Leo the Lion

You see that person standing in the middle of the room surround by admiring fans; laughing at all his jokes and giving him the come hither look…that’s a Leo. Leo can’t help but be the center of attention; for you see they are ruled by the Sun. Yes, the big bright star that gives us all life. Leo is always full of life even when they are depress, sick, recently broken up; you wouldn’t know it since they are constantly wearing their big bright smiles and helping you better your life. Leo is a fixed sign and what this means is they are always there to help others whether they want it or not. Leo is also a fire sign so, saying no to them is not part of their vocabulary. They have no clue what that word means in any language; which could become a big problem in Leo’s life. Being a fire sign means Leo can come off as aggressive but not as aggressive as an Aries. Leo can be very persuasive but not as much as a Sagittarius. Leo will lie just to get his way and the kicker is most people know when Leo is lying but they do it anyway because everybody loves Leo. Why, would you say no to them? They just helped you out last week so, now its your turn to return the favor….

 You will meet some shy Leos but trust me they aren’t all that shy. Most likely some time in their lives they had to learn to step out of the lime light in order to win more LOYAL fans. So, they sit quietly observing their prey waiting for just the right moment to attack. Don’t forget Leo is represented by the lion the King of the jungle. You ever watch how a lion and a lioness hunt? They are very careful and quick once they pounce on their prey. What makes you think you are any different? If Leo is interested in you don’t run; it will only make matters worse. They will find you and they will get you; trust me. I am not saying they will force themselves on you but you have no standing chance once they set their eyes and big hearts on you. The only thing is once they capture you; you have to be their number one fan. This is a very exhausting job; like I said before they are represented by the King of the jungle; you are nothing but a peasant who will do everything for them. Don’t complain to loud or be to dramatic about it since Leo won’t have any problems reminding you how there are other peasants out there waiting in line to take your spot….that hurts doesn’t it? Leo’s pride is bigger than themselves and hurting your pride won’t be a problem for them.
Leo is also a very giving sign. They share whatever they have. Saving money is not something they do. They spend it rather quickly and make it quickly as well. The good life is what Leo is after; they want to be able to lounge around whenever they want. Eating well, dressing well, and keeping their mane beautiful is their number one priority in life. Don’t tell me you haven’t notice how beautiful their hair is? How much they are constantly playing with their hair to gather that attention they want. Speaking of attention; Leo LOVES it. Just like they also LOVE gossip and twisting some words here and there is of no problem to them. For they also love drama. Don’t you know drama is a part of life? If you have none than you are a dull person in their eyes.
My intention is not to scare you away from Leo but to make you understand them. They are big pussy cats who love to be pet all the time. Complement them always. Shower them with attention always. Love only them always. ALWAYS be LOYAL for they are very loyal to those who they see as being worthy of their love and presence. You will always be filled with life just like Leo is; just never say NO for the dramatics will soon follow…..



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