I’ll be using the Quantum Tarot’s Major Arcana.
Aries: The wheel of fortune has taken a spin. It seems it might not stop on a favorable spot but it will once it slows down. When it comes to a full stop; you will be smiling from ear to ear. The wheel of destiny is working in your favor this month. Opportunities and luck will be by your side all month long. Some annoyances will most likely spiral out of control but always remember Aries you are in control and you’re the one spinning the wheel of fortune. 
Taurus: It’s time to find your balance again. Being an extremist is not in Taurus’ nature. Mediation is a must this month; once you start it; you will be aware of where balance is needed the most.  Any decisions made this month must be thought out and it must benefit you. Remember Taurus it’s all about balance in YOUR life!
Gemini: This is the month to show the world who you really are but above all how intelligent you really are!! This month will have you experiencing a transition of sorts. You will be allowing your other side to emerge; it has been too quiet for far too long.  Don’t worry; your twin will be speculator this month!
Cancer: Why haven’t you been nurturing yourself? Stop fussing over others and tend to yourself this month! Trips to the oceans would be a wonderful source of nourishment. Retreating into your home is acceptable; you deserve it. Don’t fret everyone will still be exactly where you left them last J
Leo: It is time to go forth on a new adventure this month. You are full of courage and hope this month nothing will damper your spirit! Just don’t let this blind courage lead you on a fool’s path, dear Leo.
Virgo:  This month will bring you into full awareness of all your surroundings. Nothing will escape your critical eye or that fast moving mind of yours. I will not lie to you Virgo but this month will bring awareness of the good kind and then there’s reality. You must accept this understanding and allow yourself to be enlightened further. You are a lot stronger than you think.
Libra: Change is inevitable. Life is constantly evolving. You are evolving, Libra. The past is no more, everything that has held you down as now being released, whether you like or not. As a Libra you must have equilibrium without it you cannot function. Let your scale balance itself out. You will be thankful by month’s end. Trust me.
Scorpio:  With great power, comes great responsibility”. This is the mantra you must repeat all month Scorpio. People in power must always remember who bestowed the power to them. Do not force you might on others but sway them to your allurement. You will see how much more easily and efficiently things get done.
Sagittarius:  The universe is your oyster. It is filled with endless treasures, endless knowledge. Keep on your path of self-learning, expanding your mind will be all consuming this month. Whatever it is you want to learn will be easily attainable. Just remember to take breaks and let your mind process all the information it has retain.
Capricorn:  This is your month to shine and shine brightly you will!! You will be in perfect harmony with the universe; you will have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming. Being a realist you tend to be pessimistic at times but don’t look for the negative this month. There just isn’t any! Stand on top of your mountain and survey what you have accomplished this month.
Aquarius:  The wisdom you possess may at times come off as methodical, frigid, and calculated but it is always delivered in the best of intentions. Perhaps, sharing your wisdom could be a little more eccentric in deliverance to your audience. In this way the message is not lost in its arrival.
Pisces:  You want answers and you want them now but yet all you are getting is more questions and no answers seem to be in sight. There are times we ask questions to the wrong person when we should be in fact asking these very same questions to ourselves, Pisces. You have the answers you are looking for, stop questioning, and start listening. You will receive your answer.