As The Fire Rages

June comes blazing onto the scene with the potential of not only fueling the energy but of also hypnotizing all into a dance of pure chaos. As the days get longer and the sun blazes the energy shifts from electric to fervent. Whether you have been cooped up or not you will feel the tension, the unrest, the passion, the fuel calling you forth. Going forth is the premise of the month and breaking free of fear. As the seasons change so does humanity. 

June 1st we have Jupiter quintile Chiron propelling change with authority. Do you feel empowered or disempowered? Has your authority been being questioned? Collectively speaking authority at this time is being questioned and scrutinized. Changes that are occurring have been a long time in coming. Gone are the days of blindly listening and following. Now, we are in a time of doing what is right individually but also collectively. However, what is right will still come to be questioned because what is right? How does it help in the evolutionary progress we are all undertaking? Remember, there is moral law and keeping this in mind will help a lot not only for this month but for the rest of the year. 

June 2nd Pallas shifts it’s retrograde from Aquarius into Capricorn. It will remain there until September when it stations direct once again. While Pallas has been in Aquarius radical thinking has been the drive. Once it retrograde our thinking became action oriented. In rational Capricorn not only are we really thinking things through but we are also implementing strategies that spur long term benefits. It might seem chaotic at first however doing it any other way would slow the progression down. 

June 3rd Vesta enters Cancer amplifying Mercury’s visit in Cancer as well. Vesta is helping all to see what home truly means. Safety and comfort are becoming a very important aspect in all homes. As we work to build our ideal homes we are also realizing what ideal is for the individual. We are voicing our feelings, thoughts, and concerns which is fueling our innate need for security. Getting creative at home helps to bring a long lost dream into reality. Stay attuned to your inner voice just don’t be misled by your own fearful thoughts. 

On the 5th we have our second eclipse of the year. The penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is shouting the truth of whatever highlights were shown to you back in January when we had our first lunar eclipse in Cancer. As the truth is being spoken not only to you it also speaks to all those involved when it comes to the authenticity of your emotional needs. No, more beating around the bush or back pedaling just to get your point across. Now, is the time to speak your truth no matter the consequence of it. This eclipse is not about holding back but quite the contrary it is about going forth for your emotional stability, happiness, and peace of mind. Change is a constant however it does not mean it feels great all the time. Change makes people uncomfortable but yet it is a necessary feeling in order to live authentically. The arrow has been shot and it hit it’s mark. Now, go collect your prize. 

The 10th Uranus semi-sextile Chiron inflicting all to feel the effects of this movement. This day brings up the issue of comfort in such a way that many will be questioning the sanity of the energy. Is chaos a necessary action in order to undertake the changes one must endure to be in a place of comfort not only with yourself but with others as well. Remember whatever anger comes up, do note that it comes from a place of trauma, unhealed wounds, and repressed emotions, and thoughts which never saw the light of day. Deep breaths and patience is your friend on this day. 

Mercury retrogrades Cancer on the 18th until 12th of July. May the Gods be with us during this retrograde. Everyone is a target, shyness is no longer an issue, expressing our feelings is all that matters, being jealous, possessive, and loud about what and who we want is no longer an issue. What is an issue is how to attain exactly what we want no matter the cost. Keep in mind though no matter how ugly it gets it is necessary in order to make the changes you have been working on. Women, mothers, and the feminine energy is the catalyst needed to continue forth in achieving your dream. Action being taken during this time is fueled by a passion which laid dormant for far too long. 

The third eclipse of the year is known as the annular solar eclipse which is in our new moon in Cancer taking place on this day of the 21st. The intensity of this particular eclipse is as intense as it is because we have at this point Mercury, Vesta, and Sun all in Cancer. Think back to the beginning of the year when we had our first eclipse in Cancer but do recall that eclipse was a lunar eclipse highlighting events in our lives which were coming to be. Now, here we are six months later in the process of those events unfolding. Here the solar eclipse gives us the empowerment we need in order to maintain the momentum to continue forth. The majority will want to secure their home or the feeling of home yet others will want to run and hide in their shell. Feelings of jealousy and paranoia will enforce tactics never seen before. Wanting not only better for ourselves but for our children and for the children of the world is the main agenda of this eclipse. Relationships of all kinds are front and center once again for the protection of future partnerships and for the destruction of those in the here and now. Your heart is what must be allowed to lead however a word to the wise make sure it’s your heart’s desire and not your insecurities leading the way. 

If you thought we were done with more planets retrograding, think again. Neptune retrogrades on the 23rd in Pisces adding to the turbulence of the chaos we are all in. Reality shifts and it shifts hard. What you thought you knew to be real now you are starting to realize and see how fake it really is. Acts of selfishness are being recognized and no longer tolerated. Removing the rose tinted glasses or blinders is recommended in order to survey the reality of the world. Compassion not only for our fellow man is in order but it’s also something we must have for ourselves in order to bring into fruition the reality we truly want to be living in. If you believe it; you can create it. However, creation takes time, energy, and love to come to life. 

On the 25th we have Venus station direct in Gemini and what a relief it will be. It will feel like shackles have broken off and we are now able to run free once again. Yet, we will notice that this new found freedom came at a cost. The information we acquired during this time is exactly what was needed in order to soar to our next destination. You see the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. So, if at this time you learned that your self was not being true to itself you will now see the effects of this. How much longer do you have to endure unpleasantries you are encountering? What childish behaviour are you still allowing in your life? Isn’t time to do for you as you do for others? Heed the warnings you are being given while Venus is still in Gemini. For once Venus’ trajectory shifts into Cancer the story changes just like the day changes into night. 

The 27th Mars enters Aries and it will remain here for a very long time. Basically, for the remainder of the year. Normally, Mars stays in a sign for a month and half however this year Mars will be in it’s home of Aries for 7 months! So, if you weren’t questioning your drive, your movements, your need to lead; you will definitely be doing so at this time. If you thought the year couldn’t possibly get any more out of hand well I am here to say think again. Please, hold on to your hats because what we thought was change is nothing compared to the change we all will be doing collectively for the rest of the year. For those of us in the northern hemisphere our summer is going to be a hot one and for those in the southern hemisphere your winter will be a warm one. Keeping cool is essential during this transit not only literally but also figuratively. Destruction and fires will be a constant. Best of luck everyone!

Lastly, on the 30th we have Jupiter conjunct Pluto for the second time this year. Today, is a continuation of whatever transpired on the 4th of April 2020. Transformation is a delicate process that can not be rushed or even controlled. There is a pattern and ritualistic procedure to it however the end result is unique to the individual experiencing a metamorphosis. All the shedding you have been doing up until now was to prepare you for this very day. Today is the first day of your transformation and whatever occurs from now until the next conjunction in November of this year is in preparation for 2021. 

As June rages on do your very best to be cool, calm, and collected in times of uncertainty and in times of certainty. The veil has been pulled back and we are all watching reality crumble and shift into a higher octane. 


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