October’s Horoscopes

Aries problems and more problems are to be had. The real problem is you are the one creating them. Learn to accept when you are wrong or when things won’t go the way you want them to. When you loose control of that Arian temper you create more problems. Relax, breath, and let things be…you aren’t meant to be in control all the time!

Taurus your hard work is going to pay off this month. You are perfectly content in the position you are in. You are showing gratitude and appreciation this month. The money flow will be on a steady. Buy yourself something nice or get an awesome costume for all the Halloween parties at the end of the month!

Gemini like the magician you will be creating magic all month long. Whatever you think it will materialize. Looking for a new love; just envision the person you want and “wallah”you got them! Want a new job…”poof” there it is! You are on fire this month; don’t let the fire burn out quickly! Slow down and let your strong mind do all the magic it can!

Cancer why are you hiding your emotions this month? I understand some people are just callous but that does not mean you must be too. Being an emotional person is part of your character; accept it and love it. For those who complain you are a overly emotional person, let them go into the cold of the night. For once the feel that cold brisk Autumn air; they will come back knocking on the door. For you see you are the only one who brings out their emotions and you know how to handle it. Be you this month…don’t let others tell you how to be.

Leo home is where the heart is and this month you will learn and value your home life more. Appreciate what you have and value it. For your home is your sanctuary. After a long day coming home to your couch, favorite show, and a delicious meal is all you want this month. Relax and enjoy your peaceful abode.

Virgo lower your expectations this month; for you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Only you will be to blame; no one is perfect and no situation can be resolved perfectly. Your critical mind and tongue will not be of use for you instead it will have the exact opposite effect you are looking to deliver. Its true Virgo doesn’t mind being alone; they at times rather be alone but even a loner gets tired of being alone. Try to sleep more this month for you will feel how tired you are.

Libra it’s time to save this month. I know it’s your birthday month but do you have to spend money on your own party? Why, not let others shower you with gifts and treat you to a night out on the town? I am not saying to be stingy but learn to curb your expensive taste…remember quality over quantity…

Scorpio you are full of ideas this month. Why, not sit and write them down. Talking and not taking action is for the cowards. You Scorpio are not a coward! Your passion is on a high this month and love is everywhere. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you this month. Use that brilliant mind of yours to keep moving forward.

Sagittarius you will receive news that can change your way of being this month. Some times being a risk taker pays off…of course being smart is a much wiser choice in any decision or adventure but what is life without gambling? I know just like you know we Sagittarius love to gamble..the odds are with you this month. Trust you will walk away this month with your head held high in triumph 🙂

Capricorn opportunities are forth coming this month. You will be showered with so many options for bigger and better things you won’t know where to begin.” Always choose wisely”, is your motto but some times seeing through the eyes of a child full of innocence brings the best decision one can ever make 🙂 go for a walk and admire the beautiful colors of the fall and if you see a pile of leaves jump into it and enjoy the rush of happiness you receive just being carefree this month 🙂

Aquarius the past is a focal point this month. Look back and wonder why you chose to do the things you did? Did it bring you any positivity in your life? Its okay to sit and reflect so as not to repeat the same cycles but you gotta learn to let go and let things be. Release and heal this month. Sit silently and let your subconscious guide you into a more positive way of being.

Pisces you will be feeling pressured this month. Pressure to get things done right and quickly. This will be a mistake though; don’t rush though anything this month. Taking your time and being careful will suit you best. Also, don’t take on others problems. You can’t carry the world on your shoulders. Learn to ask for help or to say no to those who constantly seem to be asking for help.

September’s Horoscope

Aries stop living in a fantasy world! Don’t let others opinions confuse yours. Learn to distinguish between the truth and delusions. Keep your faith and trust in yourself and the universe. How many times have you let yourself down compare to others letting you down? Since, when do the opinions of others matter to you so much? Be yourself and ram through this month like the war god that you are!

Taurus spying, lies, rumors, verbal disputes, and causing conflicts on purpose should not be something to look forward to this month. Just because someone doesn’t agree, like you, or aren’t up to par with your standards doesn’t make it okay to be a douche this month. Remember what you put out there will always come back to you 20 times worse. So, be patient and careful this month for your karma depends on it.

Gemini what’s with all the indecision this month? What has you hesitating? Why, are you allowing your mind to work over time with the simplest decision? Its okay to want to be careful and not rush into things but if you just sit and think for too long you will miss every opportunity being thrown your way this month. Listen to your heart and you will see how easy your decisions become.

Cancer is month is a magical one for you. Everything you touch turns into gold. Your mind is alert and your heart is open to the infinite possibilities the universe provides. Once you change your way of thinking you will be dumbfound on how easily and positively things come to you. The universe loves you and it wants to see you happy! Enjoy it! Make a wish on brightest star you see for it will come true sooner than you think! ♥♥♥

Leo save your money!!! Stop wasting it on useless things. Stop and think do I really need that name brand outfit? Do you have to go out to eat every night? Is there something you have always wanted but never buy it because you always find yourself broke? Being frugal never hurt anyone; why not try it this time around. You will be surprise how much money you do save by the end of the month.

Virgo being self reliant comes easy to you. You know you don’t need anyone to help you. Your keen mind doesn’t allow for mistakes. Yet, this month is asking you not to be so selfish and arrogant for once. Understand you can’t do everything by yourself not only can you make mistakes but rushing through things will leave you with more work than you wanted.

Libra this month finds you giving in to your vices a lot more. You can become obsessive, money hungry, explosively angry, possessive, and jealous in a matter of seconds. Slow down on your food intake, drinking, shopping, and or whatever other vice you might have. You need balance this month not to go from one extreme to the other. In the end it will only affect you.

Scorpio things will come to light this month which will cause conflicts. Unfortunately, these secrets needed to come out in order for you to move forward. You can’t keep secrets at all times. As much as you don’t want to have problems this month it will be problem after another if you keep being so secretive! Let things fall apart for once to see who really is capable of being by your side…whether its a friendship, business partner, or a romantic one.

Sagittarius this month is all about your faith and strength. They will come into question more often than before. Use your strength for the better instead of causing conflicts which might not resolve the way you want them to. If you are questioning your faith then perhaps its time to sit quietly and listen to your inner self; instead of others useless ramblings.

Capricorn this month many things will end for you. A lot of things you have been holding onto no longer are useful for you. You gotta learn when to let it go and move on from people and things that no longer serve you. How can you prepare for your future if you carry around dead weight. Use your insight and wisdom for yourself this time around.

Aquarius this month finds you reflecting on past mistakes which are hunting you. You need to let go of your past in order fix your present situations. Reflection is good but do not dwell in what if or could have beens. Let go and move forward…for your future is a bright one.

Pisces this month is about weighing your options. Being fair & diplomatic will be essential this month. Watch your words and cut back on the sarcasm. When you think about what you want to say and deliver your words with charm; you will notice how others do what you want them to do.

July Horoscopes

Aries this month is about choosing your battles wisely. Not every challenge has to be faced on and destroyed in a fiery battle. Learn when to walk away from a losing situation. You can’t solve everything, remember some problems don’t have solutions and it’s best to just walk way and take the lesson with you. The lessons learned this month will pave the wave for your future endeavors.

Taurus July promises to be a good month for you. Everyone wants a piece of you. Love will be pouring in from everywhere. Everybody loves you and they all want to show you exactly how much. It feels good doesn’t, Taurus. Knowing that you are in fact loved and loved by so many. Cherish it, you deserve it♥

Gemini slow down this month and pay attention to your emotional out bursts. Yes, emotions can be problematic and dramatic but they must be DEALT with. You can’t always keep yourself busy, you gotta learn to RELAX and just BE. Deal with what is causing you to have these sudden emotional out bursts this month. Use that quick witted mind and tongue of yours to analyze what it is that is truly bothering you. Besides, it’s your drama you gotta deal with not somebody else this time around…

Cancer pay attention to your dreams, imagination, and day dreams. For they hold your answers this month. Let your mind wander to furthest depth of your psyche. Don’t be afraid, embrace what you see. Try to understand what your seeing; view it as a movie unfolding a story. Light a blue candles this month to further help hone your visions.

Leo you will rise from the ashes this month. A new bolder you will emerge. Full of optimism, child like innocence, and thirst for life like you never felt before. Your birthday is right around the corner; so, why not start the new year with a sense of renewal. Wear orange to attract more positivity in your life. Let go of the past for it no longer serves you.

Virgo it’s time to let your passionate side come out. This month can find you being inspired; your creativity will be flowing from you. Everything you touch will turn into a master piece. Love will come easily. People will be surprise to see this side of you. Your insecurities will be shedding off of you. You could find yourself having to choose between two lovers this month. Listen to your heart for once Virgo. Don’t think just feel 🙂

Libra you might feel like you are at a standstill this month. It feels like the party is over and everyone is asleep. Not true. It’s July the summer is heating up and to much sun can be exhausting. Take this month to do relaxing things. Surround yourself with those you love. Expect a lovely gift this month; the universe wants to see that beautiful smile glow until tomorrow 😀

Scorpio stop counting your eggs before they hatch. Be thankful for the ones that do hatch. The 7 pentacles is a reminder that hard work does pay off but you must first lay the ground work to get the foundation smooth. Stop rushing and take in all the beauty that surrounds you. Be grateful and thankful this month.

Sagittarius you must learn this month not everything is a problem being thrown at you. There’s no need to stress or to think things are worse than they are. Remember our minds can play a lot of tricks on us. BREATHE and RELEASE when you find yourself getting anxious or angry this month. You can’t go around exercising that Jupiter size temperament whenever you want. Calm your mind and the transitions going on this month will be a lot more easier than you think.

Capricorn the theme for this month is compromising and compassion. There’s no need to stress this month if you can’t work well with others. You are stronger than you think and can be easily reasoned with. You don’t always have to be in control. By being compassionate and compromising you will see how people change towards you 🙂 

Aquarius this month finds you needing to heal wounds deep within your soul and psyche. For far to long you have ignored your body’s warning signs. You can not continue down this path of self destruction. It’s time to change your diet, attitude, and release all tension. For those of you wanting to learn more about your intuitiveness this month can have finding your teacher.

Pisces this month is asking you to be a little more open to things you do not understand. The Fool represents our ability to trust the unknown. To plunge into the depths without fear of what will happen. Be open minded and open your heart for you will be surprised at the universe has in store for you..don’t swim against the current instead flow with it 🙂

June’s Horoscopes

Aries: This month is all about making wise decisions. The Hermit asks you to look within yourself for your answers. As an Aries you do not need anyone’s help or opinion when it comes to fixing your life or changing it completely. Cycles should be ending and starting anew this month for you but whether you repeat these same cycles is entirely on you. Do not repeat the same mistakes you have been making for so long. Do some soul searching to realize what it is you really want.

Taurus: The lesson for this month is loss and failure. The 5 Pentacles asks you to look at your life and see what is holding you back from moving forward. Mistake after mistake will be made this month, money will be a big issue, since there is none. Solitude is what you need in order to realize what it is you keep doing wrong because it isn’t your circumstances but your choices. 

Gemini: This month is all about clearing the old to make way for the new. Plenty of news should be heading your way; whether it’s good or bad depends on the delivery of the message. Things are changing rapidly for only because the GODS do not want you to think to long about this change. Just live in the moment and flow with it. Do not worry, get anxious, lose sleep, or shed anymore tears; these were all test and you passed with flying colors! Now, is time for you to distance yourself and enjoy these changes occurring in your life. Let all those other suckers worry and stress over their choices. 

Cancer: How do I say this without making you retreat into your shell? Stop being a WUSSY and start being STRONG. All your decisions can not be based solely on your heart’s whim; you do have that organ called a brain; USE it. Realize the decisions you have been making are not the best ones for you but the best ones for those around you. Are you really so concern with others lives and their happiness that you have forgotten yours? This month can be very successful for you if you take the time to sit and think of your prospects. Those of you looking to get pregnant this month could be it! 

Leo: This month asks you to once again make sacrifices in order to gain peace and tranquility. If you have been the one to help those around you; you must stop this immediately. If you have not been taking care of your health this month unfortunately will prove your fears right. Life style changes are a must and part of your awakening this month. As a Fixed sign you can’t help but want to fix everything around you but this month’s lesson with the Hanged Man is asking you to take care of yourself and your spirituality. The time has come for Leo to be selfish because a unhappy Leo is not a sight to behold and it is actually fearsome. So, please Leo take care of yourself this month in order for your bright light to always remain shining 🙂

Virgo: This month is all about tempering yourself. For far to long you have been going from one extreme to another. This month you should receive your messages of good entering your life. No, more worrying over money issues, no more confusion as to what your heart tells you, blending in beautifully with whatever belief system you wish to join this month. The Temperance card asks you to balance yourself; material gain is nothing compare to a peaceful heart and mind. Don’t worry about the toxic in your life; the universe will take care of getting rid of it for you. It is time of healing and moving forward this month. Listen, to your heart and plan your tomorrow with that careful mind of yours.

Libra: This month is filled with confusion and unrest. There are some forces out there pushing you to the limit this month. You must show strength and comprehension but if you can not face your adversities then this month is going to be quite hectic for you. The 8 of Spades is telling you; you and you alone made this chaos happen. If a game is what you play then a game is what you will receive. Learn to make the correct decision for yourself because it benefits you in a good way not because it benefits you at the moment. Stop taking justice into your own hands also; if you don’t you will grow to dislike this month. Since confused you will be for the length of it. 

Scorpio: This month is the beginning of your new found security. This month should be a good one to financially better yourself. Knowing the right people has gotten you far and this month will prove it’s worth to you. You are feeling good inside and out and everyone wants to be around you; in hopes of them getting this “luck” you are going to be having this month. What they don’t understand is hard work pays off and so does ass kissing 🙂 You are climbing the ladder and you are almost on top; do not change anything you have been doing since it has been working for you. You will kick off the summer in style my beautiful Scorpions! 

Sagittarius: This is the month of being daring in everything that you do. You are filled with passion this months as well. It will ooze out of you and everyone will want some of it. Don’t be so careless with your words this month; not everyone has tough skin as you do. Things will be flowing generously this month just don’t be greedy. Willingness to work harder will be noticeable at your job and it will make everyone around want to follow suit. Taking risks in business will be a benefit; in love; and in any aspect of your life you have been looking to change. Don’t forget to play this month, for your heart & soul are full of passion and there are those who want to embrace it with you.  

Capricorn: This month is all about transformation. The Death card announces a necessary change; whether it’s good or bad; doesn’t matter. It is a necessary change which will occur this month. The more you fight it the worse it will be. If you embrace this transformation the pain will not be as unbearable. In the end though you will be happy and wondering why did I get so upset when this first happen. Take care of your health and yourself this month for those are the two most important things any ones’ life.

Aquarius: This month should find you realizing your visions. Your mind should be at a steady pace for you to see far enough into your visions of the future. Applying them into your present is the challenge. Let go of those fears of failure and not being good enough. Money is not everything but to start something solid for a better future. Save your money, pay back your karmic debts, and you will see how beautiful this month will be for you. Do not rush what isn’t solid is the only warning I shall give you, Aquarius. 

Pisces: This month will have you on cloud 9 and getting you down from there will be close to impossible. Good news should be arriving to you this month. Love will be strengthen this month as well. All your hard work will pay off this month. A raise looks to be in the works for you; perhaps windfall of money will arrive on your lap. Single Pisces searching for love won’t be searching for long; for love waits with open arms this month. Your summer will kick off very nicely, Pisces. I do hope you enjoy this high this month; since you deserve it 🙂

April’s Horoscopes


Aries: Experience

Taurus: Hope

Gemini: Security

Cancer: Generosity

Leo: Fulfilment

Virgo: Discipline

Libra: Doubt

Scorpio: Serenity

Sagittarius: Fortune

Capricorn: Delays

Aquarius: Argument

Pisces: Sorrow


With this month’s power struggle just remember these key words when times look tough. This month is all about lessons and how you handle them. Mercury is no longer retrograde so miscommunications are no longer an excuse but a problem that must be addressed.