Energy Reading for Scorpio’s New Moon 11/11/15

I awoke this morning with the thought I had to pull 3 cards for tonight’s new moon. I pulled two oracle cards and one tarot card.
The High Priestess, Aine, and Wulfenite these 3 cards are the energy we have for tonight and for setting our intentions. The High Priestess is an indication for us to pay attention to our dreams and our higher self. We know what we must do in order to move forward with what we want. Aine speaks of taking leaps of faith in all of our endeavors. When we do things in faith all outcomes are positive ones. Wulfenite speaks again of listening to your intuition as oppose to listening to others opinions. You know what to do but yet you doubt your own intuition. I am here to tell you to STOP!! STOP asking others for their opinions and listen to yourself. Tonight when writing your letters, setting your intentions, and or lighting your candles take the leap of faith and trust your intuition but above all TRUST you are being answered and guided. You are loved and protected.

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