Scorpio New Moon 11/11/15

Tomorrow is the second to last new moon we will have this year. Now, this new moon is where you want to set all your intentions with for the new year. Keep in mind 2016 is going to be one hell of year. This year we did all the ground work. We build foundations. We have been getting rid of the old. Laying all the ground work for what we need and want in our lives. With this new moon in Scorpio expect it to be an intense one. Go deep within yourself and ask yourself what have I been avoiding? What haven’t I dealt with? What exactly do I really want for myself? Set your intentions. Light some candles. Visualize what you want. See yourself doing these things. Love is a HUGE possibility this new moon. Light pink and black candles. Pink for love and black for releasing all the negativity in your aura. Don’t be afraid with this new moon. Release all fears and anger. FORGIVE with this new moon. Put all your LOVE into your intentions. I promise you an intense month and a beautiful month in December. Plus, a great new year!!!



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