Scorpio Time

Good morning my loves. Today Scorpio’s light is shining brightly. For this next 4 weeks we will feel the intensity of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto(the God of the Underworld). Scorpions are known as the voodoo sign of the zodiac. You can’t lie to them, you can’t hide things from them, and watch how your body speaks for they see and FEEL all. Its time for transformation, for shedding your old skin, its time to reflect, to let your passion out, to enjoy the company of others, to heighten your sexuality, to climb up that career ladder. Scorpio is an ambitious sign but they get what they an vision. Nothing stops them; if anything they step on their competitors…I would move out of the way…that sting isn’t a pleasant one….enjoy your day darlings :-) <3 

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