Aries The Destroyer

  Aries The Destroyer 3/21-4/20 Ruler: Mars Element: Fire ~I do what I want when I want~ Its a beautiful Spring day as you decide to wear your newest Spring outfit. You know you want to spend the day taking in the sun and smelling the blooming flowers. As you are walking in the park you […]

Dark Side of The Zodiac

Dark Side of Aries: Selfish dictator Dark Side of Taurus: Sloth Dark Side of Gemini: ANXIETY RIDE!!! What persona are you getting today??? Dark Side of Cancer: Emotional insanity o_0 Dark Side of Leo: King/ Queen of sexual prowess Dark Side of Virgo: Judging you…they are good at it! Dark Side of Libra: Mind games […]

Snippets of The Signs

Aries The Selfless  Taurus The Fighter  Gemini The Critic  Cancer The Giver  Leo The Go-to-Guy   Virgo The Compassionate  Libra The Diplomat   Scorpio The Seducer  Sagittarius The Doer   Capricorn The Counselor   Aquarius The Big Brother   Pisces The Dreamer

Hints of The Signs

Aries: Keeps their promises & will do everything to make you happy. Taurus: Is a worrier and his happy worrying over you. Gemini: Loves to make new connects to further help themselves. Cancer: Takes comfort by the light of the moon. Leo: Is as bright as the sun. Virgo: Passes more judgement on themselves. Libra: […]

Dream A Little Dream

Aries dreams of self not knowing how to help others understand themselves…   Taurus dreams of stability so intensely…they will trip over there own hooves to achieve it…   Gemini dreams biggest dreams not knowing how to take flight…trusting in oneself will lift you off the ground…   Cancer dreams of a beautiful home not […]