Curiosity Leads to The Healing of The Truth

May 5th is a day of change no matter how you cut it or avoid it. The day adds up to 5 and in the numerology world 5 not only brings change but it also gives us curiosity and wanting to explore it. Now, in terms of astrology we have the Nodes of Fate changing […]

Saturn Transits Aquarius March 21, 2020-June 30, 2020

Saturn enters Aquarius for the next three years bringing him back home since the rediscovery of Uranus who is the ruler now of Aquarius. However, back in the day Saturn not only ruled Capricorn it also ruled Aquarius. Hence, why so many believe Aquarius to be this cold hearted sign which is not true; they […]

The Unexpected Is Here

On March 19th we have Uranus sextiling in True Node in Cancer which will bring some harmony to us in spite of recent events. Life as we know it has changed seemingly overnight. Yet, what humanity isn’t grasping is this has been a long time in coming. Uranus the planet of unexpected changes is also […]


The ruling planet of Pisces has made it’s return back home on February 4TH. What this means for the next 13 years the heart & spiritual will come into focus in a very significant way. Neptune rules imagination, compassion, illusions, dreams, psyche, emotions, glamour, magic, ideals, religion, spirituality, addiction, and alcoholism. People will become more […]