The Month of Revelations

The Month of Revelations Hello, December you are here at last. We’ve all been dreading you, yet waiting for your return. The year came and went while spinning us out of control and taking us on a wild ride. We are drained but yet hopeful. Who would have thought 2017 the year of manifestation and […]

The Signs

The Cardinals signs: 1) Aries=Natural born leader. 2) Cancer= A understanding leader. 3) Libra=A fair leader. 4) Capricorn: Wisest of leaders. The Fixed Signs: 1)Taurus= Handles your home and finances. 2)Leo= Corrects the drama in your life. 3)Scorpio= Corrects or enhances your fear of love. 4)Aquarius= Corrects your normalness and rigidity. The Mutable Signs: 1)Gemini= […]