Gemini Full Moon 11/25/15

Hope every one is having a great week so far and getting ready for Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it.
This post is all about tomorrow’s Gemini Full Moon. Astrologers are referring to it as a Dark Moon only because its in communicative Gemini. The “darkness” of this full moon is what you will be talking about tomorrow or what you have been talking about since the new moon we had back on the 11th of this month. A lot of talking has been going on and of course a lot thinking as well. Remember Gemini rules the mind just as Sagittarius does but the difference being Gemini rules the lower part of the mind where as Sagittarius rules the higher mind. Gemini is working hard to have every thing come out to the surface. This full moon is going to be one to remember what with every thing that will be said, unsaid, and not said. Sounds confusing right? Yet, this is Gemini’s forte…causing confusion…stimulating the mind…making you think about what you said and what you actually meant. Be mindful of your words and of others. Set the tone is full moon…you want honesty then speaking honestly…say what you feel and think just be mindful of the deliverance. Release, all fears and anxieties. Light a blue and white candle. Blue for throat chakra and white for peace…purity. Again, mind your words.

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