Mercury Retrograde In Libra

Mercury starts its retrograde September 17th and it will move forward again October 9th. This is the last one of the year and its a good one! Nothing to fret about.

When Mercury is retrograde we should take advantage and recharge. That is key of the retrograde period doing everything with “re”. Recharge, reevaluate, reflect, remember, relax, release…BUT and there’s a big BUT this retrograde is moving in Libra. The marriage sign. The fair one. The diplomat. So, with this in mind expect to hear from old lovers and friends. People who you love who you haven’t heard from will RECONNECT. Old flames will return. An old romance will be rekindled. Yet, this time around its different…

Compromise is the lesson this retrograde period. Communication will be crucial. Don’t promise anything you can’t keep. Speak in a loving manner. Misunderstandings can and will occur. Forgiveness. Be fair.

I pulled out two cards to for a bit more guidance. Tumbled Stone and Aeracura are confirming the positive energy this retrograde is bringing. Yes, healing must occur but with that healing comes a new start. A blossoming new life. With releasing what no longer serves us we make room for what benefits us.

Remember this a time of healing, recharging, reflecting, but most importantly PATIENCE. Good things are here…they are just waiting for the right moment to surprise you.


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