The Beauty of Letting Go-October 2019

Hello, autumn! You bring much joy and relievement to some; while, others dread your arrival because it means the time for seclusion is here. The energy of this month is calling us back home into our own space of isolation. This season is one of change, of shedding the old, of letting go, and trusting in the magick of the Universe. As the leaves turn and fall so will the tides of life. Some will fall, while others will turn the corner, and others will combust and raise from their ashes. October will be a month of intensity paving the wave for all the major shifts happening for the remainder of the year. The time of magick has arrived and hopefully you have been preparing for it.

As the month begins we have been in a balancing act since mid September. We have all been presented with choices and options that needed much scrutiny, evaluation, and strategic planning. We have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Libra helping us weigh our next action steps, seeing what partnerships are functioning and which are not, and we are able to deliver our messages with diplomacy. The scales of justice are helping us to balance our heart and our mind. By doing so it allows us the space and time to really see where we need to be taking action, what details are more important, and how to go about implementing our desired result. 

On October 3rd we have Mercury shifting into Scorpio and Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn. Mercury being in Scorpio will have us having very intimate conversations. These discussions are pivotal to our plans because they will be of benefit to everyone involved. This is also a foreshadowing of Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio at the end of the month. So, if you think it’s intense now wait until later on 🙂 On that same day we have Pluto stationing direct and gifting us the key to the vehicle we will be using for the rest of the year. We have done much shedding of our old selves that this gift is much needed for the next metamorphosis in our journey. We have left one level of hell and we are now ascending to a higher level of light. 

The next day on the 4th we have Mars entering Libra bringing the action planet into the energy of helping us balance ourselves. Once Mars shifts gears we will now be called to move forward. No, more strategizing. Now is the time to do. We have our blueprint, our step by step instructions, and our determination to get the show on the road. All those things that were weighing you down are now destroyed. The road ahead is open and as you can see the road is cleared of obstacles and challenges. Go ahead. The light is green and there is nothing holding you back but perhaps your own fear. You won’t know the exact outcome however action is required. 

Venus shifts into Scorpio on the 8th bringing our desires to the surface. We want what we want and we will go through the hellfires of attaining our desired outcome. As fiery and as dark as hell is the fire still lights the way. We are aware of all the ghoulish things, of all the demons, and of all the doorways that can lead to nowhere. Yet, our desire is what is fueling us forward. There was no pact with the devil but there was a promise to our heart and soul to do our very best to attain that light we all seek. Listen to the melody of your heart for it is not misleading you in anyway. The Goddess of Love is showering you with rose petals as you walk forward. 

Our full moon on October 13th is in Aries sparking the torch as we continue our walk. Now, we are shielded and protected in our investment for our future. Our passion has led us down this hallway we hadn’t seen before. Our bravery bought us to this secret door and only those who aren’t afraid of going at it alone will be turning the key to a hidden world they knew nothing about. Step through for the warmth of the fire will bring you much needed peace. 

At this point we have relished in the warmth of the full moon but now the new moon in Scorpio is bringing us to the depth of our desires. We are questioning whether or not it’s beneficial to continue on our quest? The Universe will supply you with your answer which is a HELL YEAH! Keep going for there is so much more that you didn’t know about. Now, is the time for you to be supplied with these opportunities. Take a rest from all the action thus far and see how far you have come. How moving fearlessly brought you to this very moment of time. Pour yourself a celebratory drink and cheers to the Universe. 

Lastly, on October 31st we have Mercury retrograding for one last time this year. It will do it’s thing in Scorpio until November 20th. At this time many things that have been hidden will now be illuminated. A lot of shedding of our way of thinking will be occurring. Things and people we were fixated on will resurface. Areas we were stuck on will now move. Unexpected sources of income will materialize out of nowhere. Business transactions are favorable. New ways of healing will be presented but most importantly old karmic thought patterns and ways of speaking will be forever destroyed. The old you is dying; so, embrace the uncertainty of change for your new self will thank you once you have finally caught up to it. 

Happy Halloween, darlings 🙂

June’s Colorful Dream

Dreaming is a part of our lives and we ALL dream. Even those who say they do not dream actually do. It’s a matter of calming the mind and allowing yourself to relax in order to dream. June is going to teach us all about dreaming and how to make our dreams a reality in a instant. Life as we know it has changed for all of us; some are handling it well while others are crumbling in the change. We all must understand we are being pushed to evolve. If we all want what we dream of then how are we going to make our dream come true? What steps are we taking to achieve this? But don’t you worry the planetary movements will be making you shift into your dream BIG TIME.

As the month commences we have three major planets in retrograde. Jupiter in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Capricorn. In the middle of month another planet will be joining the backward dance but first let us talk about our new moon in Gemini. June 3rd is our new moon in Gemini bringing us messages from up above. Gemini is known as the child of the zodiac and the most communicative of all the signs. This moon will highlight these two aspects; for those of you with children you will be receiving news about or for your children, perhaps some help for them, communicating with them, and overall spending quality time with them. Communication will be important with this moon as well. Hearing from people you haven’t heard from in awhile, receiving out of the blue offers, communicating with deceased loved ones, receiving messages from the Universe, and having a very clear picture of your dream coming true. Utilize this moon by working with yellow, white, and blue candles. Spend time outdoors in a park watching and listening to the laughter of children. Vibe high because this moon’s energy requires high vibration in order to create your magick.

On June 4th we have Mercury joining Mars in Cancer. So, not only have our feelings been all over the place but now we will be communicating these feelings. Mars shifted into Cancer on May 15th causing a HUGE impact on everyone. Mars does not do well in this environment but it has been teaching us to appreciate this environment. The majority are having a hard time processing their feelings and understanding them. People are erupting, feeling uncomfortable, being impatient, and having very unusual dreams. Now, with Mercury shifting into Cancer we will be communicating our feelings the moment we experience them. There really won’t be much thinking going on when it comes to our feelings but instead just the urge to communicate them. Be patient not only with others but also with yourself for these next few weeks. Do keep in mind that you are NOT the only one experiencing chaos. We ALL are. We just have to ride out this wave and then hold our breath as we dive deep into our emotions and psychic awareness.

June 8th Venus shifts into Gemini until July 3rd and what a shift it will be. Not only is the sun in Gemini but we also had the new moon in Gemini on the 3rd and now Venus being in Gemini will be bringing communication galore. Everyone is going to want to talk, satiated their curiosity, and want what they want NOW. Patience is very important at this time and paying attention to detail but if you do insist on rushing anything you will miss so many important details that it will cause you to stop in your tracks. At this time some will be experiencing two of everything. While, others will be seeing another side of things and people they did not see before. Manipulation can and will occur for those who want what they want and even being deceitful just to get what they want. Be aware of your doings because not everyone will stand for it. You might have the misfortune of encountering someone who will force you to be honest. So, again tread carefully and do everything with honest intention.

Full moon is on June 17th; you will read it’s a Sagittarius full moon but it’s a cusp moon. The moon will be shifting out of Sagittarius in to Capricorn meaning it’s a very prophetic moon. If you thought your psychic awareness is already heighten it will increase even more with this moon. Dreams will be so vivid you will be able to taste it, telepathy will be so intense it could cause you to freak out, and even our daydreams will seem real. This is a great moon to do a big ritual and magick with. Not only are you working with Sagittarius optimism but you are also working with Capricorn focused determination. Black and purple candles should be used, going outside to ground should be done, writing a letter and burning it would be great, and even speaking your intent aloud and in present tense will create the magick you seek to achieve. Aim high because you will land your target.

Lastly, on June 21st we have Neptune going retrograde until November 27th. Neptune has been back home in Pisces since 2012 and will remain there until 2025. When Neptune does it’s retrograde dance our reality shifts in a big way. What we thought was reality is a lot more than what we realize it to be. Our dream will now shift big time and we will have the momentum to make it a reality. If we give up while Neptune is retrograding than it simply means you weren’t ready for your dream. You were only dreaming it and not believing it. When you believe in your dream you not only give it energy but you bring it to life. Dreams do come true but they come true with determination, faith, and gratitude. Understand with these major planets retrograding we are ACTUALLY being given the materials to make our dreams come true. What seems like utter chaos is simply the breaking away of the illusions and delusions which were preventing your dreams from coming into your reality. Chaos is a necessary energy in the creation process without it we simply cannot create. Don’t count your blessings instead be thankful for them. Every day wake up with gratitude in your heart and mind and you will see more things to be grateful for in your reality.

June is all about dreaming but making those dreams come true. Some of you have been dreaming for a very long time and now is the time to get a move on making your dreams a reality. I will end this article with a favorite song lyric from an old cult classic that my best friends and I used to watch growing up….“Don’t dream it. Be it”!


The Month of Love And War



Autumn has arrived! With it comes crisp air, ushering us into Libra season. The time of fairness and love is here. The days get colder and nights shorter while our thoughts are wandering about warmth and partnerships. The month of the bruja (witch) is one of the most revered amongst women and children. Plans of Halloween costumes and parties are underway. Decorations and pumpkin spice is visible anywhere you go. The oranges and reds of the changing leaves ushers in so much beauty it’s no wonder so many love fall. Yet, this full moon in the early month of October is bringing so much attention to areas in our lives that must be burned away, breaking patterns and cycles that no longer serve us.

On October 5th the full moon in Aries screams about our self-confidence, self-sufficiency, but above all our self-worth. We are examining our year and wondering what has been good for us? What have others done for us? What have we done for ourselves? Are you still repeating the same patterns?

Aries is ruled by the God of War and also rules the first house in astrology. The first house is about self; so, what have you been doing this year for yourself? If you start noticing patterns that have not been beneficial to you, your temperament might get a little explosive. This moon can go either way—it can be a happy moon or a very angry moon. There is no in between, and that’s because Aries has no middle ground. Aries don’t compromise because that would be benefiting the other person.

This full moon is a great way to burn away all that no longer benefits you. Red candles would ignite what you are trying to accomplish. Things will move rapidly and passionately. Old patterns will give way to new ones. Self mastery is the agenda, and the intended goal. What works for you is what matters the most with this moon. Nothing will sway you because not even Aphrodite herself could make Ares (Aries Greek counterpart) fall in love with her. He loved war and himself above all else. Take this energy of this moon to do just that: Love yourself, treat yourself, be selfish with this moon; it’s about you.

The new moon on October 19th is in Libra making us aware of our relations with others. How do we feel about our social, career, family, and love relations? Are we being treated fairly and with love? Are you treating others fairly and with love? This new moon will bring cycles up that must be broken. Demanding we make new cycles if we are to rise above the mundane of everyday relating. Cycles you have ignored will be presented in a way where you can no longer ignore what is going on. Isn’t love what you need? A good career is essential in order to feel purposeful in your life. Are you repeating the same cycles as your parents? Have your friendships turned sour?

With all of those breaking patterns, bringing in the right energy to create new patterns that actually serve us is essential.  Lighting a pink candle will help with the breaking of cycles and allowing new loving and positive cycles to form. You are deserving of love, respect, and happiness. Let the goddess of love influence you in a positive way, not in a shallow way. She will lead you to more fulfilling relations in your immediate circle. Don’t be blinded by the idea of what you desire—you might just fall into a negative cycle you can not break free from.

October is a month of magic, rituals, and harvesting all that was planted in the months before. Decorate your home to bring in the energy of Autumn. Allow your intuition to guide you this month. Rise above ego. Pay attention to the patterns and cycles of this very transformational month. Love is the focus. Partnerships is what we desire. A comforting home being shared with someone you truly love is the goal for these cold days ahead of us. May the goddess of love bless your rituals this month leading you to love. A love so magical even the gods will be jealous.



Leo New Moon

New Moon Leo

Life as we know it is no longer the same. 2017 came in with a bang and at the rate its going it will leave with a bang. We are now in the 7 month of the year almost half way over this 1 year. Everyone is being triggered. Everyone is being pushed. Everyone is being tested. You are no longer asleep since the rooster has started its morning call. You can hit the snooze button all you want but the rooster is loud and persistent. Now, here we are about to have our first new moon in Leo and with another in August. What does this mean?

This year’s calendar is making us pay attention more closely than before. With two new moons in Leo this summer do expect the alarm clock to roar you awake and burn you just a bit. The first of the Leo moons is this very month. July 23rd will be an interesting day filled with desires and wants you thought you long forgot. Remember how the beginning of the year you were filled with hope for manifesting all you desired? Well, now you will be reminded of this…did you accomplish what you set out to do? Are your wants being fulfilled? Are some of you wanting love with all the passion it promises to give? How much of your ego have you shed this year? The blows this year has given you has it left your pride bruised? Are your family dynamics changed? Do you desire children or to be back in the moment in time when you as a child were carefree with no worries at all.

WAKE UP!!! Take action. Manifest what you wanted in the beginning of the year! Stop lounging and waiting. Prowl and jump when you are called to do so. You are a creator manifesting your world. Take pride in what you do don’t let others discourage you. Your dream is important for it will fill you with hope and faith for all that you can create. August is around the corner with another new moon in Leo urging you to take that action otherwise the eclipse in Leo promises to jump at you loud and clear. You won’t be blinded by the sun but you will be bitten by the mighty Lion who finally rouse from his hibernation.