Mercury in Virgo August 20 2020-September 5 2020

Mercury shifts it’s movement into Virgo where it is comfortable enough to take care of all the minute details one perhaps did not notice before while Mercury was in Leo. When Mercury is home in one of the signs it governs; life always either slows down completely or picks up speed one was not anticipating. Now, with Mercury home in Virgo we all are slowing down and many things come into focus. At this time whatever you might have missed will come up in order to be taken care of. 

Communication will be detailed and on going especially when trying to rationalize what exactly you have been up to during 2020. Things such as proficiency, thoroughness, cleanness, health, peacefulness, and routine will be highlighted during this time. Finding new ways of implementing a healthier lifestyle, thinking, being, loving, etc will be the new norm. Spending time in quiet solitude will have many gaining insights which was never had before. 

The most important thing that will be gained during this time is a sense of accomplishment when you realize just how much you have done with your meticulous hand.