Aries The Destroyer 3/21-4/20

Ruler: Mars

Element: Fire

~I do what I want when I want~

Its a beautiful Spring day as you decide to wear your newest Spring outfit. You know you want to spend the day taking in the sun and smelling the blooming flowers. As you are walking in the park you notice a figure in the woods. You wonder to yourself, “what is that person doing”? As you approach them you are immediately taken aback; why is this person even in the woods? There’s no one here but just them but what you don’t know is they noticed you the moment you started walking in their direction. “Well, hello there. What brings you to these parts of the woods? Are you lost? Its okay! I’ll show you the way! Follow me”! Of course you follow and this where your story begins…

Aries the first zodiac sign which rules The House of Self teaches us about self. When gallivanting with an Aries you will learn first hand what the word self means. You will learn to love yourself because an Aries does love themselves without any remorse. They will make it a point to tell you they are FIRST in everything. They are competitive. They are loyal. They are sexual. They are hot-tempered. They are selfish. They are clumsy. They are protected. They are impulsive. They are very much themselves. If you have a problem its best to address your problem with yourself before addressing them. If you do decide to address your concerns with them please come with your armor on because this is full on war!

Mars the God of War is their ruler and for a reason. Being the first sign in the zodiac is a big responsibility and only a confident person can take on this role. Trust me when I say they are confident it borderlines arrogance. They are natural born leaders since their aspect is cardinal. They are the first of the four cardinal signs in the zodiac. Mars was assigned to them because deep down inside they are babies. They are the infants of the zodiac so, Mars has to protected them with his gifts of destruction and power. Aries is powerful and you will learn this. It does not matter if its an Aries woman or an Aries man you are dealing with but you will learn why they are the destroyers of the zodiac. When they are ignited boy its best to find shelter and stay away!!! Everything within eye sight gets destroyed. Your ego will be crushed. Your heart will be ripped apart. Your spirit will be depleted. You will lose this war and you will never want to war again with such a powerful force. Here’s a tip learn how to approach and be smart…remember Aries is impulsive they don’t think before acting…they just do. One of the best ways to end the war is to make them laugh or give them sex 😀

Aries loves adventures so please be prepared to be active. Aries has endless stamina when it comes to sex and excuses of headache or how stressful your job was does not matter to them that is your problem not theirs. Make sure you look good always. Make sure you listen to every word they are saying. Make sure all past lovers are gone and forgotten. Get rid of your jealousy. Watch your words(because they take everything personal and war will start again). Remember they have two moods happy and angry make sure they are always happy. Don’t accuse them of being disloyal because war is what you will get and disloyalty will be served on your head. Respect is important to them and they value it. So, always remind them when they are being disrespectful(which is often)and they will listen. That’s the beauty about an Aries…they do listen because they do care….they show how much they care by showing you respect, loyalty, safety, and unselfishness. Just don’t take advantage of them; the ram represents them so I would be very careful with the horns. Do yourself a favor don’t confuse them with Capricorn the ram is not a goat but a sheep who grows horns when they are full adults. Haven’t you notice the horns on their foreheads when they are ignited? How dare you confused them with that slow goat….

One more thing to be in love with an Aries is a challenge on its own. Then again its your problem not theirs because they are secure in their love for you. You will know they love you because you are all they see, feel, touch, hear, smell, and taste. Their love borderlines obsessive and when they no longer love you; they will no longer be there and again that’s your problem because you didn’t learn to value them for who they are. I must stop typing now because I have a lot of Aries people in my life and I am NOT starting WAR but simply giving people some pointers on how to handle you, Aries the Destroyer.

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