Sagittarius the Philosopher

Sagittarius the Philosopher 11/23-12/21 Ruler: Jupiter Element: Fire ~It does not matter what we speak of just as long there’s truth behind it~ You’ve been invited to a party but you are so hesitant of going because you are positive you won’t be socializing with any one. As soon as you get there you realize […]

Scorpio the Passionate One

You find yourself attending your first business meeting at your new job. You’re a bundle of nerves, fidgeting with your ball point pen. Not knowing where to look and when you suddenly hear a very seductive voice starting to speak. You look up and lock gaze with your boss whose eyes are so deep and […]

Libra The Fair One

So, you think you met the love of your life. It all started with a charming hello and captivating smile. You were having a such a bad day and to top it off you missed the bus even though you were running at 125mph but at least when you came to a halt you landed […]

Virgo the Observant

I do apologize for any errors on this blog post but I am not a perfectionist unlike Virgo which this blog is about. A Virgo who tells you they are NOT PERFECTIONIST are simply lying to you and themselves. All Virgos have this tendency of doing everything correctly or not doing it at all. Why, […]

Leo the Lion

You see that person standing in the middle of the room surround by admiring fans; laughing at all his jokes and giving him the come hither look…that’s a Leo. Leo can’t help but be the center of attention; for you see they are ruled by the Sun. Yes, the big bright star that gives us […]