New Moon in Leo(Creation)

It’s time for creative energy with this new moon in Leo on August 2nd. This new moon is beautifully aligned with the Cancer new moon we had last month. Back on July 4th during the Cancer new moon we were envisioning what we desired for our home and family life with the upcoming Leo moon we are being propelled to implement and create what we envisioned back in the beginning of July. Keeping this in mind we should all be careful with what we want isn’t more of a selfish desire but a more needed action to be implemented.

Leo rules the 5th house in astrology which is the house of gratification. Basically, meaning anything that brings pleasure is what will be heightened this new moon. Children will also be a highlight during this new moon if you are looking to get pregnant now is your chance being how the fifth house also rules procreation. Figuratively speaking you have it in you to procreate a new life. What areas in your home life would you really like to change? Once you truly know take that action but do it confidently remember Leo is a confident sign…it is the king of the jungle after all…

On the DARKER side of things our desires can and will over rule our minds. Leo is of the fire element so our deepest desires will be doing their best to manifest into reality. We want what we want. We feel what we want. We see what we want. Now we go after what we want. Risky behavior to get what we want is a likely cause but yet confidently knowing this is the action one must take. Never wavering on our desire. Deceit can and will be a action being taken with no thought of consequences.

Orange, red, or yellow candles should be lit during this new moon to help implement those necessary steps. Set your intentions, see your creation, believe in your creation, and light that candle and let it do its work.


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