Mercury Retrograde in Virgo(Analyze)

Mercury Retrograde starts August 30th to September 22nd. It will be in retrograde in Virgo bringing to the forefront our health and day to day lives. Retrograde is a time to reflect, reevaluate, remember, reorganize, but most importantly ANALYZE. Reconsider everything that has been going on. Retrograde is also a time of rest. Hope you […]

Chinese Wooden Horse

Happy New Year! Today marks the first day of the year of the wood horse. This year should be a interesting year for all. Since, the element is wood; determination, drive, patience, sexuality, passion, hard work, flexibility, money, anger, and leadership all come into play this year. The horse being the animal representing this year […]

July Horoscopes

Aries this month is about choosing your battles wisely. Not every challenge has to be faced on and destroyed in a fiery battle. Learn when to walk away from a losing situation. You can’t solve everything, remember some problems don’t have solutions and it’s best to just walk way and take the lesson with you. […]

June’s Horoscopes

Aries: This month is all about making wise decisions. The Hermit asks you to look within yourself for your answers. As an Aries you do not need anyone’s help or opinion when it comes to fixing your life or changing it completely. Cycles should be ending and starting anew this month for you but whether […]

April’s Horoscopes

  Aries: Experience Taurus: Hope Gemini: Security Cancer: Generosity Leo: Fulfilment Virgo: Discipline Libra: Doubt Scorpio: Serenity Sagittarius: Fortune Capricorn: Delays Aquarius: Argument Pisces: Sorrow   With this month’s power struggle just remember these key words when times look tough. This month is all about lessons and how you handle them. Mercury is no longer […]