Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only use the suit of cups. Aries: Don’t be confused today by people’s actions. The only reason people seem off is because everyone is enjoying today’s implications. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself today. Taurus: Disappointment should not be your theme for today. If your expectations are overly ridiculous […]

2012 Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only be using the Major Arcana.   Aries: 2012 will be  roller coaster ride of ups & downs with crazy twist and turns. Your old ways will prove to be futile this year and whatever you put out there will return to you 10 fold. With every decision, every action, […]

January Horoscope

This month I want to try something different. I hope you enjoy this month’s horoscopes.   Aries: The focus for this month is change. Whether it’s good or bad change, it will be a much needed change. Trust things will work out and look for the positive, it’s staring right at ya 0_0  Keywords: Intuition, […]

November’s Horoscopes

    Quantum Tarot was used for this month’s horoscopes.   Aries: You are coming to an understanding of your surroundings. Enlightenment is going to be a major theme for you this month. Try to put that sharp mind of yours into learning new things. Your comprehension skills this month will not allow you to […]

October’s Horoscopes

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot was used for this month’s horoscopes. Aries: If home is where your heart lies than what seems to be the problem? A peaceful home starts with the people who live within that home. Find it in your heart to be at peace and tranquility will follow. Your creative juices will be following this […]

August Horoscope

I’ll be using the Quantum Tarot’s Major Arcana.   Aries: The wheel of fortune has taken a spin. It seems it might not stop on a favorable spot but it will once it slows down. When it comes to a full stop; you will be smiling from ear to ear. The wheel of destiny is working […]