Knight of Wands

This knight is an impatient one. He has somewhere to go and no one can stop him. He thirsts for adventure, he is imaginative, charming, fickle, and hot headed. If he is ignored he will alienate you and take flight with the next best thing.

This knight is represented by Sagittarius, Taurus, and Pisces but the element is fire. Knights always bring good news and since this knight is highlighted by the previous signs mentioned, expect news of travel, new home, new job, new romance, loans being granted, school acceptance, and ways to make quick money now.

On the downside just as easily and fast you can receive bad news from knight. Just remember when a door closes a new one always opens up. Look at it as a blessing in disguise.

2 of Wands

The two of wands suggests a time of waiting. Expecting news. Accomplishment. Yet, at the same time there is a lack of compromise, indifferent talk, indecision, and being idle waiting on things to change.

If you do not take action like this card’s suit indicates than a time of sadness, upset, loss of faith, indecision, and uneasiness will over come the individual person.

It’s always better to do things on your own than to sit around a wait for someone to join you. Don’t wait on making money, looking for love, taking your relationship to the next level, leaving your relationship, or joining a spiritual community of your choice.

Trust in yourself and believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Six of Wands

The 6 of Wands is a very nice card to get in any reading. It suggests victory, positive signs, coming out on top, hard work paying off, celebrations, treating yourself…
Looking to ask for a raise go ahead and do so. Looking for work with all the perks..start looking you will find it…thinking of leaving your current job, don’t…you are valued and will be shown how valued you are.
Looking to tighten the bonds in your current romantic relationship, go ahead and do so….looking for a new love…don’t worry, it’s right around the corner…
Financially, speaking things will only get better when this card appears. Just watch your money and don’t waste it on things of no value. Showing off will bring envy and envy brings problems…
Be careful with who you share your accomplishments with…not everyone will be happy for you…some will do anything to take you off your high horse….

The Lovers


The Lovers is today’s card of the day. This card asks you to consider what you consider love is? Is it an emotion that can not be control? Is it a thought that can easily be vanished?

Consider your romantic relationship/s. Are you in love or in love with love? Is your partner really the one or simply infatuation? Are you standards in love realistic or overly romanticized?

Are you in love with two people? In a loveless relationship wishing to be rescued by the one your heart really belongs to? Are you considering trading in your relationship for a new one?

The Lovers is always a choice between two things, people, ideas, places, opportunities, etc.. Don’t be mislead by things you think will do you good. Don’t be swayed by something that appears to be beautiful. If it’s to good to be true, it might just be….

When making your choices today or tomorrow always consider what you are choosing. Is it a desire or a necessity? Will you benefit from it? Is it the right choice?

In your romantic relationships always consider how your choices will affect the one you care about the most. If you are choosing between two lovers; listen to your heart and not your head.

So, consider your actions. For the universe has a funny way of balancing things out. Whether you decide on the right choice or not. Sometimes, the choice isn’t yours to make….

9 of Swords


The nine of swords represents our constant self doubt. Anxiety, tension, obsessing over an issue, regret, your thoughts never leaving the past, not being able to forgive, constantly worrying, taking the wrong action, stress, guilt, not knowing your own worth, sleepless nights, depression, damaging your soul, and giving up all hope….

You must ask yourself what is this card is trying to say? Swords represent the element of Air, while Air represents the three zodiac signs of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. All these representations focus on one thing….the MIND.

Are all these thoughts and feelings only surfacing in the middle of night? Are you only focusing on the negative events that occurred throughout the day? Are you reliving events where you did not favor? Are you having nightmares? Are your dreams unpleasant? Do you wake up stress, depress, anxious, etc…waking from your dreams?

Learn from this card today and tell yourself; you have control over your thoughts and feelings. If you are constantly thinking negatively well, you can’t expect rainbows and sunshine when you please. Your thoughts have to change in order for your world to change. The first step to this change is admitting you and you alone are causing these self doubts. Which keep you up during the night, shedding tears you shouldn’t be shedding. Worrying over things which do not matter.

Forgive and let live.

“As long as you don’t forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind”.
Isabelle Holland