The Aquarius new moon of the 11th is the turn of events we all knew was coming. The energy is anything goes so just go with it. Nothing wrong with not knowing it at the moment the events are turning. Remain open minded, release all expectations, and be ready to receive the inconceivable. Crown and solar plexus chakra activation, clearing, balancing, and upgrading will be undeniable. 

This new moon is a powerful one because at this time we find ourselves in a seven stellium Aquarius party! What does this mean for our new moon? Well, it means you better think outside of the box and set your sight high. No holding back with today’s rituals. Today is the day to bring your future into the present moment. 

Timeline jumping is very probable. Manifestation warping in speed. So, let go of all attachments and expectations and let the Universe do what it does best. The surprises in store will leave no room for misinterpretation. Working with the colors blue and white will help amplify the electric charge in the air. Open the windows or go outside for a walk and let the winds of change whisk you away into your new dimension. 



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