2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords is the card of balance. She wears a blind fold as to not get distracted with meaningless materials or people. The ravens speak to her of nonsensical things. She knows not to pay them any mind, for the moment she does, her blind fold will fly off with wind. Her state of being perfectly balanced will come crashing down on her. Ask yourself today, are all areas of my life balanced? Are your personal relationships well-balanced? Do your finances need a looking into? Are things at work going as you plan or are things chaotic? Will that raise really be worth while? Have you lost control of your emotions? Are you letting other people tell you how to feel? If your concern is on a more spiritual path and you draw this card in a reading know you are on the right path. Not being blinded to foolish hearsay will lead you down the right path. BALANCE don’t be fool by naysayers, they will flip your scales upside down.

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