March Madness 2020

Beautiful March is here blessing us with new energy however whether you see it as a blessing or curse still remains to be seen. This month will be a long one of constant change at a speed which will feel like turbulence. The shifts will be so profound some will be vomiting their old patterns […]

The Tides of Change

Welcome, all to February a month no one will forget. January had the feeling of five years in one month. Many had thrown in the towel by the first week and February won’t be any different. If you thought this month would be easier think again. We have two retrogrades taking place, a full moon […]

Evolve or Get Left Behind

Happy New Year!!! I do hope everyone had a blast ringing in the new year with those you care about. 2019 in my opinion seemed like a long year of getting things in order. Collectively, shifts were happening at a constant speed that when we did get some breaks in between everyone was happy for […]