June’s Masterpiece


Summer days and happy days are here. The hotter days are longer now and the nights seem endless. Everyone is out and about. You now hear the laughs of happy children exclaiming their exuberance of school finally ending! It’s time to hit the waves, go sightseeing, and get active once again. No more being inside, doing tedious work. Now, is the time to travel and do all the fun things you have been daydreaming about on those long cold days and nights. Even though spring has arrived and brought warmer days it also brought rainy days which still kept us inside.

By the time June arrives people are going stir crazy, have restless leg syndrome, and are so full of energy they are ready to burst. All the those daydreams are screaming at you to please get things moving! It will have you doing things out of impatience. It’s like nothing is holding you back anymore. The spring didn’t really allow us to do what we wanted to do and this caused a sense of irritation. Even though you have been given the green light to move as fast as the wind you should really practice some caution. Enjoy the lead up as much the reward by keeping in mind all that you had to do to get where you are now.

On June 13th the new moon is in Gemini causing everybody’s minds to go out of control. We will be so filled with ideas, inspiration, energy, curiosity, and impatience we might just implode if we don’t harness this energy correctly. Don’t worry. You will accomplish what you have been seeking to do. Make a wish on this moon. Envision, it. Give it the energy it requires and then let it go onto the Universe. Within days you will have your wish materialized BUT if only you expressed this wish with no fear of any kind. Recall all those times as a child when you wish upon a star or you made a wish when blowing out your candles how you truly believed your wish will come true and it did some times. Well, that was because you had no fear…no worry…no disbelief it wouldn’t come true. Do this again with this Gemini moon. Light yellow candles, use yellow crystals, buy yellow flowers, and eat yellow foods while wearing yellow during your new moon rituals it will increase the power of your intent.

June 28th, we have the full moon in Capricorn bringing our attention to our goals, family, work, and money. Here is where we have the focus to sit and go over all we have accomplished thus far this year. What things still need to be accomplished and knowing exactly how quickly it will take to get it done. Your focus is sharp and nothing escapes you during this full moon. Taking the reigns of control comes naturally and easily and it’s much deserved. You worked hard this year and now it’s time for you to see what you worked so hard to do. It is your time now and your recognition is here. Whatever lingering fears or doubts you might still have this is the moon to release them or better yet to rein them in and transmute them into positive action. Don’t you see and understand this is your reality and the more positive you are the more things get done in a positive way.

Life is an experience not many are granted with. Some  experience life in a short time frame. While, others simply don’t experience the life they want to experience. Instead, they experience life as others dictate them to do so. You are the Creator of your life. Imagine if you will a palette of paint and a blank canvas. See yourself taking the brush to the canvas and painting your life story. What do you see? Is it a beautiful image or is it a sad image? A fearful image? What will you create?

To paint a masterpiece one must have a vision, drive, passion, and determination to see the vision materialize. June is your month to paint, to bring to life what you have been envisioning. Give it the energy. The focus it needs. All the hard work you have been doing is now paying off. It is time to unveil your painting and let it speak for itself. Smile. Your masterpiece is complete. The love you are feeling is of a deep inner knowing you created something worth displaying.


Seshat Clairvoyant

Author: Oneyda Traveling Gypsy

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