The Lovers


The Lovers is today’s card of the day. This card asks you to consider what you consider love is? Is it an emotion that can not be control? Is it a thought that can easily be vanished?

Consider your romantic relationship/s. Are you in love or in love with love? Is your partner really the one or simply infatuation? Are you standards in love realistic or overly romanticized?

Are you in love with two people? In a loveless relationship wishing to be rescued by the one your heart really belongs to? Are you considering trading in your relationship for a new one?

The Lovers is always a choice between two things, people, ideas, places, opportunities, etc.. Don’t be mislead by things you think will do you good. Don’t be swayed by something that appears to be beautiful. If it’s to good to be true, it might just be….

When making your choices today or tomorrow always consider what you are choosing. Is it a desire or a necessity? Will you benefit from it? Is it the right choice?

In your romantic relationships always consider how your choices will affect the one you care about the most. If you are choosing between two lovers; listen to your heart and not your head.

So, consider your actions. For the universe has a funny way of balancing things out. Whether you decide on the right choice or not. Sometimes, the choice isn’t yours to make….

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