July Aquarius Full Moon 2021 Freedom

The 23rd is the full moon in Aquarius giving us more healing energy to liberate ourselves from burdensome wounds. This moon is reminding me of when birds are ready to leave the nest. Once they jump they never go back, but instead they find their own nest. For the birds have all they need in order to live in the massive world we live in. The time couldn’t be more perfect than it is with this moon’s energy. You will notice that it even feels like a longer day and night than usual. Time has slowed down or all together stopped. Working with clocks, watches, or hourglasses will be the most magical thing you do with this Aquarius full moon. Now is not the time to think you are running out of time or have no more time however it is a time to think that you have all the time that you require for the movement you are making. When you do notice the time you will see it’s in triple numbers. 

Colors to work with are black, blue, green, and white. Crystals will be beneficial in all rituals and even doing a crystal grid will power up your ritual work. Incense, sage, palo santo, and lavender are great for all burnings done today. Leave the windows open while doing your work or do it all outside so the air element supplies the magik you need. Focus on the open roads this full moon is bringing you while also focusing on letting go of those ties and closed roads. You aren’t going backwards so no need to look back or feel bad. Whatever is gone is for the best. Keep in mind whatever is gone could just be a way of thinking or doing things. This moon is about demonstrating your individual purpose. 

The purpose of this full moon is to unveil your purpose, journey, skills, abilities, and how to fulfill said purpose. You will notice your surroundings are different and perhaps even the people are as well. The Universe has made way for everyone to continue on their journey of self realization. Not everyone or everything is meant to come along with you and we gotta remember everything and everyone has and serves a purpose. This moon is showing us that purpose and asking us to accept it while things are moving along. The freedom you are gaining is so you can pursue your desires. 

This Aquarius full moon is the liberation we all need in order to fulfill our purpose. The year isn’t over yet and this moon is placing us on the road we are supposed to be on. Remember if the road you are on is a challenging one than this moon is asking you to liberate yourself from whatever limiting things, thoughts, and feelings you still carry. Once you do free yourself you will be exactly where you have been desiring to be. So, no more fear instead have hope that all is working out in your favor. 


July 2021 Cancer New Moon

July 9th is the new moon in Cancer giving us a much needed respite. The energy of the moon is more about connecting, feeling, resting, and sharing with those you feel safe and secure with. Even if you find yourself alone, and not enjoying the quiet, and feeling uncomfortable it’s only because the moon is helping you to see and understand why you are feeling this uncomfortableness. The feeling must be felt and addressed so a decision can be made to make a change for the better. You don’t have to do anything alone and the moon is illuminating a path to healing. Yet, the moon is also encouraging you to take those bold steps that will make your heart soar. Break out of your comfort zone and allow your heart and vision to show you the way. 

Colors to work with are blue, gold, and purple as each individual color will help with throat chakra, serenity, and wisdom when working with blue. Gold will help to illuminate all fears to be addressed, worked through, to heal, and transmute into action and power. By power I mean empowering yourself with a new found hope for your future. Purple is the color of the mystics and royalty and this new moon is really amplifying the mysticism within you and the royalty within you as well. Combining all three will alchemize you into a calm and more enlightened person. 

Being that we have both the sun and moon in Cancer the energy of this new moon is most definitely about connections, love, magic, dreams, and psychic awareness. Those that are meant to be connected and bonded with you will materialize out of nowhere. Dreams will be very healing and connected with our mother side, maternal instincts, and our feminine side of ourselves. Love will be on everyone’s mind as the sun and moon illuminate the beautiful and romantic side of Cancer. Unexpected gifts, calls, and messages is one of the many surprises this new moon has in store. Psychic abilities will be awakened for those who have not ever tuned into it, others will feel more attuned with their psychic abilities, and some will develop a more advanced psychic awareness. 

Trust me you are not losing your mind; you are however changing into a much better version of yourself. Even if you are going through a darkness at this time you MUST go through it. This is your reminder that you have not done any SHADOW WORK and now you are being thrown to the wolves. If you want things to change then do something about it. Otherwise, this is the beginning of a very hard time in your development. You can’t continue to vibrate at a low frequency and accept things to get better and continue on with your own negativity and then cry about it because of how negative you are and that it reflects back to you. If by now you have not comprehended that your negativity is your problem you will learn it with this moon. I wish you much luck and that you actually decide to change your negative into a positive. 


Capricorn Full Moon June 2021

On the 24th is the Capricorn full moon giving us all an amplified energy of recognition. Rewards, unexpected money, job opportunities, travel for work, solidifying contracts, breaking free from old contracts, giving into pleasure, but most importantly recognizing how far you have come on your own are all the blessings of this powerful super moon. Determination and motivation will also be the energies we are all working with. It does not matter whether you are being determined to right a wrong or fall deeper into your shadow which will help you break free from toxic patterns and behaviors. 

For those just starting on their awakening or shadow work, this day and the energy of the moon will make you recognize a lot of things about yourself. No point in beating yourself up for what you think was a mistake, bad choice, or decision. Learn from it and realize you had to do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are now wanting to do something completely different…which is more beneficial to you and your happiness. 

This is the moon to start your shadow work. It is helping to recognize where the wound is and how to heal it. No matter what is coming up, whether good or bad; it is more about seeing where you are at this exact moment in time. The Cosmos are challenging ALL OF US to be real with ourselves, to take responsibility for whatever things have not been finished, left unsaid, or for where you feel powerless and challenged. This is your time to empower yourself and go forth up the mountain of success. Nothing is holding you back but your own self. 

Colors to work with are red, black, and silver. Doing grounding meditations, affirmations, and mantras will greatly help in all magik done today. Time is by your side so make the most of it. 


June New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini 2021

The 10th is the new moon annular solar eclipse in Gemini. Remember, I said in my last article this eclipse will amplify the eclipse from last month which was in Sagittarius. The truth was revealed, however, some are now more curious and others are getting to the bottom of things. No more hiding behind false pretense either. Now, all true colors have been shown. This new moon is the beginning of the Sagittarius full moon eclipse we had last month. There is no going back or starting anew. You are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Whatever surprises are revealed with this eclipse they will not be so shocking. However, do expect for things to pick up a significant amount of speed. 

Colors to work with are gray, yellow, and blue for all candle magik. Spending a good amount of time outdoors will help you to process the changes you are in. Clarity will further be gained, as well as, insight and a more comprehensive understanding of all that is transpiring. Informative dreams and daydreams are the answers you need to continue moving forward. Communication will be easy and quite informative as well. Finishing anything you have left undone throughout the year will now be completed as you continue on in your journey. 

This new moon is here to help you not hinder you. If some are experiencing negativity it is only for you to see the reality of your situation. It’s asking you to step out of ego, your comfort zone, and to own up to your part which causes all the negativity in your life. I know many don’t like to hear that negativity comes from within more so than from outside. Our mind is one of the most powerful tools we have and if you have been on this victim mentality, manifesting all your fears, this is the moon to show you how you contribute to all of the negative transpiring at this moment. Do yourself a favor and accept your wounded self and begin the process of healing and creating a more positive life. 

May this new moon illuminate your path to victory!


May Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius 2021

The 26th is the full moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Anything goes with this moon. The truth no matter what will be revealed. Dreams will be profound. Going after what you want at all costs is inevitable. Passion is ignited and so are your desires. There’s nothing that can come between you and your desires. Saddle up! For your time is now! Candle colors to use during this lunar eclipse are burgundy and purple. Set your intentions high because you won’t miss.

Be forewarned the intensity of this eclipse won’t go unnoticed. Triggers will happen in order to give you a more profound understanding of the healing that is occurring. Choices will materialize for some, while others will be walking away, and others will be starting anew where they least expected it. Lucky turn of events will happen for some, others might have an unlucky series of events but yet how unlucky is it, really? 

Meanwhile, others will wake up with a sudden burst of motivation to get shit done. Epiphanies are a given, out of nowhere communication, dreams with direction, and clarification are all energies many will be working with and receiving. Abundance is happening, spiritual alignment is transpiring, divine timing is present, and knowing you are one with the Universe empowers all magik done during this total lunar eclipse. Aim your arrow. You will make your mark :-)