Valentine’s Day Horoscopes

For these horoscopes I will only use the suit of cups.

Aries: Don’t be confused today by people’s actions. The only reason people seem off is because everyone is enjoying today’s implications. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself today.

Taurus: Disappointment should not be your theme for today. If your expectations are overly ridiculous today you will be let down but if you expect nothing you might just be surprised.

Gemini: Today will be a beautiful day. Perhaps, double the love, double the gifts, and double the joy of being loved. To be you right now, Gemini, is what everyone wants.

Cancer: Make a wish today for it will be granted to you. Today will be a day for you to be shown how much you are cared for by those who love you and the universe.

Leo: You are the King & Queen of your world today. The gifts of love will be pouring in all day long. Sit back and bask in all your glory.

Virgo: Messages of love are coming your way. Be creative today in the way you show your appreciation for the one you love. Draw a heart and give it to your Valentine.

Libra: Today, can see you making a very lasting commit. Is that your soul mate who just smiled at you? Why, not smile back? Don’t worry Venus(your ruling planet)will take care of you today. Just smile that charming smile of yours.

Scorpio: Today is a day full of pleasure and contentment. For those of you in a relationship today it will see it strengthen. For those of you who are single past lovers are knocking asking for you to envelop them in your passionate waters.

Sagittarius: Today is a day to relax. Let everyone else celebrate this day in it’s commercialized form. While, you and your honey bask in each other’s warmth. Smiling at each other for the obstacles you have over come. If single don’t be a Grouch…there are others who have been working up the courage to tell you how they feel….

Capricorn: Reflect on your relationship today. Nurture it, be tranquil, be loving, and be gentle. If single open your heart for there is a gentle person waiting in the wings to show you what love is really about.

Aquarius:  Celebrate!! For your love is truly unique and for those who understand you they will show you just how unique you truly are. If single go out with your friends for tonight you will meet someone truly unique.

Pisces: Why, not be very romantic today? Let your creative juices flow in picking a gift for your love. Write a poem, draw a picture, serenade your lover, but do something truly romantic. If single the next person who catches your eye, walk over to them, and tell them how  beautiful they are, you simply can’t stop admiring them.

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  1. Awesome work on making us feel we are in your journey with you and for developing your horoscopes. Love it! Keep it up because I look forward to reading this every morning at work.


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