June Reality Expansion 2021

I am sorry to my faithful readers. It has taken me so long to do June’s astrological forecast. I took a much needed vacation with my daughter in beautiful Savannah. I am now ready to dive deep into June’s energy with all of you. I do hope you all are well because things will get deep and chaotic. So, fasten your seatbelts once again and let’s ride the rollercoaster of this month ;-p

On June 2nd, Venus entered Cancer and our dream world. Many of us had weird dreams and will continue to do so. These dreams are not only psychic insights but they are also healing. You will be doing a great deal of healing during dream time. If you are wondering why, it is because reality is going to expand in such a way that you need to process and heal. Venus in Cancer is illuminating all relationship types and showing us where the bonds are. The feminine side of our being is helping us to shift into a higher vibration. We will all be emotional and want closeness as much as possible. Being possessive, jealous, and doubtful can be a theme for many who have not done any shadow work. Do yourself a favor and begin the process of healing your feminine side. 

The 10th is the new moon annular solar eclipse in Gemini. Remember, I said in my last article this eclipse will amplify the eclipse from last month which was in Sagittarius. The truth was revealed, however, some are now more curious and others are getting to the bottom of things. No more hiding behind false pretense either. Now, all true colors have been shown. This new moon is the beginning of the Sagittarius full moon eclipse we had last month. There is no going back or starting anew. You are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Whatever surprises are revealed with this eclipse they will not be so shocking. However, do expect for things to pick up a significant amount of speed. Colors to work with are gray, yellow, and blue. Spending a good amount of time outdoors will help you to process the changes you are in. Clarity will further be gained, as well as, insight and a more comprehensive understanding of all that is transpiring. 

Mars enters Leo on the 11th until July 28th giving us confidence to take the steps we were dreaming, thinking, or mulling over about. No more sitting idly by and hoping for it to materialize. Now is a time of action even if you think “no, way it’s retrograde season.” Understand the planets are aligned to move you forward. It’s best to do it yourself as opposed to waiting on the Universe to push forward. You want to take advantage of this time and a lot will be accomplished. Paying attention to detail is what’s really going to help you in your movement forward while giving you the confidence you didn’t have before. 

On the 14th, Saturn squares Uranus. Don’t panic on this day. Things are being shifted because it no longer works. Resistance is not key and neither is stubbornness. Be willing to accept the new and appreciate what the old taught you. The energy of this day is more about reinventing and not necessarily resolving an issue. You will be inspired with an idea you never saw coming. 

On the 20th, Jupiter retrogrades in Pisces until July 27th, where it will shift back into Aquarius to finish off the retrograde. However, let’s talk about what this means while Jupiter is in Pisces. Clarity in all that you are witnessing is the theme of this movement. No more blinders. No more turning a blind eye. Now, you are seeing ALL of reality. There is no hiding however now the madness is all out in the open. Reality isn’t shifting, it's only being revealed. What you see during this time was shown to you when Jupiter shifted into Pisces last month. Acting surprised isn’t going to help. Preparation will help you grasp what is truly going on. I know what you are thinking, "how do I prepare?”... by being in acceptance of what you are seeing and taking the action Jupiter is guiding you towards. Good luck :-)

Mercury stations direct in Gemini on the 22nd. Many will be happy to read this while others will wonder what the hell happened. Mercury will remain in Gemini until next month. There’s still plenty of information that still has to be discussed and revealed. Again, no more hiding behind false pretense as this is the time to be your most authentic self. Communicate clearly and allow others to communicate as well. This is not a time to listen to respond but a time to listen to understand. 

On the 24th, Saturn sextiles Chiron giving us a day of recognition. An old wound will now be forever healed, forgiven, and alchemized into a new way of being. Many things will be recognized this day whether good or bad. The point is that awareness is now there in order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. 

On this same day we have our full moon in Capricorn amplifying the energy of recognition. Rewards, unexpected money, job opportunities, travel for work, solidifying contracts, breaking free from old contracts, giving into pleasure, but most importantly recognizing how far you have come on your own. For those just starting on their awakening or shadow work, this day and the energy of the moon will make you recognize a lot of things about yourself. No point in beating yourself up for what you think was a mistake, bad choice, or decision. Learn from it and realize you had to do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are now wanting to do something completely different...which is more beneficial to you and your happiness. Colors to work with red, black, and silver. 

On the 25th, Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until December 1st. Neptune is meeting up with Jupiter, his baby brother, to discuss what exactly they are seeing, showing us, and where things need to expand/shift when it comes to our awareness. If you are feeling crazy or apprehensive, it’s only because you are being forced to see reality for what it really is. Awareness is the theme during this retrograde and what exactly are you doing with this awareness. What understanding are you receiving during this time? Trying to control or manifest is not the way, but being in a faith will help you to navigate the madness transpiring. Have a cup of tea and just relax because the waves really aren't that big :-)

Finally, on the 27th, Venus enters Leo until July 20th. Again, going after what you want and not deterring is the theme. Many will get what they want, however,others will have to face challenges and obstacles to really determine if you are brave enough and if you really want it. Selfishness, being overly confident, demanding, and stubbornness is the uglier side of this transit. Be humble. Be receptive but most importantly be patient. Let the Universe show you the magic of this transit. 

June isn’t slowing anything down; it is picking up speed. Things must keep moving forward in order for all of us to continue to live the life we all desire to live. 



May 2021 The Winds of Change

Happy May everyone! Spring is in full swing and so are the winds of change. The energy of the month will be pretty pleasant. However, towards the end of the month things will take a different direction. It could get pretty dark, but don’t worry because you will be handed a flashlight to navigate the darkness. Don’t worry so much about the darkness it’s the light illuminating things one should be aware of. The light has a great purpose this month and it’s purpose lies with you. Remember, 2021 is a 5 year and the month of May is the 5th month of the year. This is the month for a lot of manifestations that were waiting for the right timing. And that timing is now.

On May 3rd Mercury enters Gemini for a long stay at home. Mercury is at ease within the Gemini environment because it moves as it wants. Many things will happen during this transit since it’s also preparing us for it’s retrograde at the end of the month. During its direct motion things will be moving along, there will be constant stimulation, lots of communication, lots of movement with whatever was stagnant, and an overwhelming curiosity towards all those unanswered questions. Be warned don’t let your mind get the best of you and do practice LOTS of patience cause at this time things are pretty favorable. Take heed.

The 5th Jupiter quintile Uranus making it a favorable day for monetary gains. Whatever money restrictions you have had in the past will no longer be a reason for concern. Many who were having financial issues will find some sort of relief today. Others might invest in something that they would have never invested in before. Some will release themselves from an old victim mentality way of thinking. Yet, others will find freedom in a truth they thought would make them uncomfortable. Today is just one of those crazy days. 

On the 6th, True Node sextiles Chiron giving us the warrior spirit to finally face an old childhood wound. No more fear will be caused by this childhood trauma. Think back to a time you were bullied. It does not matter by whom, the important thing is to remember the feeling and to see if you are still holding onto this feeling. If so... can you see and acknowledge how this is affecting your reality? Take the action today to heal this wound once and for all. 

Ceres enters Taurus on the 8th giving all hope to those who want drastic improvements in their relationships. The job here of this dwarf planet is to illuminate the desire for commitment of all kinds, a comfortable home life to share with someone meaningful, and finding comfort in our everyday activities. In the same token, it is also showing us where we are committed, where we are comfortable, and whether or not we are comfortable within ourselves. This transit is a meaningful one for it brings the changes that are necessary to have all that we desire. Do be mindful and watch your jealousy and if you do find yourself being triggered during this time ask yourself what is causing you to be so uncomfortable? Then sit in your uncomfortableness in order to receive your answer. 

On the same day, Venus enters Gemini speeding up our minds, wants, and desires. Anything done quickly during this transit will cause big problems in the long run. You want to take your time at this time and really learn what you are liking. Especially, if you really like what you are liking. Anything worth lasting takes time; so, ask yourself is this worthy to me? Is this something or someone I want for the long haul? Once you receive your answer proceed as you see fit and allow the magic of Venus to lead the way. All relationships are worthy of time, effort, patience, and compassion. Do also keep in mind it’s not just about you, but about all those who are involved. 

The new moon in Taurus is on the 11th, and if all you do is rest... so be it. However, for those of you who are determined to get things done, this is your moon. Taurus is a very determined sign when it wants what it wants. This is where the famous stubbornness trait comes in, because there is no stopping Taurus once it’s mind is made up. So, do keep in mind to keep in mind of all that is involved in what you desire to achieve. This moon will move whatever blockages that have kept you from achieving what you want. Take charge today, for the energy is victorious. 

On the 13th, Jupiter enters Pisces preparing it’s retrograde for next month. Hold on tight kiddies for this transit is no joke. Reality will be expanded. You will see things that perhaps weren’t there before. You will be made fully aware of the truth leaving no room for escape. Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Being fully aware could be a very good thing after all. You see what you think you are seeing might not be all that factual. There might be some illusion behind it all and that illusion will be brought into the light. So, don’t worry. Instead, smile and let Jupiter lead the way. You might find this is your luckiest of times. 

Saturn retrograde Aquarius on the 23rd until October 9th. Don’t panic! Things will slow down drastically. This transit is bringing in the work that has to be done in the here and now. Yes, things will get serious and even very uncomfortable, but this must happen in order for liberation to happen. The old can not continue on as it’s time has come to an end and all that is left to do is to let it rest. Now is the time to do something you have never done before in order to free yourself from that which has been holding you back. The old can be reinvented, however, one must accept that it is old. Accept the changes and allow yourself to be reinvented. 

The 26th is the full moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Anything goes with this moon. The truth no matter what will be revealed. Dreams will be profound. Going after what you want at all costs is inevitable. Passion is ignited and so are your desires. There’s nothing that can come between you and your desires. Saddle up! For your time is now! Candle colors to use during this lunar eclipse are burgundy and purple. Set your intentions high because you won’t miss.

Mercury retrograde Gemini on the 29th closing off the month with a bang. Gemini is here to amplify the energy of total lunar eclipse from a few days ago. The desire for truth is unquenchable. Gossip, spying, and ruining things out of spite is all part of this transit. Self-sabotage is the name of the game: how far will you go? What are you willing to gamble in order to gain what you want? How much do you trust your sources? You would think this Mercury retrograde would be all about miscommunication, but the truth of the matter is there is no miscommunication... perhaps a misunderstanding. If you find yourself doing things on purpose in order to get a reaction or you are on the receiving end, make sure you are fully aware of the consequences. Think five times during this retrograde, because Father Time (The Lord of Karma)  is also retrograding. So, remember karma isn’t resting; if anything, it is waiting to see your next move…

Take it easy this month, because the flip is very real and it can be quite unsteady. However, if you skip along the way, it won’t be so hard to navigate :-)



Your Time Is Now April 2021

April has arrived in a rush in comparison to March. How is it possible I am already typing up April’s forecast? Aren’t there 31 days in March; but then again, as I type this it is the 31st.. le sigh. “How is this possible? Can things please slow down? And how much time do I have left?” is the general feeling all month long. There won’t be anything slow about this month and some might exhaust themselves before the month is through. 

On the 3rd, Mercury enters Aries for a short stay, and thank the Gods that it is short! Tempers will run high, bluntly speaking will be the new norm, not really listening to others when being spoken to, and having the drive to go after what you claim you want, and claiming it as yours is the likely outcome of this transit. Be forewarned, everyone will be feeling this transit. Instead of people being their usual reserved selves, they will be bold as fuck. This could come off as arrogance, aggressiveness, and even carelessness for those you are conversing with. Selfishness isn’t that far behind either, stay mindful and aware. 

On the 6th, Jupiter semi-square Chiron making the day feel like it's up to no good. This day could bring complications to an already complicated situation. You are being shown to see the bigger picture and not allow your emotions to get the best of you. If the trigger is still unhealed today’s alignment will set the motion to conquer whatever is causing the trigger. No sense in resisting today, instead, embrace the uncertainty and surrender to the healing light being offered.

On the 9th, Saturn trine True Node giving us a higher perspective on a certain matter we could not see the good in. Today, we will come to understand what it means to have a silver lining on a seemingly black cloud. Today’s realization will bring the clarity so many need in order to continue onwards in their own personal growth. You came this far, now is time to soar with the wind. 

The 11th is a day of power and the day adds to 11; this is a day of Magic. First, we have Pluto sesquiquadrate True Node liberating us from a childhood wound we carried for too long. This deep seated wound stems from a childhood trauma preventing closure at this time. Today, however, the Universe is supplying the key to understanding why certain things have halted inner peace. The clarity gained today leads to the empowerment you have been desiring. 

On this same day, the new moon will be in Aries. This new moon is no joke. This is definitely the moon you want to work with as it will initiate the beginning of something new in your life. At this time, there is a stellium in Aries as there are several planets and asteroids in Aries. Anything that is started today will be for the long haul and anything that does end today will not be reborn. It will end so something new can begin. The colors to work with today are black, pink, and red. Be confident in what you are doing today, and trust that it’s all working out for your highest potential. Today is your day to claim your power! Remember He-Man, “I got the power”!

Juno retrograde Sagittarius the following day on the 12th. Here the Goddess of marriage, loyalty, and contracts will have us all assessing the binds that we are in. What exactly have these contracts taught us? Who has been loyal? Have you been loyal? This transit will help to rid the bonds that hold no meaning and usher in those that do. Strengthening and severing bonds is the theme at this time. Trust it is all happening for the highest of good. 

Venus enters Taurus on the 14th for some much needed rest. Venus is happy in her own home of Taurus. Comfort, luxury, and doting over yourself will be priority and this could also be said for those in partnerships. Showing others appreciation for their efforts towards you will not go without notice. Saying yes during this time will open you up to things never experienced before. Feeling stuck or bored will be a thing of the past. Now is a time to feel appeased and comforted by those you dote on as well. 

On the 19th, Mercury enters Taurus slowing down the pace in communication. This does not mean all communication will halt, it does mean more attention is being given to what and how it’s being said. Being scrutinizing or being scrutinized will be the norm for the next coming of weeks. Jealousy can be the leading cause for the majority of communication, but don’t let it be the only thing leading the conversation. Take advantage of this time to get to know what you want to know. Paying close attention to detail will give you the advantage in all future dealings. 

The 20th Vesta is direct in Virgo, during this retrograde many were bringing order to their house. The time allocated during this retrograde was advantageous for those who utilized their time wisely. Attention to detail and taking the time to do things a certain way was the key during this retrograde. Now that Vesta is moving forward once again, one can continue forward with no annoyances. You are now free to move forward as you see fit. Everything is in place and in your favor. 

Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd... Please, prepare yourself for this! Do keep in mind though the Martian energy does not mind being mothered, but it does mind being smothered or told what to do. The energy here is quite tricky and manipulative. One day you are all love and light, and the next day you are hell on wheels. Deep breaths and counting to 100 will benefit many. Do your best not to be overbearing, possessive, emotional, or defensive. Remember, when you want something done and done right, you gotta be nice about it and perhaps even firm about it. Be nice at this time. If you find yourself needing to cry, it’s alright to do so. You will feel so much better when Mars moves on in June and what you can do at this time is to incorporate baths into your day to day and visit the ocean. It will help in keeping you level headed. 

The full moon in Scorpio is on the 26th helping to further empower ourselves. Whatever darkness has accumulated during this time or whatever darkness was still holding onto you for dear life will be eradicated with this moon. This powerful moon will illuminate the light once and for all on whatever darkness has kept you enclosed. Set yourself free today; acknowledge your darkness, claim it as yours, and find the balance within. Working with the colors black, gold, and white will illuminate and empower all ritual work done with this moon. 

And lastly, Pluto retrograde Capricorn on the 27th adding more power to the full moon of the previous night. However, the power being felt during this retrograde isn’t only from the Scorpio full moon, but from the whole month of April and onwards. For the next five months while Pluto is in retrograde, the shifts and transformations transpiring will be very powerful. You won’t recognize yourself or your life once this retrograde is over. It is definitely not for the weak minded or heart. However, even if you find yourself weak, you will be so much more stronger when this is over. Strength and endurance is the name of the game at this time. 

April is a month of action and fast pace movement. Hesitation will not serve and will only make things worse. Just keep moving forward you got this and the Universe has got you! :-)



March 2021 New Beginning After Intensive Healing

March will be the month for healing and new beginnings. 2021 is the year of big changes while simultaneously ensuring we are on our own timeline. By now you will have noticed how time has been affecting your reality. Besides, noticing the healing and the new beginning you have been in. At this moment it does not matter what level you are on what matters is recognition of the change transpiring in your life. March will help to continue to show the reality of your reality by making sure you are seeing things clearly while still gaining new perspectives. By the time the month is over a newer reality will have actualized.

On the 3rd Mars enters Gemini until April 22nd. The action planet will have everyone in hyperdrive. It feels like we are all in warp speed frantically trying to get things done. The energy is about getting things done now rather than waiting for the right time. The time is now, no more working the out details instead it’s about putting those details into action. Negotiations and contracts are being put into paper, the time for delays is over. Act now! You did all the thinking and discussion you needed.

The 7th Pallas enters Pisces shifting our thinking from outside of the box into creative thinking instead. The planet of knowledge and wisdom is creating a new way of understanding our personal changes. A more gentle and whimsical approach is the key to elevating any aspect of our life. Magical moments will be evident in our shifting reality. The reality we want now seems doable since our thought process is more creative and imaginative. There is no limit, nothing seems unattainable, because everything is aligned as it should be. 

The new moon in Pisces on the 13th is amplifying the Piscean energy we are in already. The energy is amplified with the five stellium Pisces frequency we are in. What is happening here is a vibrational shift no matter what we are rising and surfacing from the depths of the Piscean flow. YinYang balancing, daydreams becoming a reality, imaging all possibilities(good or bad), empathic telepathy, emotional conversations, reality shifts, vibrational breakage, frequency jumping, and escapism is the theme of the moon. Basically, this moon is bringing up all that needs to be on the surface in order to be comprehended and no longer ignored. Express your feelings in a creative way and watch your reality shift into a more positive loving one. 

Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th putting us back into a five stellium Pisces frequency. The way we express ourselves takes on a more compassionate tone however this does not mean it can not and will not get chaotic. Understand Pisces energy does not run from chaos it does however create it. Yes, the Pisces energy is about tranquility but when there is no tranquility there is chaos and chaos is normal for the Piscean energy. You might be on the receiving end of chaotic sentiments, emotions, and verbiage from others or instead you are the bringer of chaos. Either way, do your best to be tranquil during this transit and all will be alright in your world even if from the outside it looks illusory. 

On the 21st Venus enters Aries igniting the flames of passion. The Goddess of Beauty and Love is fanning the flames confidently and being determined to get exactly what we want. The passion we are feeling and working with can and will at times blind us to other factors. However, this energy isn’t for the weak of heart, in fact it is for those who have listened to their heart because now is the time for action. Yes, Chiron is still in Aries but with Venus now in Aries we get to see how much healing has been done in the partnership department. We now have a more insightful and calculated approach in establishing the partnerships we do want. The motivation in our action is fueled by our passions and confidence in knowing we can not and will not lose during this time. 

The 23rd is a day of creative progression since Pluto quintiles Chiron. The God of The Underworld creatively seeks out The Wounded Healer to transmute a deep emotional wound that is still being mulled over. Something will come to an end on this day that caused so much hurt. The hurt will turn into empowerment and a new level of understanding will be had. No, more confusion or wallowing over this past hurt but instead a deeper understanding will occur. 

The full moon in Libra is on the 28th helping all to balance the month’s events. Divine intervention will happen, a golden opportunity will arise, and stepping into your leadership role will happen with this moon. You are a magnet at this time so be strategic in what you are manifesting. Everything will shift quickly, swiftly, and what seemed to be stuck or gone will no longer be stuck and what was once gone will no longer be gone. Gold is the color to work with while eating some grapes and having a glass of wine when doing your ritual tonight :-)

March might seem quiet but trust me there is nothing quiet about it. It brings freshness, rejuvenation, and determination to keep on actualizing our reality. 



February 2021 Super Charging Instantaneous Change

The month of romance has arrived with the hope of romantic bliss! People everywhere are experiencing a rapid awakening. Urging them to be one with themselves and to not allow themselves to be distracted in these times of change. Some will have love on the mind while others will have many things on the mind other than love. February will be the month we will all look back, as the month that started all the necessary changes in our metamorphosis. The changes that are and will continue to occur during this month will not necessarily be unexpected, but they will be shocking.

On the 1st, we have the planet of love entering Aquarius until the 24th. While Venus is in Aquarius expect a sudden turn of events in the love department. Feeling drawn to others and wanting to connect with them will have some investigating all there is to know in order to seal the deal with their interest. You would think Venus being in Aquarius will be all about setting yourself free from a relationship, and this will be true for some. However, for others that won’t be the case. Instead, the need for connection will take precedence and making the right connections for further development will be of the utmost importance. Do be careful though that manipulation, competitiveness, and judgement does not get the best of you when trying to accomplish what you set out to do.

On the 7th, we have True Node quintile Chiron giving us a liberation of a wound we have been carrying for what feels like forever. Now, is the time to set yourself free from this old wound which has been holding you back in fear. However, don’t get it twisted, this liberation comes at a price. The price is the explosion that will ensue in order to be liberated. You see in order to set yourself free and to truly heal from this wound, the trigger has to be stirred in order for it to be purged out. Anger has its place and its time and the place and time is now. 

On the 9th, Saturn sextile Chiron gives us a friendly reminder of why it is we are healing ourselves. The day’s energy has a feeling of relief from old burdens. Some might even want to go running with their arms up in the air and shouting with joy from the lightness they are feeling. It feels like a gust of wind came rushing in and wiped away things that we have been shouldering for others. Now is the time to let go of what is not yours with awareness and consciousness and keep it moving forward. Do right by you today.

The new moon in Aquarius is on the 11th and what a powerful moon it will be! At this time we find ourselves in a seven stellium Aquarius energetic alignment. What does this mean for our new moon? Well, it means you better think outside of the box and set your sight high. No holding back with today’s rituals, for today is the day to bring your future into the present moment. Timeline jumping is very probable and getting what we want is much nearer than it seems. So, let go of all attachments and expectations and let the Universe do what it does best. The surprises in store will leave no room for misinterpretation. Working with the colors blue and white will help amplify the electric charge in the air. 

The 17th Saturn square Uranus in cross-purpose on how to get something done. The struggle is not on the what but on the how in getting it done. Saturn in Aquarius is not hindering us at all, but actually helping us to be in the big picture. And yet, Uranus in Taurus is causing a conflict in the energy; removing all comfort and control. One must trust in the chaos going on, because only in the chaos can one see how the order is actually coming to be. You can’t always do the same thing and expect a different result. In order to get a different result one must do something never done before. 

Mercury will station direct on Aquarius on the 20th and I am positive many will be jumping with joy. It will feel like there’s a sudden shift in energy and the storm clouds have finally passed. Everyone will seem less tense and more fun loving again. The element of surprise won’t be so heavily felt however by now we are comfortable in this energetic flow. Communication will continue as per usual, however, now it has more rationale and the end goal is known by all. There’s no going back now, darlings :-)

On the 21st Ceres enters Aries until May 7th igniting passion in all that we do. During this transit we can master a lot of things that we have left on the backburner. While also mastering ourselves and our passions. Nothing can halt the growth of the outer self while the inner self is ignited. Taking care of yourself and finishing up things that were left half-way will be priority. Do your best not to rush or be impulsive. Keep your temper in check and remember force is not a way of getting things done right or at all. Be nice. Be direct, but most importantly be nice :-)

On the 25th, Venus enters Pisces until March 20th. Here the Goddess of Love finds comfort in not only dreaming, but in bringing those dreams into reality. Wanting to perfect relationships of all kinds will be the theme during this transit. No more daydreaming now is the time to grab your paintbrush and paint your dream into reality. You aren’t seeing things with rose tinted glasses, but you are seeing things as they are. This is helping in perfecting the relationships you hold dear. Showering people with appreciation, gifts, and love will sweeten any deal during this time. 

On the 26th, Jupiter trine True Node bringing luck to the day. If you don’t believe in luck, today you will. Everything just seems lucky and is lucky. Four leaf clovers everywhere, rainbows shining up ahead, unicorn kisses are being felt, and the fae are showering all with magic. Playing the lotto is cool today, however, going after that dream today will be even cooler. Today is your day so make it magical as fuck, and be so damn cool about it others will be an awe of you ;-)

Lastly, the full moon is on the 27th in Virgo helping us to fine comb all the details of the month that is going to help with next month. Surprisingly, this full moon is more about how we have been able to adapt to what has transpired thus far. We are all aware of our stance and how we are proceeding forward. The Virgo full moon is more about being strong in our decision to keep moving forward with the change. Not letting the mind be filled with anxious thoughts, but instead to have a steady determined strong mind in actualizing all that we have been dreaming of. Brown and burgundy candles should be used in your ritual tonight. 

There’s nothing quiet about this month nor is it moving slow. It is moving at a pace that helps to bring the flow of change. Do not get lost in the change. Do your best to own the changes that are happening in your world.