Our full moon is on the 7th in Libra showing us how our current partnerships are progressing or falling apart. There is no denying the reality of things when it comes to partnerships. At this time since globally quarantine is in effect we are all learning a new way of socializing. Some are perfectly fine with the way things are, others are getting accustomed to sharing their space, while others are crumbling to the fear of what it means to be quarantined. This moon is bringing up all the emotions that require your healing. 

The emotions coming into light are asking us what we will do about it. If you find yourself having a hard time now would be the time to sincerely make an effort with yourself. The energy of the moon is more individual than collectively. The moon will illuminate what you as an individual need to accept in order to make more sound choices and decisions for your betterment. Denying your own feelings will demonstrate how you function day to day. There is no excusing your actions anymore. 

Clearing your space, clearing your mind, working with white and pink candles will help ease the tension being felt. Rest is essential at this time while also pampering yourself will generate that feel good vibe. Lots of smiling will amplify your happiness today. Make a wish with this full moon as well for it will manifest quicker than you realize.