February’s Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes will focus on emotions.


Aries: Wishes come true for you this month Aries. The number 9 will bring you luck. You are feeling revitalize, you have a spring to your walk, and a constant smile on your face. You know Spring is right around corner which only makes you more happy and loving. Just do be careful with what you wish for.

Taurus: With Neptune returning back home for the next 13 years, things will change on a very emotional level. Things will come into light for you this month which perhaps you have been ignoring. It’s time to evaluate your feelings and the feelings of others around you. Intuition, day dreaming, and dreams hold the answers you are looking for.

Gemini: Neptune this month will you help see what is what. For to long you have been blinded. Constantly, wondering what might have been. Gemini is not one to dwell in the past but reevaluating your past will help you fix your present. Pay attention to your dreams.

Cancer: It seems like this month you are in the right place at the right time meeting the right people. The better your connections the more fruitful this month will be for you. It doesn’t hurt to come out of your shell and show them how funny and considerate you really are. The right people will notice and reward you accordingly.

Leo: This is the month to start your new life, romantic relationship, business partnership, make new friends. Strengthen the relationships you already have. People will show you just how much you really mean to them. It’s time to sit back and get pampered. This month you can even meet your soul mate!

Virgo: There is much celebration going on this month. Everyone wants a piece of you. You are getting invited to all the right events. You will meet all sorts of new people, with varying taste for life. This month you will be experiencing feelings of joy and for once not letting your mind take over! ENJOY IT!

Libra: Sarcasm, cutting words, arguments, vindictiveness is your approach this month. Do be careful with that double edge sword you are so blatantly wielding. It does and will cut both ways. Libras are great at dishing it out but never taking it.

Scorpio: You will be doing a lot of “chasing” this month. Which is something you are not known for but this hottie is driving you crazy. You simply must have them but do be careful…your heart does not take over since this will be very short lived fling. Word of advice do not get involved with a coworker or leave your long term relationship whether it’s a romantic, business, or friendship for something new and shiny which will only disappear at the end of the month.

Sagittarius: Messages of loves come pouring in this month for all you single Sagittarius. Your options will be endless, why not make a date every day of the week, just to keep your options open. Whose to say you have to commit to the first person you encounter? For those in love, it’s time to confess your feelings, for those in a committed relationship you will be shown how much you are meant to that person. All this affection and romance is wonderful just don’t be a douche and take advantage of this great luck you are having. Luck is also key this month.

Capricorn: You are dreaming and envisioning great outcomes this month. Your creativity is flowing. Your connections are coming through. Pay attention to your gut for once, not everything is understood just yet. Lay off the alcohol this month as well. Drink more water. Cleanse yourself.

Aquarius: Money is your focus at the moment. How to acquire it, make it grow, and last is a must for you. The problem is you aren’t making an effort to acquire it. Simply waiting around for a raise, a job to land on your lap, or for your number to come out in the lotto is not going to do. Opportunity is knocking on your door and all you have to do is simply open the door to attain it. Perhaps, learning something new which will help make you money is what you should be focusing that eccentric mind of yours!

Pisces: Harmony, love, comfort, accepting, family, and joy are all yours this month. You will have a constant rainbow over you showing you how truly wonderful you are. Your happiness is contiguous to those around you and they simply can’t help but smile. If you have been stuck in a rut, this month will be the breaking point. Just have faith and BELIEVE things will get better. After, the storm the rainbow always appears….


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. The full moon this month is on February 7 in Leo. Which basically means listen to your heart this month and not your mind. Leo’s polar opposite is Aquarius, Aquarius is an air sign known for it’s eccentric and far fetch way of thinking. Your mind will play tricks on you do be careful you don’t say or do something you will not be able to fix. Do remember both Leo & Aquarius are Fixed signs. Let your heart do all the mending and “thinking” this month. A surprise might be in store.

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