Cancer the Protector

Cancer the Protector
Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
~I lead with my intuition ~

Cancer how to write about you? I FEEL I must be honest with your description. The first of the water signs and the second cardinal leader of the zodiac. Much has been said about you. Yet, people are still left in total shock of what you are like. They don't grasp why you fluctuate from one emotion to the other. How is it possible someone can feel so much and not go insane? Well, I am not saying you are but being ruled by the Moon herself does make you very hard to capture and let alone understand.

Cancer can be one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Full of love, laughter, and comfort. Not only is their personality beautiful but so are their eyes. You see; their eyes hold the glimmer of the Moon; they are bright and deep and full of mystery. Yet, its their hearts which will captive you the most. You can not believe how one person could care so much, shed so many tears but still smile that warm smile of theirs. 

The thing about Cancer is their ever-changing moods. It changes as often as the moon changes phases and the ocean's current. One day you will witness a tsunami of a depression with no hopes of surviving. The next day you will be confused to see the brightest smile on their majestic faces. Yet, the following day you won't understand where the tidal wave of anger has come from. What ever you do don't pity them. They aren't looking for pity just to be understood. The Cancer person can not fathom why people aren't more expressive with their emotions. They know expressing your emotions is a healthy thing to do. It helps you grow and understand. Just remember as much as they express their emotions their jealousy also does get expressed. It's best to make sure you aren't lying either because they will see through your lies and they will emotionally torture you until you come clean. 

Cancer is also a very creative person. Art, photography, cooking, & designing are great outlets for them. Money is their specialty; they know how to get it, make it grow, and save it. They understand the value of money more than Taurus but that's only because they love money just as much as they love themselves. Money is the great savior of all things. It brings food, comfort, and happiness. They may seem stingy because they are constantly saving or hiding their money but that's far from the truth. They are giving with their money and they will show you by buying you the best of the best. What's the point in buying cheap if you are only going to have to buy it again? Doesn't make sense to waste money so stupidly! 

Just do remember Cancer is represented by the crab. They will cling onto anything, whether it's a person, a thing, or a memory. It does not matter.  To be a crab in a massive body of ocean you gotta learn how to hang on and be tough in the ever-changing water. This applies in the real world just as well. It's hard to come by people of value, material items worth while, and perfect memories in this crazy world. At the end of the day this gentle person just wants someone who can help them enjoy the beauty of the night. Don't you see there's nothing to be afraid of...the light of the moon glows ever so gently...walk side by side with me and I promise you a most beautiful, majestic, and understanding heart....Cancer the Protector will always protect what they value the most...if you open this crab up you will have the most loyal person by your will never be without love, a home, and protection. 

Compatibility With The Signs

Aries is a cardinal sign; this natural born leader who goes after all he wants and they always get what they want. So, with this in mind if an Aries has set their eyes on you; there’s no sense in fighting it unless of course you are not interested; simply tell them and they will be long gone before you get a chance to explain why. The best matches for Aries are Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio. The other water signs will damper your fire with their emotional pleas; the earth signs are simply to cold for your passion; air signs can help balance your passion; and fellow fire signs understand you and fill you with more passion.

Taurus is a fixed sign; Taurus will stay in relationship until they know they can no longer do any good in it. Taurus is quick to settle down only because being alone drives them crazy. Taurus is loyal and sensual in a relationship; flings are not something they partake in because of this Taurus can tend to settle for someone less than speculator and then expect them to change in order to be with them. The best matches for Taurus are Capricorn and Scorpio(Polar Opposite). Air signs will be long gone by the time you decide to give them your heart; fire signs will leave you full of want with no promise of commitment; water signs are the perfect blend for you; and fellow earth signs are willing to guide you into a beautiful, sensual, faithful love.

Gemini is a mutable sign; adapting is natural to them and part of their daily routine. To be with a Gemini means giving up your life to adapt to theirs. There’s no ifs and or buts about it. Gemini in a relationship is a sight to watch. Gemini really thinks being tied down will help them relax and find that tranquility they are searching for. Being in a relationship with Gemini will not leave you bored; just tired and really confused. The best matches for Gemini is Gemini and Libra. Water signs are just to dramatic and who has the the time for drama; earth signs just demand to much and never give anything in return, you will be long gone; fire signs are awesome and lots of fun; fellow air signs will give their love to you with no restrictions or judgement.

Cancer is a cardinal sign; they go after their heart desires. The problem is Cancer is to willing to come out of their shell when they believe they found love; only to realize once again it was a fake; why, bother to come out of their shell; if everyone doesn’t believe in real love? Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this can be a blessing and problem all at once. It’s only a problem when you let the illusions of others penetrate your heart. Guard your heart, Cancer, for not everyone is capable of nourishing it the way you see fit. The best matches for Cancer is Capricorn(Polar Opposite)and Scorpio. Fire signs will leave you dissipated after what seems like the ultimate cruel joke on their part; air signs are too charming with their words, who is to say they aren’t charming someone else; earth signs will love you like no other; and fellow water signs can help you stay out of your shell and enjoy the beauty of night.

Leo is a fixed sign; which means Leo is set in his way and Leo will not have a problem pointing out and fixing your shortcomings. Leo is ruled by the Sun; people can’t help but gravitate towards them. The problem with being the center of attention is getting them away long enough for them to focus on you. Please, realize being with a Leo can be exhausting but worthwhile if they feel you are a bright star like themselves. The best matches for Leo are Libra, Aries, and Aquarius(Polar Opposite). Water signs will flood you with their emotions, which seem never ending; earth signs are mistakes waiting to happen; air signs are lots of fun and look great by your side; and fellow fire signs don’t mind sharing the spot light with you.

Virgo is a mutable sign; Virgo adapts easily but without failing to see the overall picture. Virgo likes a strong minded person who isn’t overly emotional. Emotions are not a strong suit for Virgo only because they don’t understand them. Virgo has a very hard time realizing they are in love and this happens all the time because Virgo rather be alone than be in a meaningless relationship. Virgo expects you to understand them; whether they understand you or not all depends on how serious they are with you(remember Virgo is ruled by the messenger God, Mercury). Leaving you alone is not a problem; they rather be alone anyway. The best matches for Virgo are Pisces(Polar Opposite)and Capricorn. Fire signs will drive you crazy, air signs never seem to be around long enough for you to grasp, water signs can you teach all about love, and fellow earth signs give you understanding and assurance.

Libra is a cardinal sign; the most charming of the cardinals. The funny thing about this leader though is you will be doing all the work. For Libra knows they are a catch and whoever wants to catch them must in fact chase them and must prove their worth to them. Libra has to be in a relationship its the only way they find balance. A single Libra is a very sad sight to behold; their beautiful smile is no longer their until their King or Queen comes and rescues them(yes, I said king and queen…they don’t want to be with no knight, prince, or princess, and even worst a peasant!). The best matches for Libra are Pisces and Gemini. Fire signs are lots of fun but a lot of work, water signs are full of love but it’s not free, earth signs love is sensual and grounded, with fellow air signs there is an infinite understanding.

Scorpio is a fixed sign; fixing their relationship to suit them is not a problem; you won’t even know you are being fixed by them. To be in a relationship with Scorpio you must be willing to deal with their never ending jealousy. You must be honest(is the best advice I can give you)for they will know(and trust me when I say this). The best match for Scorpio is Taurus. Fire signs would only boil your water, air signs will cause you a tidal wave of emotions which they won’t have time to deal with, earth signs can be sensual and worthwhile, and fellow water signs will further deepen your passion.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign; this means they can in fact adapt into a relationship. The only thing is how to get them into one? Sagittarius is the life of the party and the party is really good and missing out on the party is not something Sagittarius wants to do. The best matches for Sagittarius is Aquarius and Sagittarius. Earth signs would make you cry from the boredom, water signs would be a bigger mistake only because they are more sensitive than most and curbing your tongue is not part of your personality, air signs are lots of fun, and fellow fire signs are a lot more understanding and willing to forgive more easily.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign; what this means is Capricorn leads in all relationships. Capricorn is different than the other cardinals only because Capricorn rather be alone than be in the wrong relationship for a very long time. Once Capricorn commits its for good. The best matches for Capricorn are Cancer(Polar Opposite)and Taurus. Fire signs would only be a mistake, air signs move to quick for you liking and overall play to many games of do you love me or not, water signs will help you balance your heart, while your follow earth signs will help you understand what love really is.

Aquarius is a fixed sign; in all honesty what this means is they will enter the relationship willingly but they will fix whatever they see wrong with the relationship. The only difference between this fixed sign and the other fixed signs is Aquarius will leave the relationship sooner than later. Especially, if you ask Aquarius to fix things within themselves. The best matches for Aquarius are Leo(Polar Opposite) and Gemini. The water signs are a HUGE NO for you, earth signs will help you be more grounded but you won’t tolerate how slow moving they are, with the fire signs you can discover what it is to be impulsive in love(they are more flings than anything else)and with your follow air signs you can find a beautiful balance of understanding and love.

Pisces is a mutable sign; they can adapt to anyone. Pisces is the most romantic of all the signs because they truly believe in true love. They are constantly searching for it because of this Pisces will have many lovers throughout their lives(all of them being the wrong lovers). Just remember Pisces not everyone who makes you smile is the “right one”. Pisces the best matches for you are Libra, Scorpio, and Virgo(Polar Opposite).  The air signs keep a nice current in your waters. Keep away from the fire signs, unless of course you like keeping your water warm. Earth signs can help balance you; while, fellow water signs swim beautifully in your water.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Signs

I want to begin with apologizing for the lack of updates but my semester is almost done; once it is the updates will be a lot more frequent.
Today I want to talk about that special Mother’s Day gift everyone is planning on buying their special woman this Sunday coming. Mothers should always be shown how much they are valued and appreciated; every day not just one day out of the year or just on holidays. Remember if it wasn’t for your mother; enduring incredible pain to birth you; you wouldn’t be here. We as women put up with a lot of crap and a simple gesture of appreciation goes a long way with anyone woman. Women can either be all loving or the Devil herself

Aries Mom: Her favorite color is red and not a dull red either. Buy her something in red; take her to the newest restaurant in town, and ask them about their new bottles of wine. She will be impressed.

Taurus Mom: Pamper her(since she is always pampering everyone around her). Maker her breakfast in bed, giver her a certificate for a day in a spa treatment. Once she gets home; surprise with her FAVORITE meal for dinner. For dessert show her the new bed spread you just brought her trust me she will thank you

Gemini Mom: Since, she is always super busy; always on the go; get her something useful. Get her a new handbag, cell phone, gym bag, or take a hold of her Kindle or Nook and buy her some good best sellers.

Cancer Mom: Give her memories of the past: get one of your baby pictures and frame it; put it on display so it’s the first thing she sees when she wakes. Better yet have the picture painted and have a dozen roses waiting for her.

Leo Mom: Get her a beautiful necklace to match her beautiful mane. If you can find a yellow gem or orange; you will seal the deal for the rest of the year.

Virgo Mom: Gift cards are the safest bet for your Virgo mom. It will let her decide what to buy for herself. If a gift card seems to impersonal than get her a nice bath products with a soft scent for her to have luxurious and relaxing bath.

Libra Mom: Chocolates, a nice bottle of wine, dozen red roses, and sparkly earrings will have your mom gaga.

Scorpio Mom: The Scorpio mom is always changing her look; it gives her confidence. So, why not schedule her an appointment at a hip new salon for a complete makeover. By the time you see your mom for dinner she will be a whole new woman.

Sagittarius Mom: A new pet would be perfect since you are no longer her baby. It’s a lot more affordable than an all paid trip to the Caribbean.

Capricorn Mom: Keep this Mother’s Day traditional for mom. A card, a boutique of the most exotic flowers you can find, and her favorite restaurant will show her just how much thought you put into her gift. A beautiful ring of with her favorite gem would also go a long way

Aquarius Mom: A new watch, T.V., or the latest gadget will have your eccentric mom smiling until tomorrow.

Pisces Mom: She is a sucker for sentiments. So, why not make this Mother’s Day special for her. A day out on the town would be perfect. Go to your local aquarium, have lunch at a great seafood restaurant, go back home and have the kids waiting with her favorite flowers, gifts in hand beautifully wrapped, with a card which beautifully expresses how she is the best mom in the world.

I hope this Mother’s Day is the best one yet for every body!

How To Annoy The Signs & Their Rulers

Aries: Brag about your new thing, patronize them with it, and ignore them once their temper tantrum starts.

Taurus: Take their favorite possession and then just stare at them blankly.

Gemini: Tell them you know something they don't, and laugh about it :-D

Cancer: Tell them they don't look so well...are those hives on your face?

Leo: Don't laugh at their jokes and ignore them

Virgo: Rearrange whatever it is they have in chronological order...rearrange their books by genre instead of author's name :-)

Libra: Simply just go from one extreme to the other and then DEMAND they make a DECISION right NOW!

Scorpio: Treat them exactly the same way they treat a stepping stone.

Sagittarius: Tell them to sit quietly and still.

Capricorn: Simply laugh at things that aren't funny and have lots of fun while they are being a bore.

Aquarius: Tell them you just heard the most unusual of noises outside their window. Pull up lawn chair and binoculars and watch them try to find the flying saucer that was never there.

Pisces: Tell them you don't believe anything they are telling you and then let them know you drank all their alcohol.


Aries ruler Mars/Ares(God of War)

Taurus ruler Venus/Aphrodite(Goddess of Love & Beauty)but it is said Taurus true ruler is Pan-Horus(Pan the God of Shepard's & Flocks; Horus the Sky God)

Gemini ruler Mercury/Hermes(Messenger God)

Cancer ruler the Moon

Leo ruler the Sun

Virgo ruler Mercury/Hermes(Messenger God)but it is said Virgo 's true ruler is Vulcan/Hephaestus(God of Fire & Weapons)

Libra ruler Venus/Aphrodite(Goddess of Love & Beauty)

Scorpio ruler Pluto/Hades(God of the Underworld)

Sagittarius ruler Jupiter/Zeus(Ruler of the GODS & Lightning)

Capricorn ruler Saturn/Cronus(God of Agriculture)

Aquarius ruler Uranus(Sky God)

Pisces ruler Neptune/Poseidon(God of the Sea & Earthquakes)

Dark Side of the Signs

Today I decide to take out one of my old astrology books; I needed a laugh, so I took out Born On A Rotten Day: Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiac. The first time I read this book I was in Barnes & Noble cracking up with tears running down my face. I brought the book and I think it’s by far one of the better astrology books out there. So, here is some insight on the signs. I do hope you enjoy this; remember it’s all in jest

Aries: Selfish, Bossy, and Aggressive.
Taurus: Hardheaded, Stubborn, and Emotional Manipulator.
Gemini: Flighty, Inconsistent, and Aggressive.
Cancer: Moody, Bossy, and Emotional Manipulator.
Leo: Selfish, Stubborn, and Aggressive.
Virgo: Hardheaded, Inconsistent, and Emotional Manipulator.
Libra: Flighty, Bossy, and Aggressive.
Scorpio: Moody, Stubborn, and Emotional Manipulator.
Sagittarius: Selfish, Inconsistent, and Aggressive.
Capricorn: Hardheaded, Bossy, and Emotional Manipulator.
Aquarius: Flighty, Stubborn, and Aggressive.
Pisces: Moody, Inconsistent, and emotional manipulator.

Aries Man: Egotistical, temperamental, self will always be wrong because he is always right, you better look good while being wrong.

Aries Woman: Competitive, self-centered, jealous...please, understand she is FIRST in everything and you are only second and not as good as her.

Taurus Woman: Martyr, violent, emotionally deprived...her love of comfort will be shown once the engagement ring no longer fits on what was a dainty little hand at one point.

Taurus Man: Insensitive, militant, cheap...he will expect his dinner every day and snacks...his wallet is just as fat as his waist line.

Gemini Woman: Promiscuous, gossiper, and shallow...this is the woman who will charm your pants off and then expect you to change your ways to suits her.

Gemini Man: Calculating, lies for the fun of it, unfaithful...this is the kind of man you have as a fling and never bring home to dad unless of course you want your dad to shoot him dead.

Cancer Woman: Emotional blackmail, controlling, emotional eater...she might seem like a fragile little sea goddess but you remember the sirens of the Greek mythologies don't you?

Cancer Man: Mama's boy until he dies, emotionally dramatic, clingy(stalker) better love his mom and you better know how to handle his never ending mood swings...I hope you are a psychic as well.

Leo Woman: She is queen, she finds herself amusing, demands better be rich if you want this bright star all for yourself.

Leo Man: Center of attention(ALWAYS), vain, exaggerated...if this is the man for you be ready to fawn all over him night and day..word to the wise don't expect the same in return..he is King and you are but a peasant.

Virgo Man: Chauvinist, predictable, critical...this is the man of routine and he is not one to argue with...he remembers everything...God, help you if you can't keep up

Virgo Woman: Nitpicker, critical, perfectionist....please, make sure you are bathed, well-dressed, and have brain power for this woman...being alone is not a problem for her.

Libra Man: Master of double talking, superficial, self-obsessed....his charm will have you so captivated you won't see him charming your best friend.

Libra Woman: Can't make a decision for their lives, shopaholic, in love with themselves....she wants the best in life and you better hope you are in fact the best in life.

Scorpio Man: Power hungry, possessive, and jealous....don't make this man jealous on purpose; it won't be a pretty sight for you and alone is where you will be with this man.

Scorpio Woman: Manipulator, depressive, scandalous....if you have no job, don't worry, she will provide one for you and make sure you reach the top of the company.

Sagittarius Man: Always in heat, impulsive, explosive temper...please make sure you have a life of your own and don't expect for him to change his lifestyle to suit yours.

Sagittarius Woman: Foot-in-the-mouth disease, lazy, exaggerated personality...please have a maid on hand if you plan on making a life with this woman.

Capricorn Man: Arrogant, prude, as he says and all will be well with this man.

Capricorn Woman: Diva, snob, no sense of humor...impress her with your check book or be left behind.

Aquarius Man: Detached, paranoid, mental torture...are the rides this man will convince you to take.

Aquarius Woman: Unpredictable, shocking, and will never know who you are in love with from day to day.

Pisces Man: Emotional black hole, self-destructive, alcoholic...think twice before giving your heart away to this man.

Pisces Woman: Queen of nagging....if you fall in love with her be ready to have a therapist at hand.