August 3rd is the full moon in Aquarius, and nothing says shock factor like a full moon in Aquarius. You just never know what you will get out of this moon. It’s like playing dice; you can blow on the dice for luck, but that does not mean it will roll in your favor. This isn’t the moon to do anything with; however, this is the moon that will be doing things to you. Some might feel uneasy, others will have unexpected news, some might even have tower moment after tower moment, and yet others might just retreat in order to recharge. It really all depends on your journey of self discovery. Do note, discovery is what we all will be experiencing. So, just sit back and relax. Let the moon do what it must. 

However, if you do decide to do anything with this moon working with blue and white candles will be a good choice. Drinking lots of water will be beneficial. Spending time outdoors will help clear the mind of all the clutter from days gone by. Doing some humanitarian work will bless you for days to come however don’t do it with ego in hand. Rearranging and organizing will also help to clear not only your space but your mind as well. Doing any mind exercises will help to strengthen the mind and give you a clear indication of the days to come. 

The Aquarius full moon will help to illuminate whatever must be worked on. Do take your time. Write all your ideas down and whatever other thoughts come to mind. This moon is not one to do anything in a rush or half assed. Keep in mind the overall picture!


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