June Reality Expansion 2021

I am sorry to my faithful readers. It has taken me so long to do June’s astrological forecast. I took a much needed vacation with my daughter in beautiful Savannah. I am now ready to dive deep into June’s energy with all of you. I do hope you all are well because things will get […]

May 2021 The Winds of Change

Happy May everyone! Spring is in full swing and so are the winds of change. The energy of the month will be pretty pleasant. However, towards the end of the month things will take a different direction. It could get pretty dark, but don’t worry because you will be handed a flashlight to navigate the […]

Your Time Is Now April 2021

April has arrived in a rush in comparison to March. How is it possible I am already typing up April’s forecast? Aren’t there 31 days in March; but then again, as I type this it is the 31st.. le sigh. “How is this possible? Can things please slow down? And how much time do I […]

March 2021 New Beginning After Intensive Healing

March will be the month for healing and new beginnings. 2021 is the year of big changes while simultaneously ensuring we are on our own timeline. By now you will have noticed how time has been affecting your reality. Besides, noticing the healing and the new beginning you have been in. At this moment it […]

February 2021 Super Charging Instantaneous Change

The month of romance has arrived with the hope of romantic bliss! People everywhere are experiencing a rapid awakening. Urging them to be one with themselves and to not allow themselves to be distracted in these times of change. Some will have love on the mind while others will have many things on the mind […]