On the 24th is the Capricorn full moon giving us all an amplified energy of recognition. Rewards, unexpected money, job opportunities, travel for work, solidifying contracts, breaking free from old contracts, giving into pleasure, but most importantly recognizing how far you have come on your own are all the blessings of this powerful super moon. Determination and motivation will also be the energies we are all working with. It does not matter whether you are being determined to right a wrong or fall deeper into your shadow which will help you break free from toxic patterns and behaviors. 

For those just starting on their awakening or shadow work, this day and the energy of the moon will make you recognize a lot of things about yourself. No point in beating yourself up for what you think was a mistake, bad choice, or decision. Learn from it and realize you had to do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are now wanting to do something completely different…which is more beneficial to you and your happiness. 

This is the moon to start your shadow work. It is helping to recognize where the wound is and how to heal it. No matter what is coming up, whether good or bad; it is more about seeing where you are at this exact moment in time. The Cosmos are challenging ALL OF US to be real with ourselves, to take responsibility for whatever things have not been finished, left unsaid, or for where you feel powerless and challenged. This is your time to empower yourself and go forth up the mountain of success. Nothing is holding you back but your own self. 

Colors to work with are red, black, and silver. Doing grounding meditations, affirmations, and mantras will greatly help in all magik done today. Time is by your side so make the most of it. 


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