February New Moon in Pisces 2020


The 23rd gives us our new moon in Pisces which can bring some gentleness in all the madness taking place. Envision a mermaid sitting on a rock basking in the moonlight; singing a song just for the moon. You will want to do some gentle nurturing at this time not only for yourself but also for those you care about in particularly the women in your life. Working with the colors pinks, baby blues, or simply working with pastels will bring that femininity in order to feel nurtured. Self care should be made a priority during this time and avoiding any form of escapism as well. Listen to music and be creative with this moon.  

Daydreams will be vivid, dreams as well, and nightmares will feel so real you will wake up in sweats. This new moon will also feel like you are hibernating so, sleep if you must. Crying will help in releasing pent up emotions just do your best to not escape what you are feeling. Instead of escaping ground yourself and do lots of self care on this day. Go to bed early and sleep deeply for you will be thankful you did in the morning. 


February Leo Full Moon 2020


The 9th we have our full moon in Leo and this will be felt by all. This Leo moon makes the fire we are all experiencing even more intense. We will roar our demands, we will shout our feelings, our egos will be inflated, and we will obsess with getting what we want and getting it RIGHT NOW! Yet, in the same token our need to protect not only ourselves but those we love will be prevalent. We will have our protective side over take us to the point where it will lead us blindly into a battlefield which is self created. There is nothing wrong with taking a stance, with protecting others, however what exactly are you protecting? Are you even sure what you are protecting wants the protection? This moon will illuminate a lot of things that need protecting but it will also illuminate what needs to be let go of. 

The snow moon trines Mars in Sagittarius giving us more fuel to work with. We must also not forget we have Chiron in Aries giving us the motivation to fuel our own fire. We must remain aware of our objective and not get caught up in ego trapments of why we must do what we must. Keeping in mind we still have the big boys in Capricorn should really be that angel on your shoulder saying, “do you really want to do this”? Being impulsive will not serve you however working with illumination will bring you success beyond your wildest imaginations. 

Working with the colors orange, red, and yellow will give the illumination and the initiation to get your intentions and magick going. Fire is our friend here, so working with candles or bonfires is a good thing. Working with the sun during the day will amplify the magick you have done during the night. Remember Leo is ruled by the sun and doing some of your ritual work during the day will give you that illumination while at night you get that clarity.

Keep egos in check. Don’t do anything impulsively. Have fun. Play with some cats. If you find yourself in the spotlight own that shit :-)


January New Moon in Aquarius 2020


The new moon on the 24th will be in Aquarius helping us to gain a much bigger understanding and perspective when it comes to things in our lives. Why is it we hold so much stock in the material? What better way can we help ourselves in order to help our fellow man? The energy of this moon won’t be a light one because it is helping us to see where we are holding onto things that really don’t matter. Doing more charitable work at this time will really give you the perspective you need to see in order to understand why it is important to be good to thy neighbor.

At this time visions of the future will be had  and no matter what you see always remember you do have free will and free choice. The point to the visions though is not to figure out how or when instead it is to be in allowance of the Universe delivering what it must in order for us to keep evolving. Meditation will really help in grounding yourself and being at peace. Spend time outdoors to receive more clarity of what is to come. 

Setting intentions during this moon would be helpful and envisioning what you would like to happen during the year. Then be in allowance for it to materialize in the manner that it should. Working with blue, green, purple, and silver colors would be very beneficial as well. Even for those of you who love to burn candles during this time using these colors would be wise. Whatever, ritual you are doing at this time make sure you are in a gratitude vibration. 

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!! Let the magic evolve :-)



January Cancer Full Moon Eclipse 2020



The first full moon of the year is on January 10th and it’s our first lunar eclipse in Cancer. This moon will help us in shifting into a better feel of what exactly must be done and how to get it done. Of course feelings and erratic moods will be felt by the majority, however that does not mean we have to make it our own. Here we must assess what is our feelings and our mood during this time. Quiet meditation will definitely help with this and basking in the moons light will help give us the vision and clarity we need for the year. 

To clear away feelings that are not yours begin by asking, “is this mine”? If it is yours, you will feel a heaviness. When this feeling comes over you say, “I acknowledge it. What should I do to clear this”? Your intuition will guide you with what to do and trust it when it does. If you feel confusion as to what to do I suggest finding a clearing meditation on Youtube. For those who practice Reiki or know about Reiki find a Reiki meditation on Youtube as well. You can also do self Reiki on yourself to clear away the heaviness. If you do not feel any heaviness but instead feel lightness than this means it was never yours to begin with. At this moment of clearing say, “I send this back to the intender/sender with awareness, consciousness, forgiveness, and love”. Please, do say these clearing mantras aloud as this will break the vibration and bring it up into a higher frequency.

I know some will want to do water rituals because of the moon being in a water sign. I am here to say if you do instead fill a jar with water and make yourself some moon water to use in the near future. You will also want to charge your crystals, make yourself some comfort food, and spend time with those who make you feel safe and secure. If you feel you must do a water ritual than draw a warm bath with sea salt or Epsom salt. Visualize yourself clearing away all negative feelings you might be feeling at this time. Also, envision light being poured onto you and make sure you are smiling while doing this. 

Lastly, for those of you who love to do candle magic, the colors to use would be silver or white. Silver will help with receiving visions and the white will help bring in purity and clarity. Let your candles burn undisturbed and set it somewhere safe. Here is a fun exercise to do during candle burns. Watch the flame and let it hypnotize you for it will give you visions. Once you do write them down, put the paper under your pillow, and set the intent to remember your dreams.