self-love, confidence, and figuring things out rather quickly. There will be a  push to heal yourself and to love yourself, for Leo knows there’s no one else out there who can love you more than yourself.

By now you must be ready to run and hide, but don’t! There is still one more retrograde. Mercury joins this intense energy on August 12th, retrograding in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the sign of analyzing, health, details, and cleanliness. You will be pushed to clean up your act, but be careful you are not criticizing others during self-analyzation. Everyone acts at their own pace, and you should be mindful of that, particularly as you begin to recognize that what bothers us about others is usually a reflection of those things we struggle with ourselves. The eclipses will only bring these realizations to the forefront, so be aware!

Paying attention to details is important if you are to sign anything during retrograde. Pay attention to your body, as well—it’s conveying a message to you. Take care of yourself and you will benefit greatly from the energy of this retrograde.

Mercury will be in Leo when it comes out of retrograde on September 5th. The last days of this retrograde will again put that emphasis on how much you really care about yourself. Do your best to check your ego and not be selfish with others during these last days of the retrograde.

This is a month where you will be prompted toward self-reflection, analyzation, and taking action towards the life you really want to lead. You have the power within yourself to change everything around you. The energies of this month are helping and leading you towards this life-changing milestone.

Use the yang energy we are being offered to take those steps you have been afraid to take. Take charge. Be the leader you have always known you can be. Your life is your own and no one else can lead it better than you. Step into the spotlight of your life.


Seshat Ixchel

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