Listen to Your Intuition

Tonight’s full moon is in Gemini. Communication is the theme for this full moon. I drew 4 cards for tonight’s energy and what your focus should be for tonight’s moon.

Crocoite talks about change and creativity. Calcite speaks to us of communication and enhanced memory. Kyanite is also talking to us of our intuition, ideas, and dreams. While Hathor reminds us to release all guilt and fear of being the receiver. Tonight think about all that you wish to accomplish. Be positive you will receive what you are asking for. Be open to receiving messages in your dreams. The new energy you will receive from this moon will help you in your creative endeavors. Your intuition will be heighten and a lot more accurate. Every thing you ever wanted to say or needed to say will come to light. Write your ideas down and visualize them coming to be. Release, all negative thoughts and trust in the process for next month is going to be a magical one!


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