The full moon in Scorpio is on the 26th helping to further empower ourselves. Whatever darkness has accumulated during this time or whatever darkness was still holding onto you for dear life will be eradicated with this moon. This powerful moon will illuminate the light once and for all on whatever darkness has kept you enclosed. Set yourself free today; acknowledge your darkness, claim it as yours, and find the balance within. Working with the colors black, gold, and white will illuminate and empower all ritual work done with this moon. 

Not only is this energy of the moon helping us along in our empowerment it is also helping us in our healing of deep seated wounds, hurts, and traumas. The lightness that will come from this healing moon will be deeply felt. Gaining peace and illumination is the reward being offered for the healing work underway. Some will be called to incorporate a bath make sure to set the intent to cleanse and heal yourself with this bath. 

Others will be called to ground; so, do venture outside into nature and allow the silence to heal you from within. Quiet the mind as you sit on ground and allow the earth to do what it does best. Grounding is essential during this moon as it allows the flow of emotions to be addressed at this time. Crystals will also help with the grounding and healing occurring with this moon. Crystals to use would be onyx and hematite either have them during your meditations, surrounding you during your bath, have them on your person when grounding outside, or perhaps make a crystal grid during your rituals today. 


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