New Moon Leo

Leo New Moon

New Moon Leo

Life as we know it is no longer the same. 2017 came in with a bang and at the rate its going it will leave with a bang. We are now in the 7 month of the year almost half way over this 1 year. Everyone is being triggered. Everyone is being pushed. Everyone is being tested. You are no longer asleep since the rooster has started its morning call. You can hit the snooze button all you want but the rooster is loud and persistent. Now, here we are about to have our first new moon in Leo and with another in August. What does this mean?

This year’s calendar is making us pay attention more closely than before. With two new moons in Leo this summer do expect the alarm clock to roar you awake and burn you just a bit. The first of the Leo moons is this very month. July 23rd will be an interesting day filled with desires and wants you thought you long forgot. Remember how the beginning of the year you were filled with hope for manifesting all you desired? Well, now you will be reminded of this…did you accomplish what you set out to do? Are your wants being fulfilled? Are some of you wanting love with all the passion it promises to give? How much of your ego have you shed this year? The blows this year has given you has it left your pride bruised? Are your family dynamics changed? Do you desire children or to be back in the moment in time when you as a child were carefree with no worries at all.

WAKE UP!!! Take action. Manifest what you wanted in the beginning of the year! Stop lounging and waiting. Prowl and jump when you are called to do so. You are a creator manifesting your world. Take pride in what you do don’t let others discourage you. Your dream is important for it will fill you with hope and faith for all that you can create. August is around the corner with another new moon in Leo urging you to take that action otherwise the eclipse in Leo promises to jump at you loud and clear. You won’t be blinded by the sun but you will be bitten by the mighty Lion who finally rouse from his hibernation.

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