Our new moon in Leo is on the 18th, giving us a sense of confidence in order to keep going this month. It is very likely that you will be recharging on this day or finding the courage to move on from whatever toxic things, places, or people have either been limiting you or holding you back. Cowering is the more probable reaction during this moon. It is highly recommended that you light some candles, pamper yourself, and give yourself an encouraging pep talk in front of the mirror. If instead you decide to sleep the day away, that’s also cool. Doing whatever you are being called to do for this moon is encouraged. Especially since this moon is an unpredictable one. This new moon is really just an amplifier of all the energy that has shifted and will continue to shift. So, again just do whatever makes you comfortable :-).

Candles to work with would be orange, yellow, and white they will help with receiving clarity, illumination, and courage to proceed forward. Meditate on your next steps you will be taking to continue forward. Looking back now really isn’t the answer however there is nothing wrong with doing reflective work. It will definitely help with seeing where things did go wrong and how not to repeat that same cycle once again. Universe does have a nice surprise in store. You might even get some sort of indication however do your best to be open to the alignment happening at this very moment. 

Amazing, isn’t how we are almost half way through the month yet it feels like so much more is waiting to pop off. Life is a beautiful journey we all get to experience. Once we realize the secrets to certain points in life you can’t help but wonder why you ever struggled with life. Happy New Moon in Leo! 

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