The Shock Factor Is Here August 2020


Retrograde season is still in full effect as August arrives on the scene. Five planets still waltzing backwards have the collective in limbo. So many of us are doing their very best to live in normalcy while the world is in it’s tower moment. The days seem to be going by fast and getting increasingly hotter each day. Keeping cool this month is essential in order to remain level headed. For once the planet of shock joins the backward waltz and the shift that will occur because of this will bring the collective into a state of uncertainty. Uranus is not a planet to be trifling with, and since it stationed itself in Taurus two years ago we have all been feeling that uneasiness when it comes to comfortability. 

August 3rd is the full moon in Aquarius, and nothing says shock factor like a full moon in Aquarius. You just never know what you will get out of this moon. It’s like playing dice; you can blow on the dice for luck, but that does not mean it will roll in your favor. This isn’t the moon to do anything with; however, this is the moon that will be doing things to you. Some might feel uneasy, others will have unexpected news, some might even have tower moment after tower moment, and yet others might just retreat in order to recharge. It really all depends on your journey of self discovery. Do note, discovery is what we all will be experiencing. So, just sit back and relax. Let the moon do what it must. 

On the 4th, we have Mercury entering Leo, turning on the spotlight for the main characters of the show. Focused attention will come easy, and paying attention to the minor details will be even easier. What you perhaps didn’t notice before when Mercury was in Cancer, now you will be able to see it clearly. Communicating will come with ease; however, this does not mean what you are hearing is the absolute truth. Exaggeration is probable and saying a white lie here or there won’t be a problem in order to get what you want. Desires of all kinds will be showcased for all to see, competition will be fierce, claws will be at the ready, and theatrics will be an everyday occurrence. This transit will seem like a long one, but in reality it’s just enough for all to get the show started. 

The 7th Venus enters Cancer, shifting the energy from multiple partnerships to a more one on one partnership. Nostalgia will be the feeling throughout this transit causing very profound feelings that will nag at you until action is taken. If you thought the past was laid to rest, you will learn that isn’t the case. We gotta remember we have Chiron retrograde in Aries at the moment, and this will amplify Venus in Cancer. Feelings which have not been expressed will be spoken. This does not mean once expressed the feeling will go away. If there is no action behind the expression, do expect a tsunami to form in order to be understood. 

Vesta enters Leo on the 11th, helping our desires to spring into action. What sacrifices have you been doing in order to realize your inner most desires? What have you put on hold in order to pursue that which sets your heart ablaze? Now, will be the time to jump into action and go after that which you have been yearning for. Nothing will hold you back anymore and big displays will not go unnoticed. Just do be mindful that you are taking everything into consideration and not allowing the darker side to lead the way. Obsession can and will lead to some ugly challenges. You have been forewarned! 

Saturn quintile Chiron on the 12th, giving us a surprise no one would have ever seen coming. This day has a magical feel to it and you should take full advantage of this energy. Whatever is brought to your attention will pave the way for the remainder of the month. Investing would be a good move, investing in a new healing modality would be wise, and meeting a new business partner will be very probable. The possibilities on this day are quite fruitful for all future endeavours. 

The biggest shift though is on the 15th when Uranus retrogrades in Taurus for the remainder of the year. The shock factor and tower moments will now accelerate for the human consciousness. Uranus is the planet of change, revolution, humanitarian causes, and future events. Everything that will occur now were things spoken about in the past, our future has become this moment in time. Nothing will be happening tomorrow and there won’t be those “I don’t know” moments anymore. There also won’t be those “I know” moments, because you will realize you didn't know what you thought you knew. In all the areas that we have been comfortable in will now be uncomfortable. The Universe will now make the move that it must for the leap in human consciousness that is needed to occur. Bye bye normalcy and welcome antonym. 

Our new moon in Leo is on the 18th, giving us a sense of confidence in order to keep going this month. It is very likely that you will be recharging on this day or finding the courage to move on from whatever toxic things, places, or people. Cowering is the more probable reaction during this moon. It is highly recommended that you light some candles, pamper yourself, and give yourself an encouraging pep talk in front of the mirror. If instead you decide to sleep the day away, that’s also cool. Doing whatever you are being called to do for this moon is encouraged. Especially since this moon is an unpredictable one. This new moon is really just an amplifier of all the energy that has shifted and will continue to shift. So, again just do whatever makes you comfortable :-).

August starts off quietly, but Uranus is really what will throw all of us off. For those of you who love the summer, enjoy it while it lasts; and for those who love the fall, don’t worry those cooler days are fast approaching. I know I myself can smell the cool air even if it’s just in my mind at the moment. Summer is almost over. 2020 still holds many surprises and changes for our evolution. 


July With It’s Forks In The Roads 2020


July picks up right where June left off and makes sure to not be missing one step while doing so. This month will feel much longer and it will be much longer. While also adding elements of surprises with twists and turns which only lead to forks in the roads. Perhaps, you thought the path you have been on was it for you. Yet you will realize by the time the month is over that this was never the case. It was just one of many which needed to be walked on in order to be on the path that is to teach, show, and have you understand what it means to be an energetic being in this reality. 

The 1st of July we have Saturn continuing its retrograde in Capricorn. Since it started its retrograde back in May it's been in Aquarius. Now, the Lord of Karma returns to it’s favorite home of Capricorn to really cement the lessons, teachings, karmic debt, we all have been experiencing. This time around though you are being guided to transmute all of it in order to obtain dharma. Of course you don’t have to do any such thing and you can remain in the cycle of karma until the wheel finally falls apart. The choice is yours and the best thing to keep in mind here is the long term of the reality of your choices.  

On the 5th of July we have our third eclipse of the year. The full moon penumbral lunar eclipse is in Capricorn. Causing us to have another stellium in Capricorn this year. However the difference this time around is four out of five planets are all in retrograde. This will cause a major shift within the collective but also individually. Foundations will be shaken and torn apart. Whatever has been wrong, out of alignment, not working, and in the background will now be in your face demanding you do something about it. No one said climbing up a mountain was easy work and to think that it is is quite foolish. Everything in life comes with a price to pay and to think otherwise will also prove to be foolish. As bright as the light shines it eventually dims out and nothing but darkness is left. So, do choose wisely my friends. 

Ceres retrogrades in Pisces on the 7th amplifying Neptune’s retrograde. Both this asteroid and planet will now have us questioning the reality of not only our homes but of also our environment. Everything will now be questioned and scrutinized to the point the majority will be feeling victimized. It’s not just our reality that will be under the microscope but so will be our food and home life. Women will be very underhanding and some will bask in the victim mentality. Learning what it means to be family will take on a whole new meaning. The nurturing of animals will also come to the light. Being aware during these two retrogrades in Pisces will be beneficial. 

July 11th Chiron retrogrades in Aries setting the pace for Mars to join later on in the summer. This retrograde will have us facing our demons in such a way we won’t be able to help but acknowledge their names. We gotta keep in mind though the reality of what is going on here in order to make that leap in our evolutionary progress. Evolution is a very delicate process which not many get to experience. The more accepting we are of our own faults and wounds the more you will see this transit is helpful. There is nothing stopping you from healing but only yourself. Being mindful during this time is your fortitude. You aren’t invincible so do yourself a favor and don’t make this retrograde harder than it should be. Also, keep in mind once Mars retrogrades in Aries things are going to intensify in such a way that this Chiron retrograde will seem like child’s play.

Mercury stations direct in Cancer on the 12th and you would think things will let up however this will not be the case at all. Now, all that is happening is everyone is voicing their feelings without any care in the world. You see while Mercury was retrograding our dreams were vivid and held cryptic messages. Our emotions were spilling forth in the dream world especially if we felt that those we wanted to express our feelings to were not willing to listen. What we learn at this time is that this was just our insecurities of not feeling safe enough to express them. Now, all that goes out the door and a new sense of confidence is felt. Find a fun way of expressing your feelings even if the person on the other end deems it ridiculous. Just have fun with this transit for once Mercury moves into Leo it won’t be about having fun but about being heard no matter what. 

On the 16th we have Saturn quincunx True Node and what a strange energy it will be. Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn aligns with the Moon’s True Node in Gemini(retrograde)giving us this energy of wanting to rush through everything yet feeling the uncertainty if we do so. Capricorn and Gemini are two very distinct energies and when mixed together it can go either way. Today is not the day to rush, to skim, to give up, or to crumble. It is instead the day to hold steady fast, be determined, and to trudge ahead focused on what is meant to be accomplished. Turn away from the naysayers however don’t be a fool if you see that it is in fact not working or not going to work. 

Our new moon on the 20th is in Cancer illuminating our home front once again. This time what is being shown is our children. I know there are people who have no children and with that being said this moon is affirming what must be done for our children collectively speaking. For those that don’t have children; many things will be shown to you and what is being shown is your inner child traumas. Healing is required in order to be the best version of yourself. If you are of the opinion that you never wanted children, something in you will shift that will have you questioning if that is even true anymore. Others will get pregnant or receive news that you are pregnant or someone close to you is pregnant. Healing work with children takes on precedence within your home. Others will start work with children, others will dream of future children, and even fostering and adopting will take on a whole new meaning for others. Allow, this moon to illuminate your heart for your vision is there. 

Finally, on July 27th we have Jupiter sextile in Neptune giving us a most harmonious energy. It will feel like we are in a dream and some will even pinch themselves in order to determine if this is reality or just a fantasy. However, I am here to say think back to February 20th of this year for that was our first sextile between these two planets. What caused you back than to be in the place that you were in that had you realizing serendipity does exist. That connections are very real and that they don’t always have to be romantic. Now, see where you are at this very moment that has you smiling that knowing smile and looking up to the sky saying, “you sneaky bastard you”. Everything happens when it’s meant to happen no matter what has happened to bring you to this happening. So, smile and be thankful for you are in the manifestation of the dream you have been imagining for a very long time. 

July starts with a bang and it ends with a bang. Nothing slows down yet the pace of the month feels like forever but it has to feel this way in order to get done what must be done. Have fun even if the world is falling apart.

As The Fire Rages


June comes blazing onto the scene with the potential of not only fueling the energy but of also hypnotizing all into a dance of pure chaos. As the days get longer and the sun blazes the energy shifts from electric to fervent. Whether you have been cooped up or not you will feel the tension, the unrest, the passion, the fuel calling you forth. Going forth is the premise of the month and breaking free of fear. As the seasons change so does humanity. 

June 1st we have Jupiter quintile Chiron propelling change with authority. Do you feel empowered or disempowered? Has your authority been being questioned? Collectively speaking authority at this time is being questioned and scrutinized. Changes that are occurring have been a long time in coming. Gone are the days of blindly listening and following. Now, we are in a time of doing what is right individually but also collectively. However, what is right will still come to be questioned because what is right? How does it help in the evolutionary progress we are all undertaking? Remember, there is moral law and keeping this in mind will help a lot not only for this month but for the rest of the year. 

June 2nd Pallas shifts it’s retrograde from Aquarius into Capricorn. It will remain there until September when it stations direct once again. While Pallas has been in Aquarius radical thinking has been the drive. Once it retrograde our thinking became action oriented. In rational Capricorn not only are we really thinking things through but we are also implementing strategies that spur long term benefits. It might seem chaotic at first however doing it any other way would slow the progression down. 

June 3rd Vesta enters Cancer amplifying Mercury’s visit in Cancer as well. Vesta is helping all to see what home truly means. Safety and comfort are becoming a very important aspect in all homes. As we work to build our ideal homes we are also realizing what ideal is for the individual. We are voicing our feelings, thoughts, and concerns which is fueling our innate need for security. Getting creative at home helps to bring a long lost dream into reality. Stay attuned to your inner voice just don’t be misled by your own fearful thoughts. 

On the 5th we have our second eclipse of the year. The penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is shouting the truth of whatever highlights were shown to you back in January when we had our first lunar eclipse in Cancer. As the truth is being spoken not only to you it also speaks to all those involved when it comes to the authenticity of your emotional needs. No, more beating around the bush or back pedaling just to get your point across. Now, is the time to speak your truth no matter the consequence of it. This eclipse is not about holding back but quite the contrary it is about going forth for your emotional stability, happiness, and peace of mind. Change is a constant however it does not mean it feels great all the time. Change makes people uncomfortable but yet it is a necessary feeling in order to live authentically. The arrow has been shot and it hit it’s mark. Now, go collect your prize. 

The 10th Uranus semi-sextile Chiron inflicting all to feel the effects of this movement. This day brings up the issue of comfort in such a way that many will be questioning the sanity of the energy. Is chaos a necessary action in order to undertake the changes one must endure to be in a place of comfort not only with yourself but with others as well. Remember whatever anger comes up, do note that it comes from a place of trauma, unhealed wounds, and repressed emotions, and thoughts which never saw the light of day. Deep breaths and patience is your friend on this day. 

Mercury retrogrades Cancer on the 18th until 12th of July. May the Gods be with us during this retrograde. Everyone is a target, shyness is no longer an issue, expressing our feelings is all that matters, being jealous, possessive, and loud about what and who we want is no longer an issue. What is an issue is how to attain exactly what we want no matter the cost. Keep in mind though no matter how ugly it gets it is necessary in order to make the changes you have been working on. Women, mothers, and the feminine energy is the catalyst needed to continue forth in achieving your dream. Action being taken during this time is fueled by a passion which laid dormant for far too long. 

The third eclipse of the year is known as the annular solar eclipse which is in our new moon in Cancer taking place on this day of the 21st. The intensity of this particular eclipse is as intense as it is because we have at this point Mercury, Vesta, and Sun all in Cancer. Think back to the beginning of the year when we had our first eclipse in Cancer but do recall that eclipse was a lunar eclipse highlighting events in our lives which were coming to be. Now, here we are six months later in the process of those events unfolding. Here the solar eclipse gives us the empowerment we need in order to maintain the momentum to continue forth. The majority will want to secure their home or the feeling of home yet others will want to run and hide in their shell. Feelings of jealousy and paranoia will enforce tactics never seen before. Wanting not only better for ourselves but for our children and for the children of the world is the main agenda of this eclipse. Relationships of all kinds are front and center once again for the protection of future partnerships and for the destruction of those in the here and now. Your heart is what must be allowed to lead however a word to the wise make sure it’s your heart’s desire and not your insecurities leading the way. 

If you thought we were done with more planets retrograding, think again. Neptune retrogrades on the 23rd in Pisces adding to the turbulence of the chaos we are all in. Reality shifts and it shifts hard. What you thought you knew to be real now you are starting to realize and see how fake it really is. Acts of selfishness are being recognized and no longer tolerated. Removing the rose tinted glasses or blinders is recommended in order to survey the reality of the world. Compassion not only for our fellow man is in order but it’s also something we must have for ourselves in order to bring into fruition the reality we truly want to be living in. If you believe it; you can create it. However, creation takes time, energy, and love to come to life. 

On the 25th we have Venus station direct in Gemini and what a relief it will be. It will feel like shackles have broken off and we are now able to run free once again. Yet, we will notice that this new found freedom came at a cost. The information we acquired during this time is exactly what was needed in order to soar to our next destination. You see the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. So, if at this time you learned that your self was not being true to itself you will now see the effects of this. How much longer do you have to endure unpleasantries you are encountering? What childish behaviour are you still allowing in your life? Isn’t time to do for you as you do for others? Heed the warnings you are being given while Venus is still in Gemini. For once Venus' trajectory shifts into Cancer the story changes just like the day changes into night. 

The 27th Mars enters Aries and it will remain here for a very long time. Basically, for the remainder of the year. Normally, Mars stays in a sign for a month and half however this year Mars will be in it’s home of Aries for 7 months! So, if you weren’t questioning your drive, your movements, your need to lead; you will definitely be doing so at this time. If you thought the year couldn’t possibly get any more out of hand well I am here to say think again. Please, hold on to your hats because what we thought was change is nothing compared to the change we all will be doing collectively for the rest of the year. For those of us in the northern hemisphere our summer is going to be a hot one and for those in the southern hemisphere your winter will be a warm one. Keeping cool is essential during this transit not only literally but also figuratively. Destruction and fires will be a constant. Best of luck everyone!

Lastly, on the 30th we have Jupiter conjunct Pluto for the second time this year. Today, is a continuation of whatever transpired on the 4th of April 2020. Transformation is a delicate process that can not be rushed or even controlled. There is a pattern and ritualistic procedure to it however the end result is unique to the individual experiencing a metamorphosis. All the shedding you have been doing up until now was to prepare you for this very day. Today is the first day of your transformation and whatever occurs from now until the next conjunction in November of this year is in preparation for 2021. 

As June rages on do your very best to be cool, calm, and collected in times of uncertainty and in times of certainty. The veil has been pulled back and we are all watching reality crumble and shift into a higher octane. 


Time Alludes All


Happy, May! This month will be one for the books. Solidifying the change throughout the collective we have all been experiencing since the beginning of the year. As we know 2020 is a 4 year and being May is the fifth month in the calendar it’s giving us 9’s energy. Meaning collectively we will be making karmic changes in our evolutionary progress. Compassion and tolerance is the main theme throughout the month. The lesson for the month is vulnerability though. Let us commence with the planetary shifts happening throughout the month.

The biggest shift will be on the 5th when the Nodes known as the “Nodes of Fate” leave Cancer and Capricorn. What does this mean precisely? Well, it means our focus for our life’s purpose will now take on a different meaning. For the past year and half we all have been focusing on home and responsibilities. Issues from our past arise in ways we could have not foreseen and our safety was brought into the forth front. As the Nodes shift from Cancer and Capricorn  to Gemini and Sagittarius we find ourselves collectively questioning the safety of not only our homes but also of ourselves and our livelihood. Now, for the next year and half what will arise will be our handling of things.

The North Node(True Node)will shift into Gemini making us all aware of our environment and what is happening to it. Gemini has a pretty bad reputation in the astrological world yet what we must keep in mind is that Gemini is a mutable meaning it is adaptable. Keeping this in mind will be very beneficial throughout this transit. The South Node will shift into Sagittarius bringing up past lives issues of truths that are affecting us in the here and now. What we heal from our past will help us adapt in the present. Remember being present is far more advantageous in any change taking place.  

On the 7th we have our full moon in Scorpio shedding light to the changes that must occur. Scorpio is a fixed sign meaning it can be quite fixated on things, people, and places. Yet, this moon’s purpose is to help alleviate whatever dead weight we are still carrying and insisting on making it work just because that’s what we want. Doing things in the same manner no longer works and this moon will illuminate it. To help shed this energy do a scrubbing ritual, honor your deities, have a glass of wine, and just let go. 

May 11th Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius zapping us all into movement. Having bouts of insanity and feeling like you can not express yourself will be the new norm. Unexpected turn of events affects collectively more so than individually. Showing us once again how very connected we are. Advances in technology will not only leave us speechless but it will have us questioning its velocity on the scene. Individually though do expect whatever changes have been transpiring to move in a more slow and detailed manner. Answers once known will change seemingly overnight. Ideas should be written down and kept quiet until the time strikes for it’s reveal. Do keep in mind what we thought we knew will now prove to be unknown once again. 

On this same day Mercury enters Gemini shifting us into more movement however this energy will prove to be more frustrating as the days unfolded. Day by day things will pick up speed and then halt into place for an overlook of what is really transpiring. Communication will be left with more uncertainty yet advances in communication technology will bring more togetherness and unity. Curiosity will take on a new meaning only because it helps bring on easiness, connectedness, and compassion. Childlike wonderment will have us all leaping into action. 

On the 13th Mars enters Pisces ushering us into creative mode. Creation of all kinds come to life with ease. Seeing beyond our self limitations will leave all with hope for a brighter future. Wanting to share in love and positivity helps us to open up to all the possibilities. A sense of possession is the motive for the rapid movement taking place. Yet, the trick here is the allowance we must be in; in order for things to unfold magically.

Venus on this same day retrogrades in Gemini, putting a halt on all forms of communication, movement, diplomacy, humanitarian work only because now is the time to floss things over. Going over things with a fine comb will move things along at a much manageable speed. Agreements will be binding and life changing for all involved. 

Jupiter retrogrades on the next day in Capricorn shifting our focus to the tangible and how to produce more of it for the long haul. While Jupiter has been transiting in Capricorn we have been able to see what big projects can be accomplished. Now, with Jupiter retrograding seeing clearly won’t be a problem. Do note whatever big climbs we take during this time will prove to have been exactly what was needed to prosper in big meaningful ways. 

The 17th has Pallas starting it’s retrograde in Aquarius. At this time collectively we will learn nothing is ever easy especially during times of change. In order to evolve as a species we have to dive deep in order to see clearly what must be done collectively. Whether or not these changes take on precedence won’t really matter because the energy calls for action and action is what must be done. The time of ideas is now over and the time for action is now needed. Time is of the essence in the evolutionary steps that must proceed. 

Our new moon on the 22nd in Gemini is leading the way into unity. Yet, this moon will highlight the children of the world and what it means to be a child during this time. Children will have answers to solutions adults could have ever imagined. Communication of all kinds will be taking place in all innovative ways. Candles of pastels colors, angelite, amber, and selenite crystals will help in receiving clear messages from the heavens above. 

Juno brings some relief when it stations direct on the 26th in Libra. When Juno started it’s retrograde back in February we felt how imbalance things are in our day to day. Our relations were made front in center to really assess where are grounding really was. Whether this ground was concrete or not was what we were being made to see. Now, with it direct once again we can now strive to balance ourselves out.

Finally, on May 28th Mercury shifts into Cancer helping us address our emotional needs. At times though our emotional needs will get the best of us and jealousy could rear its ugly head. Do be mindful also of psychic insights being illuminated during dream time. Deep emotional connections will be the goal to all of our future relations. 

The month of May will show us how vulnerable we really are and some will want to turn back the hands of time. Change is always tricky only because the fear of the unknown takes over all optimism. Yet, when we move along in a peaceful manner the unknown becomes clear that one can’t help but wonder why one ever doubted or feared. Do your best to enjoy yourselves this month. Life is changing and all we can do is enjoy the ride. So, fasten those seat belts for the ride has many loops and turns.

April’s Rodeo


Darlings, I hope this article finds you all healthy and safe <3

I am in awe of all that has transpired in March; when I typed up my astrological forecast for it and said the collective will have tower moment after tower moment I did not realize how true it was going to be. Now, here we are in April, fourth months into the year and the collective is really missing 2019. Folks, it’s time to accept our present moment and make the best of it. Cause, as we are seeing it’s anyone’s guess as to how things will really transpire this month. All we can do is remain optimistic, hopeful, aware, mindful, and conscious. Let’s continue with this month’s energy; shall we?

April 3rd Venus enters into Gemini giving us a clear picture of all of our social tides. By this time everyone will be feeling restless, bored, and will do things from a curiosity standpoint. The implications of this could be detrimental to our personal growth. Do think twice and ask yourself is this really worth the risk or is there another way? Be mindful of others' words and do your best to not get caught up in others' whirlwinds. Accepting that not everyone is in their right mind frame will help ease a lot of tension. Do look for ways to help those less fortunate and use your mental agility to see the big picture being offered to all.

April 4th Jupiter conjuncts Pluto who are both in Capricorn making this day very transformative. The veil will be lifted showing everyone the truth of the matter in whatever area in your life you have been deceiving yourself in. On this day endings will occur intensifying the magic of the day. Past-life healing will be a big theme as well.

Our full moon is on the 7th in Libra showing us how our current partnerships are progressing or falling apart. There is no denying the reality of things when it comes to partnerships. At this time since globally quarantine is in effect we are all learning a new way of socializing. Some are perfectly fine with the way things are, others are getting accustom to sharing their space, while others are crumbling to the fear of what it means to be quarantined. This moon is bringing up all the emotions that require your healing.

Mercury enters Aries on the 11th finally shifting us from the wishy washy into the harshness of the truth. Angry words will be spewed, egos will flare due to this, arguments will be intense, while aloofness will mislead us. Be mindful of your words, of how you deliver them, be respectful, and know that being encouraging brings you more allies. Life is beautiful so why not explore it as best as you can. Even when you are at home; you might surprise yourself with all the things you do get done!

Saturn on the 17th quintiles True Node Cancer putting us all in our place. This energy is checking in with us to bring us even more clarity of our home situations. The more you avert your eyes, keep working in delusion, or simply ignoring what must be done today would be the day where it all falls apart. The theme here is to clean house; figuratively and metaphorically. 

Pluto quintiles Chiron on the 22nd bringing up deep old wounds we completely have forgotten about. These subconscious memories, old wounds, traumas, hurts, etc are rising to the surface to be healed. Self healing and work are favorable on this day. Perhaps, doing a burial or a burning even both will benefit any healing done with this energy.

Also, our new moon is on this day of the 22nd in Taurus. This would not be the time to play victim or martyr. Pull yourself up, pour yourself a drink, find your most comfy blanket, and eat all your favorite foods while taking it easy during this time. Keep in mind to not get stuck on whatever negativity is going on but do instead plant the seeds of new beginnings when it comes to your desires and how to go about getting them. 

Pisces enters Ceres on the 23rd further delving deep into humanity’s way of doing things. Back in January when Ceres first entered Aquarius no one was thinking about a virus. If you refer back to my article from January of this year you will see I made mention of the shifts that would happen within humanity. Now, here we are being made aware of all the lies, deceits, belief systems, we as humans adopted for the longest time. The damage is still being done and old ways are proving to not function anymore. When the old no longer works we must come up with a new way. Once adopted, tested, and constructed we can then start implementing this new way of being. What a better time than now to introduce new ways, beliefs, truths, and hope globally. The time is now to be compassion not only with yourselves but collectively and that includes ALL sentient beings.

Pluto waltzes to the front once again this month by commencing the retrograde dance of next coming of months. On the 25th it will feel like time has literally stopped and we are all frozen there. During these next five months Pluto is in retrograde, time will show us no mercy. We all NOW have plenty of time to do what must be done. Doing nothing about it would not be the way to go only because time itself will make its presence known to you. May the odds be ever in our favor.

The planet of communication once again shifts its position and now will be transiting Taurus for the next coming of weeks. You will notice everyone is moving slow, reacting slow, communicating slowly, and everything in general is just grazing by. Laziness can become a problem for some, cabin fever will be amplified for others, while others will be enjoying the comfort the energy brings. The old familarities from times before will return and a sense of home will be felt. 

Finally, on the 29th Pallas enters Aquarius inspiring us all to be more innovative. Ideas, concepts, technology, humanitarian solutions will be front and center. Everyone will have moments of inspiration to share ideas for a better today and tomorrow. Don’t be shy. Now, is the time to use those skills you have long been wanting to display. 

I want to say thank you to all my loyal readers, clients, and followers. It means the WORLD to me knowing I am helping in some way. I set the intent that this month paves the way for a much brighter future for us all :-)