Six of Wands

The 6 of Wands is a very nice card to get in any reading. It suggests victory, positive signs, coming out on top, hard work paying off, celebrations, treating yourself…
Looking to ask for a raise go ahead and do so. Looking for work with all the perks..start looking you will find it…thinking of leaving your current job, don’t…you are valued and will be shown how valued you are.
Looking to tighten the bonds in your current romantic relationship, go ahead and do so….looking for a new love…don’t worry, it’s right around the corner…
Financially, speaking things will only get better when this card appears. Just watch your money and don’t waste it on things of no value. Showing off will bring envy and envy brings problems…
Be careful with who you share your accomplishments with…not everyone will be happy for you…some will do anything to take you off your high horse….

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