April New Moon in Taurus 2020

Our new moon of the 22nd in Taurus is reminding us to not play victim or martyr. Pull yourself up, pour yourself a drink, find your most comfy blanket, and eat all your favorite foods while taking it easy during this time. Keep in mind to not get stuck on whatever negativity is going on but do instead plant the seeds of new beginnings when it comes to your desires and how to go about getting them.

The Sun and Moon both being in Taurus right now is amplifying the yin and yang. Meaning light and dark are essential in moving forward with our intent. Uranus is in Taurus as well giving us that push to get things going. By making us uncomfortable in this very moment we are able to see the changes that are required for us to make in order to bring ourselves to be comfortable in these times of change.

Life as we knew it to be is now a thing of the past. The here and now is our main focus and by accepting this we can be in compassion with not only with others but also with ourselves as well. As much as things are moving the energy is actually calling for a steady pace. Do not rush. Do not prolong. Do not deter because progress takes time, determination, focus, and effort.


The Calm After The Storm

Happy August everyone! The calm is settling in now and thank the Gods it is. July was a very intense month and I know I felt the intensity of it all. The phoenix burnt itself and now has risen from the ashes but yet I feel some are still burning and are about to rise from the ashes. Divine timing is definitely at play here and everyone’s timing is different. No one is racing each other but instead we are all in this rat race called life. Yet, the energy of this month is saying slow down this isn’t a race but instead it is a journey. It is an adventure and why not enjoy this adventure and take in all the sights and smells. Either way August will have us in calmer energy but it won’t happen until the middle of the month.

On August 11th we have the biggest planet in our solar system stationing direct and thank the Gods that it is!!! Jupiter has been retrograding since April and it made all of us slow the fuck down and it made us pay attention to all the details in our lives. Jupiter not only rules philosophy and higher learning but it also rules fortune. So, whatever misfortunes you experienced during these months were actual blessings and the fortune you did receive during those months were to help you to plummeted forward when this gas giant starts moving direct once again. So, hold on to your hats because we are all going to be launched into forward motion. All the details have been accounted for and now the arrow can be let go of because now is the time and you will hit the bullseye.

Mercury enters Leo on the same day and will remain there until September 14th. Our communication is on fire now. Where as before it was in watery Cancer and it had us expressing and understanding our feelings and bought a lot of psychic awareness onto our immediate world. Now, with Mercury in Leo not only are we expressing ourselves but we are also showing off. This energy helps us to express our inner most desires, show them, and go after them. Ego can and will get in the way so do your very best to think five times before speaking and check yourself if you find yourself in a place of ego. We can get all that we desire with the right wording and those that we go after will definitely help fulfill those desires. Remember as much fun as fire is to watch and how necessary it is; it’s also a destructive force that can destroy all your hard work. So, a word of caution keep your fire under control and the warmth of your fire will bring those close to you in order to share in it’s beauty and warmth.

On this same day we also have Uranus starting it’s retrograde in Taurus until January of next year. Unexpecting surprises involving money, home, comfort, and luxury will be felt by the world. This energy is an overall collective shift; Uranus has been in Taurus since May of 2018 and will remain there for another six years. Everything involving monetary and comfortability is being shaken to the core. We are all feeling this collective shift and at first it’s very shocking but the end result will be a pleasant surprise. Uranus rules Aquarius and being innovative is a plus. Taurus which is ruled by Venus actually brings us very beautiful surprises in the home front, money, comfort, and love. Now, that Uranus is retrograding we are seeing where things are no longer working and how unique ideas can help us move forward. Being fixated on our unique ideas is actually a good thing right now. It’s helping us to stay the course and giving it all the attention it requires for it to be long term. Don’t worry about those things that didn’t work out; be thankful that they didn’t and you can let it go in peace.

The 15th of August is our full moon in Aquarius bringing in those rapid changes we need in order to keep the momentum going. Whatever shocking news you receive during this time it’s actually for your benefit. Even if at first it seems chaotic and like it makes no sense you will soon realize it does make sense. This is exactly what you needed in order to bring on these last minute changes. Without these out of the blue changes you would not be able to keep moving forward. The energy of this moon is actually a very positive one that we all will be thankful for. There’s nothing to worry about here and even if you do get bad news it’s actually going to benefit you in the end. Just don’t let it deter you and consume you where you remain fixated on the negative and not seeing the positive it brings.

Mars enters Virgo on the 18th and will remain there until September 14th. Here the energy is calm, cool, and collective but once it is ignited it can be quite harsh, critical, and judgmental. Yet, this energy isn’t about passing judgement but it’s about analyzing and healing what NEEDS to be healed. Here we are learning to temper our temperament and to really consciously decide what battles we should actually be fighting. If you are one of those who seem to constantly be fighting you will be crushed in this energy. It will seem like you are being attacked but in reality you are being made to see what you reflect onto others and how this needs to be healed. Finding a healer during this time will be increasingly important for your personal growth. Stop resisting and start healing. The healing you do now will bring you the vibration you need to be in order to continue on your path of growth. You are being supported at this time because the help was always there you just didn’t want to accept it or see it. Open up, start healing, and accept the help being offered.

Venus on the 21st enters Virgo and remains there until the 14th of September. Even more healing will be occurring at this time. This time it’s all about our love and how we express it and show it. Partnerships of all kinds are being highlighted and what is being shown to us is the ones that are in desperate need of healing. Again, if you are feeling attacked it’s because you are being shown your reflection. Purging isn’t going to help but healing will. You can purge all you want but if you aren’t acknowledging your role in things than you aren’t healing nor are you growing. If you want what you never had before than you gotta do something you have never done before. Fear here is not an option; courage on the other hand is. The more courageous you are the more you will break out of your comfort levels and stagnation. Allow both Mars and Venus to show you the way, observe, analyze, and heal.

On the 29th we have Mercury also entering Virgo and Mercury is home here. In the astrology world some of us astrologers believe Mercury is just the temporary ruler of Virgo and it’s rightful ruler will be discovered soon enough. Mercury ruling Virgo of course has its benefits but it really does not suit here because Mercury is a fast moving energy and Virgo is a slower moving energy. The keyword for Virgo is methodical and now with Mercury being at home until the 14th of September as well; being cautious goes out the door. We will all be moving at a very steady pace, we will be taking everything in, attention to detail will be happening, but the action is what’s going to push us forward. Communication is definitely key during this time and our words can either bring us what we want or it can hinder us. Remember you get more bees with honey than with vinegar and if you want what you want than observation, analyzation, and choosing your words wisely is of great benefit to you. Do take note with this third planet being in Virgo you are in fact being made to see how healing is ESSENTIAL. Words are everything in this world but if there is no substance or action behind them being left in the dark is your only option. Heal your communication skills and I promise you change will occur overnight.

Lastly, On August 30th we have our new moon in Virgo plus the sun is in Virgo as well. This is a lot of Virgo energy but knowing that Virgo is the healer of the zodiac is very important here. You see Virgo rules health and with all these planetary alignments in Virgo we are being made to see where healing has to occur. I am sorry to say to those who thought you were healing or doing healing work you will be shown how you have only been skimming the surface of your actual healing. This new moon is not about putting a bandage over the wound but it’s about healing this wound so no more bandaging is required. Do expect though a very beautiful surprise seemingly out of nowhere and from someone you would have never expected it from. You deserve this attention and you deserve to be calm and at peace. You earned this tranquility and your reward is well deserved.

Enjoy August for it holds so many beautiful surprises which will have you crying from joy and shouting thank you to the Gods.

Emotional May

May is upon us now bringing us insights we aren’t even aware of yet. If you thought these past four months were life altering it’s nothing compared to this month’s energy shift. We start May with three planets retrograding making us all aware of things we perhaps have been brushing under the rug or simply did not take into consideration. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all doing their backwards dance causing all of us to do inner and outer work in order to keep evolving and shifting. Healing is the main focal point in everyone’s life at this very moment. There is no avoiding it; you are being made aware of your shadow and follies. So, do yourself a favor and delve deep into your healing. Do not repress it any longer; instead embrace the dark side and allow it to show you the light.

May 4th is the new moon in Taurus bring us grounding energy. Helping us to focus on our relationships. Where you have been comfortable doing the same ole same ole this moon is making us see where shifts must be made. Comfort levels are being targeted in order to even see if we are comfortable in our relations. What must change in order to bring healing and have our desires manifested. Where have we been indulging and where have we been stubbornly not changing. This moon’s energy is not about remaining comfortable but it is about making changes that make us uncomfortable in order to bring in those positive changes we so longingly desire.

On the 15th we have two planets shifting and bringing us energy we perhaps won’t know what to do with. On this day we have Venus shifting into Taurus causing our impulsiveness from her being in Aries to be more grounded. Indulgence, comfort, desire, but most importantly our wants will be prevalent. Who we want will be known to the world and there will be no doubt about it. What we want in our relations will also be known and there will be no doubting it. Whether those people and the things we want agree is where the dilemma lies. Taurus is known throughout the world of astrology as the most stubborn of them all. We gotta remember Taurus is a fixed sign with that being said what this means is they fixate on something or someone for a every long time. In all honest only they can get themselves out of this state of fixation once they see that perhaps that it isn’t what they want. Yet, at the same time if this is what they want then they will go through any length to get what they want. It does not matter what others say to them; their determination outweighs anything anyone says or does. Do prepare yourself for this energy shift because we all will be fixated during this time and we won’t be satisfied until we get what we want.

This same day we have Mars shifting into Cancer adding on to the Venus energy in Taurus. How to describe this energy for us all? I would say put on your scuba gear and make sure it’s fireproof even if that isn’t a thing. Everyone will be fueled during this time and the fueling is not surface. Insanity will ensue which cause emotions to wash over us. If you thought Mars being in Gemini was rough it’s nothing compared to Mars being in Cancer. Yes, people are being nasty with their words at this very moment which is causing the majority to be impulsive with their words bringing on those arguments. Once, Mars leaves Gemini and shifts into Cancer it’s our emotions which will be the cause of whatever arguments come up. Right now with Mars in Gemini our thoughts are all over the place and we can’t just pinpoint one thought. We want to say all of our thoughts and we are; which is causing the discomfort so many are experiencing at this moment. I am here to say though do your best to reign in your thoughts because our emotions are up next. With Mars in Cancer we will be fueling our own emotions and they will be spilling into our everyday living. We will also be experiencing psychic awareness and our intuition will be heighten. Jealousy will be a BIG thing, being overly protective, territorial, and possessive will be felt as well. Watch your emotions because you WILL act on them and you might even scare yourself from how you are reacting.

During this time grounding and water meditations is advised. Do remember Venus also rules Taurus so she is at home here. Self care and nurturing should be done during her stay for the next few weeks. Do your best to not overeat on sweets or very savory foods but do indulge yourself in self care and beautifying yourself. Perhaps, a makeover will suit you. As far as Mars in Cancer I would recommend doing a lot of baths, spending time near bodies of water, doing water meditations, and being honest with yourself when it comes to your feelings. Also, learn to protect, shield, and clear yourself of others emotions and psychic thoughts. For those of you who have latent psychic abilities this will be the time of awakening for you.

Lastly, on May 18th we will have our full moon which will be another cusp moon. In astrology you will read it’s a Scorpio moon meanwhile some calendars are saying it’s a Sagittarius moon. In reality it’s a cusp since the moon is shifting from Scorpio into Sagittarius. So, in other words this moon is a shadow moon also known as a dark moon. Jealousy, magick, and sex is all this moon is bringing up. Our thoughts and feelings will be dark causing us to erupt. We gotta do our best to find a good outlet for them and not take it out on someone who isn’t even cause for our feelings or thoughts. BUT most importantly what this moon is asking us to do is to own up to our feelings and thoughts. Not be afraid of them but actually learn from them. Dive deep into our being and understand why we are feeling what we are feeling. Learning how to express our feelings is the highlight of this moon. Creativity, cooking, and love making will help with the energy of this moon. Candles to work with would be black, purple, and red. Doing a bath would be great while also meditating on sacral and brow chakra will help anchor our emotions.

May is definitely a month of intense emotions which can have us either going insane or giving us the courage to go after who or what we want. Grounding exercising will help so much this month and just finding creative ways of expressing ourselves will be beneficial as well. Remember to breath and also keep in mind everyone has feelings. Namaste

Shifting into Spring

Spring in full bloom with a calming pond
Shifting into Spring

Happy Spring Equinox darlings! March is here with the warm weather a lot of us have been dreaming about. Can you believe it’s March already? How quickly it came and it bought along some very interesting energy. If you thought in February you needed to ground it’s nothing compare to this month’s energy shift. Grounding is not only necessary but it’s obligatory; if you don’t ground you will either fly away in the chaos or drown in it. Choose your poison wisely with these changing currents.

The 1st of March we have Venus entering Aquarius after her stay in Capricorn last month. She was very content and happy there. A lot got done and much socializing was had but now she’s visiting the chaotic air of Aquarius. What does this mean? Well, if you thought you were easy going in the love department think again! Venus as much as she rules over Libra(air)and Taurus(earth)showing us the beauty of these two signs it’s nothing compare to the shadow side of her ruling these two signs. In this Aquarius energy she has our minds in overdrive; what we thought we knew is no longer what we know and what we will know now will blow our minds. Control, superior thinking, calculated movement, and surprising turn of events will have us all on our toes. Wanting to get to the bottom of things in our relationships will be of the utmost importance. Our connections will come to forefront to be scurinitized. Feelings we didn’t know we had or let alone understood will come spiraling out of control causing radical changes in our partnerships. Do your best to breath and to listen when communicating during this energicatic time. Friendships, community, and love are all coming to the light in order to make the changes we need to make.

The 5th of March Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces until 28th. Mercury has been in Pisces for a few weeks now doing it’s thing but now it’s time to dive deep into the Neptunian waters. All that daydreaming, imagings, and fantasizing will now come to a head. You will have no choice but to face your own mind and your heart in order to realize why the mind is such a powerful tool while the heart is the most powerful energy we can live in. As Mercury starts it’s retrograde in Pisces we will be still in Pisces season making us feel the energy shift deep down inside of us. You will feel your gut instincts which will drive you to lose all sense of control when dealing with reality. By the time Mercury stations direct we will be in Aries season cautioning us to temper our temperaments. In order to ground and have a sense of control of our reactions we should do baths, go near bodies of water, drink plenty of water, and rest. Don’t let the paranoia get the best of you during this time.

Visions will be amplified and our dreams will be vivid. We will sense things before they happen not leaving much room for shock but we will experience the shock only because we will not believe what we are seeing in our visions. Everyone’s energy will be effected and will change; so, do your best to protect your energy, cleanse it, and purify it during this time. Once Mercury stations direct on the 28th still in Pisces energy we will be able to better grasp the changing current. We won’t be afraid of the depth of our emotions or visions. Our big dreams will not be so taunting since we will have already started materializing them.

The new moon is on the following day in Pisces. Here we are being encouraged to use our daydreams and imagings to bring them into reality. Go over your dreams by writing them down, reading them aloud, and placing the paper under your pillow before going to sleep so you may get the how-to proceed with your dreams and how to bring them to life. Candles to work with would be pastel colors of blue, purples, pinks, greens, and even yellows. Scented candles of the ocean or sea and using seashells during your rituals for this new moon. Baths are always encouraged when working with the water element. Taking a stroll to a body of water would be a great way of receiving those in depth visions and psychic flashes. Doing visualization meditations during this moon will be a good way of seeing your dreams come into reality. Water meditations are a great way to increase your intuition as well.

On the same day Uranus enters Taurus for a very long stay causing very radical changes for the everyone! Changes with money, routines, home, and our comfort levels will change drastically and seemingly overnight for the next six years. It’s best not to resist the coming changes and actually welcome them with open arms because it’s not affecting just individuals but it’s affecting the whole world over. We will see these changes happening in the blink of an eye for everyone. Hold yourself down the because these changing winds are sweeping everything away that no longer serves humanity.

Our full moon is on the first day of Spring which is the 20th of March in Libra. The energy of this full moon is all love in all of it’s forms. Light and dark are being presented during this moon. Libra is depicted as a scale and it’s the only inanimate sign in the zodiac; Libra in it’s more enlightened self really does utilize it’s mind to weigh everything and balance everything. This moon is making sure we do the same. We must use both our mind and our heart to make much wiser choices when it comes to all relationships. Listening to all involve will really help in making a very wise move during this full moon. Strategy is key during this moon’s illumination but if you have been avoiding your relations with others this will be the moon to bring it all into light. Forcing you to deal with your poor decision making. Black, pink, and white candles will help with your rituals and spending time outdoors grounding will help you to understand what exactly is happening with your mind. Whatever shadow aspects surface during this moon it’s best to deal with it now as opposed to sweeping it under the rug. Cause darling the rug and wool will be pulled from under your feet and from your eyes.

Venus once again shifts her energy on the 26th leaving Aquarius and making her stay in Pisces until 20th of April. Venus will really enjoy her stay here since being in the watery depths of Pisces is like coming home. Some stories say she was Neptune’s daughter while others say she was born of her own accord. Either way the energy of love with the energy of romance will be flowing into all of our lives. Romantic surprises, love invitations, love letters(emails), romantic text messages, unexpected phone calls, and surprise visits are all in the making. If you believe it it will come. Just don’t get caught up with control, illusions, and jealousy because it will cause much chaos. Remember love is about two people coming together because of love. Be kind. Be patient but above all just be love.

On the 31st we have Mars entering Gemini until the 15th of May. Mars actually enjoys the Mercurian energy and can very much keep up with it and at times it even exhausts the Mercurian energy. Our ideas will ignite, our egos will enlarge, and everything we think will be said. Keeping up with your own selves is going to be quite the sight to see. If you can’t get your point across then come up with creative solutions to get it heard. Communication is key here and being mindful of everyone’s thoughts is also key. Do your best to not over exert yourself during this time period as well. Taking it one day at a time is best during this time but when you gotta make those jumps take them.  

March’s energy is bringing so much rapid change we will need to rest from time to time. The magic being revealed will actually have us all in higher vibrations working with higher frequencies. Allow the changes to occur how they are meant to. The fae will be frolicking with us. Plus, all the other magical creatures will be showing themselves as well. Enjoy the sound of the birds chirping and do stop to smell the flowers blooming.

Dreamy February


I would like to start first by acknowledging the fact that I am creating my article so late in the month. Our new moon in Aquarius came and went while Venus made herself comfortable in Capricorn the day before. We started the month with some interesting energy and we will finish it just the same. The eclipses from January brought many surprises, endings, and beginnings. January was definitely a month of shock where some of us were left gasping for air. Now, with February here January seems like it happen ages ago. The energy is so much more different now which isn’t a bad thing. Always, remember to see the blessings even when it hurts and it looks bad. The blessing is there.

On February 3rd we had Venus enter Capricorn until the 28th. The energy here is all about partnerships which are long lasting. Venus likes it here; she feels the safety, warmth, security, stability, but most importantly the long term commitment. Partnerships of all kind were highlighted, shown, and presented to us. We are all assessing those who we have commitmented to, who we are commitmenting to, and deserve our commitment. This energy is a no nonsense frequency; you are being made to see your partnerships and also how you are in a partnership. What no longer serves you is no longer serving. What does serve you is being thrown at your face. Do yourself a favor and don’t wallow in this energy either because the opportunity to make strong commitments will pass you by.

February 4th was our new moon in Aquarius. Here we were working with electrifying energy. We were to spark our intent up and see it soar up into the sky. It took flight while we remained grounded. Flashes of insight and future events were shown to us but whether we believed it or not still remains to be seen. How much did you believe in the visions being given? Did you have this inner knowing things would be going down the way that they are now? Everyone’s intuition was heighten but some are seeing it more as paranoia because they are not ready to handle the high frequency we are working with. Some people still are very much in high ego while others are resisting the change we are all going through at this very moment. Go with the flow and allow your intuition to lead the way.

Mercury on the 10th entered Pisces and will remain there until April 16th. We will experience our first retrograde of the year in March when Mercury starts it’s backward motion in Pisces. So, what does this mean? Well, the Mercurian energy here is quite wishy washy. Mercury energy is of logic and action while Pisces is of dreams and comfort. So, how exactly does this energy work for us. It works in the sense where curiosity leads while our imagination is running wild. So, one must ground yet again. Explore your curiosity while reigning in your imagination. Don’t get to comfortable with only imagining and not taking action steps towards this vision. Remember the saying, “curiosity killed the cat” but cats are known to have 9 lives. You will be given chances to explore, to communicate what you are feeling, but most importantly to see your imaging come to be. Work on this vision now before Mercury retrogrades(not that it won’t come to be)but once the Rx happens emotions, patience, jealousy(envy), and control will be a factor. Get all your brainstorming done now before next month.

On the 14th of February besides it being Valentine’s Day for some we also have Mars entering Taurus. This energy will also be conflicted in sense that Mars is about impulse and action and just getting what one wants as opposed to Taurus energy where slow and methodical gets you further and it gives you what you want for the long haul. Determination and patience is our friend with this conflicting energy. One must think not for the short term but for the long term. Not give up but continue forward knowing hard work not only pays off at the end but it’s so rewarding when it does pay off. Ground yourself and don’t let others’ impatience and aggressiveness get the best of you and your plan.

Finally, our full moon for February is on the 19th in Virgo. Giving us that grounding energy we so need. A lot of us are all over the place and grounding is key to set these long term commitments into forward motion. Our Virgo full moon should be utilized for our benefit in our creations. If you want to cleanse; cleanse. If you want to set intentions; then do so. The moon’s energy should be utilized the way you see fit and feel guided to do. Brown, green, and pink candles can be used, being in nature would be great, and perhaps doing some sort of mud bath or a mud mask would be even cooler. The point is to ground and stay grounded. Think long term; write your commitments down, write your plan down(step by step)and bury it. Trust in the Universe.

This month is all about dreaming, about being commitmented to your dreams, and what you are doing to materialized them. Don’t let the opportunities pass you by and don’t let the naysayers bring you to their vibration. Stay vibing high and ride the wave of a higher frequency. You got this. This is what you have been working for you. Create your life and don’t let anything deter you.

One more thing it is now the year of the Earth Pig. So, oink oink baby. It’s all for the taking. You can and will have it all but first some hard work has to be done so you can roll in the mud filled with happiness 🙂